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Hello, everyone! It is time!

I've finished my latest play-through of the game, and I've determined that I'll be ready to release a build of the game to testers on Friday, November 8th!

The beta-test period will last two weeks until Friday, November 22nd, unless any of the testers need more time, in which case I will extend the beta-test period.

In addition to bugs, I welcome all testers to provide insight on the game's story, dialogue, gameplay balancing, difficulty, dungeon design, and whatever else you can think of. Together, I hope that we can make this game as good as it can be.

With all side quests completed, the game is somewhere between 20 - 23 hours long, so make sure you'll have enough free time. All testers will be credited in-game and on the gamepage.

If you are interesting in beta-testing, please let me know in the comments down below. I've already received a few volunteers over the years - I will be reaching out to those who have already volunteered shortly.


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Hi. Yeah, sign me up if you need more help.I have many hours every day i can spend on this test of your game .
I would also be interested! If you still need someone I would be glad to help!
If you still need testers I'd love to help! I've helped Nessy and co with testing before and I daresay I did a good job~
I'd been meaning to play this when it came out. If you need testers, I'm happy to help.
Hey! i'm here, available and ready! If you want I can try immediately and give you a feedback!
So unbelievably hyped to finally try out this gem. :D
I may be intereste--

holy shit Blindmind what's up man feels like I haven't seen you post here in ages a Blind post is even rarer than a Craze post

*has the attention span of a squirrel*

--sorry, I might be interested in this (especially if you will help test my game when it's ready: don't worry, it ain't gonna be anywhere near 20 hours long), this game looks fascinating.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Am I too late to sign on as a tester?
Corfaisus, you're not too late. I'll send you a message shortly.
Can I test, too? My laptop was in maintainance - just got it back.
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