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Elsa, a Death Knight working in the mainland, returns home to Helena's Kingdom to "save" it from monsters...But all is not as it seems.
For one, the monsters don't attack people; they just make themselves a nuisance. And they will only fight females.
Join Elsa as she sets out to defeat all the monsters on the island and discover what is it that the monsters are planning.

-Made for the VX Ace Lite cook off contest.
-Boss rush gameplay. All enemies are powerful one-time encounters.
-No grinding for items or experience. Each of the four powerful bosses unlocks a new level and items are freely replenished.
-Choose from 10 supporting party members, each with a unique skill set and mechanics.
-3 different endings and various new game unlockables..
-Humorous characters and lighthearted storyline.
-Complete game takes around two hours (Seeing only one ending. You mileage may also vary).
-Online achievements.
-This game is part of the Arum universe.

The game was made in a two week deadline for the VC Ace Lite cook off contest.
Being made within the Lite limitations, there were a lot of things we could not pull off smoothly, because there is no script support, only ten events per map, twenty maps total, and a bunch of other stuff.
Please keep that in mind when playing, since many of the things that may come to mind as odd gameplay choices are not us, but Lite being a complete evil bastard XD
Update! The recent version has been revamped a bit and we removed the ace limitations (as well as adding a few extras) so that's taken care of. Enjoy ;3

Lastly: please, please give us your feedback!
What bosses did you find harder? What was your best team? Did you get all the endings? And if so, which was your favourite?
(When talking about endings or plot events, please put the text within a spoiler and put a warning before it. They’re supposed to be a surprise ;3)

Latest Blog

The Grumpy Knight Rerelease

Very big update, let me give you the change log first:
New Features
  • Added a difficulty feature, the old difficulty is now Normal mode
  • The new boss is unaffected by difficulty
  • Dash toggle, no longer need to hold down Shift or equivilent
  • Added online achievements and character usage statistics

Character/Skill Changes
  • 1 new playable character, he can be recruited after you've recruited the Princess
  • Outside of battle summon bulter will restock all items fully.
  • Skills are now disabled when unusable rather than hidden
  • Elsa's rune system has been reworked
  • All runes now take 2 turns to recharge individually rather than collectively
  • E.g. Elsa has 4 Ice Runes, she uses Ice Cannon leaving her with 0. In 2 turns she will get them all
  • Blood Fountain's healing has been reduced from 100% to 60%
  • The quantities of runes on Elsa's weapons have been changed.
  • Elsa now has 5 rings she can equip to boost the power/effects of her skills.
  • The previous plot ring is now equippable.
  • Ruby's skills are no longer usable if they'll have no effect
  • Evvy's thorns can now kill enemies
  • When Evvy has a tree planted the healing bonus has been increased by 10 to 30
  • Garron's Barkspawn's passive chance has been increased to 10% (from 5%)
  • Argos's skills have been re-envisioned while sticking to the Healing Tank concept.
  • Elias's Phantom Blow skill now uses MAG instead of ATK

Boss Changes
  • Mumi now heals at the correct frequency
  • Trap chest fight is capped at 7 turns

New Game Unlockables
  • After seeing the intro once you will be given the option to skip it in future playthroughs
  • Completing the game once will let you remove Elsa from the battle party
  • Completing the game will let you start with the Shadow Scythe
  • Beating the new super boss will let you start with the ring of Death
  • Completing the game with the true ending unlocks the option to start at level 4.
  • Completing the game with the joke ending unlocks a mysterious new booster.

Minor Changes
  • Sped up animation speed
  • Popups have been changed
  • The shop guard now keeps outdated weapons in stock, you know for completionists.

Bug Fixes
  • Queen now levels you up correctly (again *shakes fist at Indrah*)

Anyway the biggest new feature is the addition of online support. You can find out more at:

If you're interested in the character usage statistic you can find them here:
(though so far they'll be based only off tester data)
  • Completed
  • Fomar0153
  • Scinaya (Lovely Artist)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/18/2013 01:04 AM
  • 06/16/2019 09:45 AM
  • 02/17/2013
  • 172668
  • 56
  • 3031



I got it to work! I didn't do anything with the original VL-Gothic file, other than deleting it.
I already had VL-Gothic in Windows\Fonts, but I removed it.
The game used the original VL-Gothic if:
- I copied the altered VL-Gothic to Windows\Fonts
- I copied the altered VL-Gothic to Windows\Fonts and remove it from TGK\Fonts
- I removed VL-Gothic from both Windows\Fonts and TGK\Fonts (so I left the \Fonts folder empty)
- I left everything as is.
Basically, no matter what I tried, it used the same font. So I figured it's using the fonts from the RTP folder, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterbrain\RGSS3\RPGVXAce\Fonts . So I got rid of those, and it worked!

