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Regions of Tiriya


The province of Rosedell spans from the edge of the Apricum Wastes to the most western point of Tiriya, encompassing a great deal of small villages and wilderness. Its capital, Aberfyn, rests in a crevice surrounded by mountains and the shores of the Priscus.

Long before the war, Rosedell enjoyed a peaceful fealty with Valburn. Its king and queen, Lawrence and Bridget, had two sons - Edward & Drake DeLancy. The former went on to form the Resistance after war had broken out, and his mother was killed. Edward and Lawrence remain prisoners in their own kingdom, subject to Valburn rule.

Most of Rosedell's land is teeming with woodland and rivers, the greatest of which is a massive forest spanning most of its western stretch. It begins in the province of Northhurst, moving down and becoming the Breywood, after which it encircles the now decrepit Esterwyn Castle.

Rosedell maintain a healthy alliance with the northern neighbour Arcontana, a kingdom which has long eluded Valburn control.


Valburn encompasses the huge stretch of island on the eastern side of Tiriya. There it enjoys segregation from Rosedell & Sylvaron, making any form of counterattack on their lands quite difficult.

After a vast industrial boom, Valburn forces constructed many ships and siege weapons for use in overthrowing the DeLancy family of Rosedell and claiming their lands. Not much is known of the origins of the war, yet their king, Henry Ozzalius possesses a keen interest in rendering Tiriya under his control. Their vast numbers and resources meant winning the war was rather easy.

There are many great cities throughout Valburn. Their capital, Diminster, is a shining example of pre-war architecture, and the neighbouring Radiance City, in Faywyn province, displays a remarkable amount of ancient cathedrals and structures.

Thanks to their wartime victory, Valburn are in no shortage of allies, as most of Tiriya is now under their control. They enjoy an alliance with Sylvaron and their Merchant League, which provide many resources to further continue their industrial expansion.


Considered a barren wasteland to most, Sylvaron encompasses the vast desert regions of Tiriya. Their capital, Iba, is a bustling market city, with much extravagance and culture. To the south of there spreads the great Apricum Wastes, and several other small desert towns. Even further than that lies the ancient Aedis Addukhan, a sand-swept temple of unknown origin.

Ruled by a collective group of merchants, they tend to ally with those that bring them most profit. In this case, Valburn are their greatest asset.


North of Valburn lies the vastly unexplored region of Sylvaron, where ancient mountains and Vrahl structures of old line the snowy terrain. Far too remote to be considered a threat, its small population mainly comprises of Vrahl worshippers and archaeologists.

Their only port town is Drsedna, a relatively small village with little in the way of ships. Most inhabitants are accustomed to the harsh weather and temperature, and conduct many of their days in prayer or pilgrimage.

A Vrahl worshipper's pilgrimage finds them trailing off to Sylvaron's western bank, where the fabled Moonshore glistens in a fantastic aura. Following it down take you to Altus Arx, considered by many as a stairway to the greatest heights of the planet. Its great tower stands taller than most mountains, and climbing it marks the end of a worshipper's pilgrimage. Within there they remain, in constant prayer and harmony with the Vrahl.


Over the Priscus and to the north of Rosedell lies the small island of Estanthini, where its capital city of Arcontana remains free from Valburn control. Its mountainous terrain leaves the island rather sparse of other towns and villages, yet Arcontana remains one of the largest cities in Tiriya.

Known as one of the few regions, save for Sylvaron, that trade with the neighbouring continent of Attawak, a distant place with little ties to the religious and political systems of Tiriya.