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Elsa, a Death Knight working in the mainland, returns home to Helena's Kingdom to "save" it from monsters...But all is not as it seems.
For one, the monsters don't attack people; they just make themselves a nuisance. And they will only fight females.
Join Elsa as she sets out to defeat all the monsters on the island and discover what is it that the monsters are planning.

-Made for the VX Ace Lite cook off contest.
-Boss rush gameplay. All enemies are powerful one-time encounters.
-No grinding for items or experience. Each of the four powerful bosses unlocks a new level and items are freely replenished.
-Choose from 10 supporting party members, each with a unique skill set and mechanics.
-3 different endings and various new game unlockables..
-Humorous characters and lighthearted storyline.
-Complete game takes around two hours (Seeing only one ending. You mileage may also vary).
-Online achievements.
-This game is part of the Arum universe.

The game was made in a two week deadline for the VC Ace Lite cook off contest.
Being made within the Lite limitations, there were a lot of things we could not pull off smoothly, because there is no script support, only ten events per map, twenty maps total, and a bunch of other stuff.
Please keep that in mind when playing, since many of the things that may come to mind as odd gameplay choices are not us, but Lite being a complete evil bastard XD
Update! The recent version has been revamped a bit and we removed the ace limitations (as well as adding a few extras) so that's taken care of. Enjoy ;3

Lastly: please, please give us your feedback!
What bosses did you find harder? What was your best team? Did you get all the endings? And if so, which was your favourite?
(When talking about endings or plot events, please put the text within a spoiler and put a warning before it. They’re supposed to be a surprise ;3)

Latest Blog

The Grumpy Knight Rerelease

Very big update, let me give you the change log first:
New Features
  • Added a difficulty feature, the old difficulty is now Normal mode
  • The new boss is unaffected by difficulty
  • Dash toggle, no longer need to hold down Shift or equivilent
  • Added online achievements and character usage statistics

Character/Skill Changes
  • 1 new playable character, he can be recruited after you've recruited the Princess
  • Outside of battle summon bulter will restock all items fully.
  • Skills are now disabled when unusable rather than hidden
  • Elsa's rune system has been reworked
  • All runes now take 2 turns to recharge individually rather than collectively
  • E.g. Elsa has 4 Ice Runes, she uses Ice Cannon leaving her with 0. In 2 turns she will get them all
  • Blood Fountain's healing has been reduced from 100% to 60%
  • The quantities of runes on Elsa's weapons have been changed.
  • Elsa now has 5 rings she can equip to boost the power/effects of her skills.
  • The previous plot ring is now equippable.
  • Ruby's skills are no longer usable if they'll have no effect
  • Evvy's thorns can now kill enemies
  • When Evvy has a tree planted the healing bonus has been increased by 10 to 30
  • Garron's Barkspawn's passive chance has been increased to 10% (from 5%)
  • Argos's skills have been re-envisioned while sticking to the Healing Tank concept.
  • Elias's Phantom Blow skill now uses MAG instead of ATK

Boss Changes
  • Mumi now heals at the correct frequency
  • Trap chest fight is capped at 7 turns

New Game Unlockables
  • After seeing the intro once you will be given the option to skip it in future playthroughs
  • Completing the game once will let you remove Elsa from the battle party
  • Completing the game will let you start with the Shadow Scythe
  • Beating the new super boss will let you start with the ring of Death
  • Completing the game with the true ending unlocks the option to start at level 4.
  • Completing the game with the joke ending unlocks a mysterious new booster.

Minor Changes
  • Sped up animation speed
  • Popups have been changed
  • The shop guard now keeps outdated weapons in stock, you know for completionists.