Gonna go play your game now and give feedback later.~
Btw, how did you do the renaming of the actors thing? Is that a pre-programmed event withing Ace or is it something you added extra?
@Fusha: Glad to hear it! The font thing is a bit odd. Making it work even for the devs took soemthigna abit different for everyone. It's one of those things that were a pain because of the Lite limitations. In a normal game we could just have changed the font normally and it woudnt have been a problem OTL
Anyway, looking forward to your feedback! Hope you enjoy the game.

@guitargod: It's a normal event command. "Change actor name".
I recommend you take a good look at all the commands avaliable, since that one is a bit obvious XD
It's classic for people to totally miss things the maker can do normally because they didn't take a bit to poke around at the default commands before launchign into making their game. I know it's happened to me at some point.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)

Down in the basement of the castle.
Believe I killed all 3 monsters then a fourth appears and while
I'm fighting Oouma he kills all but Garron...
Then the messages keep appearing about Garron being poisiend, burning, sleeping....
over and over and over...game is frozen on those commands...

What did I do wrong, had to just hit the X and close it.
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You were stunlocked.
Sadly I forgot to make poison kill so it never ends.
Just retry, sorry for the trouble though.
Just finished with the True ending. I'll have to go for the special ending now. Good game guys! I love Elsa. She's so cute.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Gotta be honest...loved the game but can't seem to beat the BigBoss :(

Got Dee's ring but he's gone....thought he might pop in and help me kill BigBoss, no such luck and now I can't find him anymore :)

Can any help an old warrior kill a mean BigBoss ??
@Linkis: (spoilers for combat XD)
He won't even start attacking until you damage him first. Take out his servants first nd them spend some time raising your EX. (Look at the hints section if you need help figuring out character or gameplay commands).

Also Dee's ring is actually route signal that you got a certain ending. If that ending is not the one you will get, you'll automatically lose it. (chances are you have triggered another ending.)
For help with the ending just wait till the credits finish ;)
this game is good. it make me waste 4 hour last night just to get all 3 ending. :D.
btw i got lucky carmen steal death scythe in some boss.

i also like the potato thing. :D. btw when your actor dies. and revived. it will lose it's potato state. maybe you could add some conditioned add state in revive item when in that battle to readd the potato state.

the usage of ds tileset is good too.
Can you make a sequal and get some voice actors and make a funny dialogue :P
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It's a definite no to voice actors. A sequel will probably happen when there is a contest where a sequel would work.
When I first played this game, I thought, "Piece of cake!" But that changed when I reached the first boss.
It took me 7 times before I finally finished it off.
I also thought my best team was Carmen, Tira Misu, and Victoria.
Especially Victoria! She's broken!(in an overpowered way) If you can't have a group heal, then heal the most injured!
I haven't obtained all the endings, but I got the "True" End.
I think that, even with the limitations, you did your best to overcome the cliche battle system and gave players huge advantages with the EX system, even though a lot couldn't understand it immediately.
Beautifully made, although I agree on one part. Lite is evil XD
If you ever decide to make this with the full version, I hope it would help you destroy all the evil things Lite has done!
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We've talked about making a non-lite version. But I always think while it'd be fun to show what we could have done without limitations this stands as a testament to what we could do with lite.

Anyway glad you enjoyed it. The EX system came about because I've long been bored with MP as a resource but Lite forced me to have it.
A enjoyable game! This actually made me want to start on making a game again!

...Of course, a lot of the concepts in it wound being very similar to this game (although I guess that's a weird way of saying my compliment, saying they were pretty great?)

Course, I have no idea how to script do the characters that I'd like to play (Tira Misu and Evvy in particular).
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Glad you enjoyed the game, now for the surprise; they were not scripted!

All handled with variables.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
just like in the old days!
Glad you enjoyed the game, now for the surprise; they were not scripted!

All handled with variables.

Ah! That actually makes me feel better, I know I can probably do some of the things here without relying on tons on scripts @_@

...But don't suppose you could tell me how that one particular order where Victoria makes everyone attack at the end of every turn works? I can't seem to make everyone attack at once >_>
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just like in the old days!

It was Phylomortis that convinced me I should script. Not sure what that says about me.
...But don't suppose you could tell me how that one particular order where Victoria makes everyone attack at the end of every turn works? I can't seem to make everyone attack at once >_>

I had an event run at the end of the turn and then conditional branches of "if in party and alive" then force action attack.
I had a fun time playing the game. Especially in the beginning when I was experimenting with all the different characters. In the end I found Ruby and Victoria to be the most effective teammates. Ruby mostly because she had such strong initial damage. Paired with Elsa the two could take out enemies in 1 turn. Victoria was great; I liked being able to command extra attacks as well as have an automatic heal move. And of course the all out attack was a good finisher. I kept swapping out the final spot but kept Garron since his stun was useful and he did decent damage. All in all I found the battles a tad too easy. There were a lot of cool mechanics but just focusing on brute force got me through battles quickly.

I've only gotten the Normal Ending so far. I might go back and get the additional endings later.
I absolutely loved this this game! Loved it!