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The game is made by my school club's team. Its main purpose is to experience how a real game development goes. It's pretty ambitious, should I say. Making original resources as much as we can, we want this game to focus on its gameplay, particularly combat.

It has been 10 years since an unknown rebel seized the throne of the king of Volkrante. No one knows his past, either, as his face is veiled by a mask. The fallen king's last words, to search the azure star, has driven Alex, his youngest son, to claim back the throne. Alex had traveled around the world, but his search brought naught. He decided to go back to his country after years of fruitless search.
Lyka, a young miner and aspiring blacksmith, must go back home after being kicked out by the townsfolk as he bears a greed core, followed by his childhood friend Ashen and a lost girl Chloe. His greed core bears an azure color. Yes, he is an azure star, whom Alex has been searching for.
Such fate, Alex at last met the azure star out of his whim. The lost prince asked Lyka and his companions to help him regain the throne. The lad obliges to help, only to offer his power as an azure star, since he holds no interest to be a hero or a savior. He just wants Chloe and himself home.
However, is reclaiming the throne the best choice? What will people think? How is their life in the clutches of this ruthless new king? Will this ensure the happiness of Kingdom of Volkrante?

What will their hearts tell you?

Tactics-Based Battle System! - Luck barely decide the victor. Use your wits and read your opponent in this grid-based battle system!
Goof off! - At a certain point there's barely limit to where you can go. Find the Artifacts and reclaim the kingdom!
Custom Sprites! - Enjoy the custom graphics Cruna Aktrid provides!
Quests! - Fetch items, snoop people, kick big monsters' butt!
Variative Skill and Weapon tree! - Decide how your party fight by customizing Style Route and choose your weapon upgrade!
Paranoid Enemies! - Your enemies read you as you read them! Careful!
And should me more!

Download patch v0.22 HERE!
The game needs VX ACE RTP to run! Click HERE!
Be sure to Like our Fan Page HERE!

Graphic credits:
Kaduki sprites: Kaduki (usui.moo.jp/rpg_tukuru.html) (We don't have any plans to use his works in-game, anyway... test grounds are for testing)
Tilesets: Celliana, Lunarea, and Mack.

Latest Blog

Progress Report XXV: Nope, not dead. Really.

It's been 4 months or so, huh, since the game's last update... No, the game's still running, though... TOO SLOW, I'll admit! There're Dark Souls II, then PSO2 still running, then more games, then going to Japan for playing some arcade games there, then etc, etc, etc. But my main reason is... Still Nusakana. Boy. The crews are currently struggling with their school, too.

It's only a very small update. I'm only visiting here to grab some images for promoting Cruna in another forum. I'll have to get Nusakana ready ASAP...

Catch ya later.


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This came up in my Random Screenshots.
Why is it dead? >:( WTF went wrong?!
Hey, this is really cool! I can tell this is still quite a work in progress, though. Like, your own sprites mixed in with the default, and stuff like that. Still though, there's a lot here that's impressive!

Your custom systems look really nice, especially the battle system. Those animations for the characters are great. And the battles themselves, while hard, didn't "boar" me or anything. Heh. My one complaint is that if anyone in the party dies(usually Lyka), the only thing I could really do head hike all the way back to the free heal, and try again. This got kind of old fast. I made it to the third fight with the big boar guy when I accidentally forgot to guard with Ashen when I should have, and it became impossible to win from there. Frustrating!

But yeah, this will probably be a great game if/when it's completed, so I'll subscribe and hope for the best!
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Literal double posting... correct? Or are there any other specifications of double posting...? I won't do it again, sorry! :(
@Shayoko + wltr: Stop double posting. It's not allowed. Even if this is an April Fools joke, it's liable to get you warned so stop. Now.
It's about 2 hours, as far as I checked my own playtime.
Approximately how long is the current demo?
Why, thank you
Digesting the dialogues twice... Either I wrote them confusingly or language barrier is up. Note taken.
After through the beta, I find Cruna is more challenging with its Grid System. Besides, I like how the story flows although sometimes I must digest the dialogues at least twice to understand...

Here, accept my Seal of Approval for your great work. :D
Okay, announcing that patch v0.22 is already up!
The patch fixes several fatal glitches like not be able to go back in some places at certain points.
Of course. 2 more dungeons are already up.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
just wondering does the current game version go past the rabbit battle?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ill pm your fix
It says "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game." Never had this with any other game.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
no,besides that's too vague when you have a problem you need to be as specific as possible as their can be quite alot of causes

exact error, screen shot,what exact application you loaded it from(main folder,startmenu,taskbar) ect?
Umm... Is anyone else having the problem where the game won't start up?
Well, they've been addressed since the 2nd demo is already out. Enjoy! Oh, don't forget the patch...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
nah the mechanics were not so much hard
its that they are...unique and with any thing else thats different then what a gamer has gotten used to they will possibly have trouble at 1st.
id try this game again in the future once its long and those previous issues are addressed

i mostly wanted to play for the tech tree but in the ver i had the game did not go far enough to unlock it :3
so yeah ill be back some time in the future :3
subbed again 4 now
Announcing that patch to v0.21 has been uploaded... It patches some issues and weakens the enemies' HP considerably... I messed up the learning curve for players, considering this game has mechanics too peculiar to people :(
Doesn't look anything weird since the one in this place is still the same old one. Yeah, the current one still only have the gameplay to that point only.
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