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Final Fantasy Discovery: Arrowny Gallery Boss #1: War Machine (Test Battle)

Watch in HD!

Just testing out the first of many bosses found in the Arrowny Gallery. The Arrowny Gallery is a special, new game plus area that lets your party face off against many different challenge bosses. Each drop Lifestream Cores that can be used to permanently unlock playable guest characters.

War Machine is one of two bosses representing the original Final Fantasy. It has the ability to copy the attacks of previous robotic bosses, but for the sake of this preview, we disabled all copied abilities and left his normal battle pattern intact. Even so, it's still a challenge, as you can see.

Note: The lag present in the video is from my laptop sucking at managing memory and isn't present when you're playing. Sorry about that!


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looks fun! I always love a battle that makes you go all out and tests the limits of your party's "stamina."
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