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Hometown: Roe
Age: 19
Weapon: Sabre / Composite Bow

Antheia is a serious young woman who is well-versed with a blade and bow. She was raised predominantly by her grandfather after her father left when she was seven years old, and she never knew her mother. Her grandfather, the village blacksmith, taught her everything she knows. She is the self-appointed protector of her village; originally she wanted to enlist in the army, but as the years have gone by, she has grown too comfortable to leave.

Growing up, she and her twin brother, Soren, were inseparable, but they parted on bad terms and she has felt very guilty about this. A year after he left the village to study at the Temple of Koruna, she decides to pay him a visit, only to discover that he left a few days earlier with a mysterious woman.

Hometown: Roe
Age: 19
Weapon: Rod

Soren has great potential as a healer. He has always had the raw talent but never the chance to master his skills due to the lack of knowledge in the village. He should have left when he was younger to train at the Temple of Koruna, but he didn’t want to leave Antheia behind. However, as he got older he realised that he was wasting his time in the village when he could be training and helping others in need.

He and Antheia had a big fight when he was leaving. She said he was a traitor just like their father and he blamed her for being selfish and holding him back.

Hometown: Fort Engel
Age: 34
Weapon: Glaive / Morningstar

Blanche is a mercenary and head-hunter for hire from Fort Engel. Antheia employs her to help her find her brother.

Moody, sarcastic and sharp-witted, she travels the land in search of work. Her work usually varies, from assassination and hunting wild beasts to parcel delivery and accompaniment; anything’s fair game for Blanche, as long as she gets paid. She is rather notorious amongst the towns (and pubs) she visits as the mercenary that will do any task, not matter how gruesome or undesirable (and also notorious for sleeping with her clientele). At first she was motivated by the rush of danger, but she has become tired since then and simply wants money to fund her drinking problem.

She is hardly ever sober, but she is a better swordswoman that way; when she becomes absolutely rotten, however, she has a habit of either offending, killing or bedding people.

Hometown: Unknown
Age: 23
Weapon: Staff

Not much is known about Merrin, except that she is beautiful and charismatic. She is the mysterious woman that Soren was seen leaving the Temple with.

Hometown: Wendolyn Castle
Age: 24
Weapon: Longsword / Longshield

Toll is an impetuous young man who has been betrothed to Greatlord Balthar’s daughter, Princess Katherine, for about five months, although he has never spoken to her before. His father and Greatlord Balthar have been planning their wedding since Katherine was young; they want to unite two of the oldest, most powerful families. He is proud of his noble heritage and upbringing, although it sometimes seems like he is boasting.

He has trained to be a knight since he was eleven. He met Wes on one of his first days at the academy and they have been friends ever since. He is valiant, if a little naive, and a fine swordsman, and always thinks of others before himself. He is a hopeless romantic at heart.

When Katherine is kidnapped, he immediately volunteers to go rescue her. He pictures himself as a knight in shining armour rescuing the damsel in distress.

Hometown: Wendolyn Castle
Age: 26
Weapon: Battle Axe / Javelin

Wes was born to a large family in the poor district of Maeden and spent many years getting into trouble, avoiding the Greencloaks and gambling every obol. His father was killed in a bar fight when he was young, so he helped his mother raise his six younger siblings. His mother dying from dragonpox was the catalyst for him joining the army—he decided he needed to do something to protect his family with both his parents gone.

Wes met Toll in the army and they have been inseparable ever since. He has been married for about four years to a woman named Leila, the daughter of a merchant, and they have a young son together. They live with Wes's youngest siblings. Wes is very protective of his family and friends, almost to a fault.

He is practical and logical, which is great for keeping Toll grounded, but can come across as quite domineering. He often prattles off unsolicited advice, although his heart is in the right place. He doesn’t like to think outside of the box and can miss obvious solutions.


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Very interesting characters. Like the art style. They're like gender opposites to the RPG classics; the small town fighter is now a girl, the party healer is now a boy, the drunken mercenary is now a girl, etc. Gives them a sense of familiarity, but a fresh perspective.
Hey, thanks; the gender opposites thing wasn't intentional, but I think it's pretty cool. :)
The role reversal is definitely not complete. Soren is the one who wants to leave the village to become better while Antheia prefers to stay. A quick scan trough my memory says that it's typically male characters who dream about leaving and become stronger, while the female characters are more fond of simple staying and ends up leaving because of other circumstances, so in that aspect they don't derivate from the norm. It's good though since 100% role reversals are no more fun than 100% stereotypes.

Overall, I have a very good feel about these characters. There's small details about them that tells me you put a lot of thought into them (or you simple has a good sense for what makes a good character.)
Hey, thanks dude. I have a writing background and have been making up characters since I was born, so I think that kind of helps. I sort of go by instinct rather than what's popular. And yeah, these guys haunt me ... lots of thought has gone into them. :)

Like I said earlier, I didn't really set out to make role reversals, but I agree with you about the 100% role reversal and 100% stereotypes thing. I think too much role reversal is a bit jarring. I always lean towards female main characters though.
Updated the faces because the old drawing style wasn't the best quality ... everyone rejoice!
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