Bug Fixes
  • Queen now levels you up correctly (again *shakes fist at Indrah*)

Anyway the biggest new feature is the addition of online support. You can find out more at:

If you're interested in the character usage statistic you can find them here:
(though so far they'll be based only off tester data)
  • Completed
  • Fomar0153
  • Scinaya (Lovely Artist)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/18/2013 01:04 AM
  • 05/14/2021 11:57 AM
  • 02/17/2013
  • 219642
  • 58
  • 3236



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I loved it but I can't beat the last guy. The one that appears in the dream T_T

Edit: I finally beat that bastard but the game stops working. After I beat him they talk a little bit, the demon prince turns down and it stays like that. Can't move and nothing happens.
Oh shit. I will look into it, it may be some sort of eventing trigger error.
Edit: I can't seem to reproduce this. Could you Pm me with the details? :x
Nope, can't reproduce this bastard. Wtf. Are you sure it wasn't...I dunno, on your side? did you click outside the game window, for example? (the game pauses when you do).

NEVERMIND! I found the bitch. Will be uploading fix in a minute.

Thanks a million, urano, it's the ending, it would have been a complete bitch if it was bugged out ;_; Will be uploading the fix in a minute.
Updated the download with an important fix.
Everyone who dowloaded the game before this, please redownload and replace the files.
You can still use the same save files. This is just a (rather nasty) bug fix.
The last boss could only be defeated on the first try, otherwise the ending cutscene would stop and be unavaliable.
Devil's in the details
This game looks graphically very polished. I'll give it a try as soon as I have some spare time.
Okay, re-downloading. I will have to beat that fucker again but whatever xD.
Be glad I didn't get my way. I killed the final boss in a turn before he was nerfed. Remember he doesn't fight until he's injured so you can deal with the two minions first.
I just started the introduction and there appears to be an error with the character's dialogue as some of the words continue on out of the dialogue box and get cut off.
Odd. Did you perhaps give any of the characters a very long name? (That may be pushing the rest of the text out somehow?)
Aaahh, this game is so charming and delightful and I just love it! The characters and dialogue are great! :D
I really liked this game, haha. It is in my top favorite games of this contest :D
I enjoyed the characters a lot, they really kept this game interesting.
Where did you get the Face Graphics I have been looking around alot and have come up with nothing did you make them yourself or is there a pack that has these?
Played half of it. Such another great game. Awesome! :D
Welp! This was a very nice little game to play. I really enjoyed it! ...But by now I guess you heard it all: Nice maps. Very consistent visual aesthetics. Nice music, I guess. I really didn't notice it, but that means it wasn't bad, right? The plot was very cute, and the character interactions were funny enough, if not a little rambling.

The only area where the game really suffer is gameplay. Sadly, the game offers little to no challenge. All you have to do is use your best skills with any character combination and the monsters will be dead in a couple of turns. "Money" is pretty much useless, I guess I only spent 2 RD in the whole game and that's 1 more than I needed to. (FrozenFlamberge FTW) Items are the same, I think I only used two full revive potions for the last boss. Some of my characters got killed a couple of times before, but with a full heal after battles that was never an issue. Oh, and what was EX for? I could never figure that out.

Also, the way the 'dungeons' were designed, the progression felt a little restrictive. I mean... the most interesting dungeon was the castle and not the dungeons per se, when it should have been the other way around. Dungeons should have been more open so I could approach the monsters in any order I wanted, and have more than two encounters each. Alternatively, all 4 powerful monster should have been moved to the castle and entirely dispose of the outside areas.

Don't get me wrong, most of these design choices are very sensible in principle. But without a real challenege all they're good for is so that getting the other endings doesn't become a gargantuan task... But then again, if you're going to offer different endings, make them so I can trigger them at the end or near the end of the game, so I can just load my last save and enoy them. Making players going trough the entire game is a rather pushy way to add replay value. xP

anyway, I hope you guys keep working on this after the contest and adress these issues. It would be well worth it. =P
Thanks for the feedback, let's start with EX:
Basically, EX is a percentage based damage boost. At 100EX you do 200% damage, and at 999EX you do 1099% damage.

The problem was the levelling was borked, there was a levelling bug that levelled you up to 3 (all skills) or 4 (all skills + 999EX). Then I fixed it. Then Indrah rebroke it and I never tested that part again. It also trivialises RD because it meant you had the best weapons available from after the first or second boss.

