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This is the first demo for Vermilion. Please note that this version does NOT include the RTP (so download the other one if you do not own RPG Maker VX Ace.

Estimated playing time is about 2–3 hours, depending on your playing style. This demo will take you to the end of Act 1 (of 5).

Known bugs:
1. Item drops aren't showing up in the bestiary.

UPDATE 29 Jan (v1.1):
- Had forgotten to include a couple of charsets; updated download

UPDATE 1 Feb (v1.2):
- Added a missing BGS file

UPDATE 2 Feb (v1.3):
- Fixed an issue with Modern Algebra's Animated Parallax script not working with encrypted projects

UPDATE 5 Feb (v1.4):
- Made some of the items more expensive
- Updated the attack power of the beasts in Roe Forest
- Reduced the health regen for the Guard skill from 5% to 3%

Thanks for downloading Vermilion...

This download is hosted on another server other than rpgmaker.net, please click the button below start the download.

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