The feedback generally goes final boss > area 1 > area 4 > area 3 > area 2 for difficulty and the party they are using is top tier. One thing I always wanted was for any character to be able to be in a party that could complete the game, so feel free to do a challenge run with Argos, Garron and someone else.

Evvy was an oversight.
The dungeons were out of nessecity due to the event limit on the map, I suppose we could have expanded the castle but we didn't want to be accused on only have the 1 enviroment.

As for difficulty the testers largely reported the game was pretty hard and that some characters were useless (Ruby in particular) and then I nerfed the bosses that caused the most grief and boosted the characters a bit. But there wasn't time for another round of testing, we had to submit.

All the endings can be triggered from a save after the 4th boss but before you've ever been to the final boss area (or atleast they should be).

I half want to redo a few things with scripts which would greatly improve the experience but then it wouldn't demonstrate what we could do with lite, at some point we'll probably finish off tackling the bug list. Anyway once again thanks for playing and we're really glad you enjoyed it.
Well, figured that some of these issues were because of the lack of time and the program's restrictions, but still... I mean, some struck me as rather odd choices. For example, if the best weapons in the game costed more than 1 RD each, that would have prevented me from getting them as early in the game, even if the leveling was bugged.

As for the endings. In my experience you can only go to sleep once per day. So if you miss an opportunity (Which let's face it. You need to sleep to heal up, so is not very intuitive choice), or you fail to pull the switch in the basement on the first day, you'll never get to see all endings in a single playtrough... But I could be wrong on this. xP

Also, I think I just found another bug. Your party can still attack while asleep or paralized(?) as long as Victoria's Double March order is active. Heh; I found that a bit funny. Sleepwalker fighters. ;P
Regarding the text being cut:

And it's like that for the rest of the game.
What do?
Huh? Did you delete the font folder from the game?
The font you have is the default VL Gothic. We changed it by renaming another font and replacing it (lite limitation hijinks).
As long as the font folder is in, it should be using that. Did you somehow delete it...?

Two people have reported this but no one else seems to have the problem, so I'm a bit lost as for the cause.
Also, I think I just found another bug. Your party can still attack while asleep or paralized(?) as long as Victoria's Double March order is active. Heh; I found that a bit funny. Sleepwalker fighters. ;P

You have no idea how bossy Victoria is! I almost let them attack when they're dead. Attacking while sleeping is one of the easiest ways to beat the mother demon.

You're the first person to have found that though and let us know, so congrats.
Huh? Did you delete the font folder from the game?
The font you have is the default VL Gothic. We changed it by renaming another font and replacing it (lite limitation hijinks).
As long as the font folder is in, it should be using that. Did you somehow delete it...?

Two people have reported this but no one else seems to have the problem, so I'm a bit lost as for the cause.

I didn't, the folder's still there. I also tried deleting VL Gothic from my C:\Windows\Fonts folder and running the game, and replacing it with the file that came with the game and running it; but neither worked :<
No, not like that.
Uh, let me see if I can explain it: To get around the Ace Lite limitations, we substituted the VL Gothic.
Basically the program will automatically look for VL Gothic. What we did was take the font we wanted, rename it to VL Gothic so the game would check THAT instead, and place it in the folder.

(As such, replacing it with the VL Gothic font won't do you any good).

Try this:
-Replace the original files in the font folder (from the download).
-Go to your Fonts folder in windows (Usually C/Windows/Fonts).
-See if you have a copy of the VL Gothic font there.
-If it's there, take it away from the folder and paste it somewhere else (if you still want to keep it). Taking it away from the folder should deinstall the font from your comp.
-Try running the game and see if it reads properly.

This is for the case that your game is somehow taking the VL Gothic font from yor system (which would be the old, original font) isntead of the one it has assigned within the game folder (the one that we wanted to use and renamed).

Try it out and tell me if it works?
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