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3.28.10: CMS
- Ciphers, Positive Points, Phase Systems and their menu's completed. Status screen, and party functions also completed. Currently working on item menu. CMS will be fully demo ready when done.

11.15.09: CMS
Reworked Planned field abilities:
Shori (Dragon):
Fireball - Can ignite certain objects.
Fly - Can fly the party between various flight points.

Freeze Line - Can freeze, or extinguish certain objects.
Cascade Frost - Freezes all water in front of her in a straight line. Able to walk on frozen water.

Blast - Can instantly explode certain obstacles within a small radius.
Timed Detonation - Assign when an obstacle is supposed to blow up.

Detect - Shows the location of all nearby traps and hidden treasures.
Lockpicking - Able to pick locks.

Flare Shot - Launches an arrow into the air, temporarily giving light to dark areas.
Terraform Shot - Launches an arrow into water creating a platform to walk on. (Much more controlled then Nico's Cascade Frost)

Crawl - Able to crawl to reach certain areas.
Shockwave - Pushes all adjacent obstacles away from Tyler.

Steady Sword - Able to control sword around a certain radius. Can use sword to collect chests and to activate far switches.
Possess Sword - Sword goes in a constant forward line. Able to shift its direction left and right. Can be use to activate switches much further away but is unable to open chests.

Teleporter - Lays a teleporter on the ground which is used to teleport the party back to its position.
Transmutate - Transforms any useless critter into a helpful item for the party.

Log Set - Throws and sets one huge heavy log on the ground. The log can be used as a shield against obstacles and can hold down certain switches.
Pickpocket - Chance to steal items from anyone looking away from you. Cannot steal from the same person twice.
11.14.09: BIG Update
-Re-hauled CBS. Deleted/Added many variables concerning the CBS. New Layout and graphics.
-ACT Icons now move smoothly across the ACT gauge.
-ACT Damage now actually matters and can easily be distinguished by.
-CBS can handle up to 5 monsters at one time and each of those monsters are fully functional.
-Added ACT Stun system. After taking ACT damage a player cannot gain ACT for a small period of time.
-Added MP System. MP can be used as costs for Elemation/Techs instead of AP. MP however is much harder to acquire unlike AP. After resting all characters start with 100% Health, 0AP but 100MP.
-Techs are now called Elemations and Specs are now called Phases.
-Revised, Renamed, and balanced all currently planned Elemations, Phases & Talents.... again.
-New algorithms for damage and elemations.
-Recoded the Targeting System. It is now much more practical.
-Added complete and functional Buff/Debuff system (very similar to World of Warcrafts).
-Functional CBS Item Menu, and Status Menu.
-Movement now actually makes sense and is 100% functional and done.
-More character "idle/stance" animations during battle.
-Jin's Dasher move and Shori's First Aid move are now functional.
-Strengthened Healing across the board as healing was vastly underpowered compared to everything else.
-Changed Accuracy/Hit Algorithms.
-Fixed TONS of other bugs within Elemation events.
-Redone most of the "Move Event" commands in events so they now look more fresh
-Finalized all damage algorithms and cleaned its events. HIT or accuracy now matters if you want to strike fast foes. Monsters HP and DEF has been buffed in account of new algorithms.
-ACT Damage done to individuals while casting has been nerfed somewhat.
-Tyler now has the proper animations and algorithms when he attacks from the back row.
-Finished Concussive Shot, making Human Shori the first FULLY done character and demo/game ready.
-Fixed alot of hidden CBS bugs.

-All ciphers are now functional.
-Updated CMS design, somewhat.
-Updated both Shoris Human and Dragon design.
-Brand spankin' new sprite of Shori ENTIRELY done by me. (I am extremely proud of this as it took me a very long time. =1 week=)
-Updated Jins Design. More Sprite animations but no sprite rehaul like Shoris. Jin is now named Tyler.
-Updated Kenjis design. Kenji is now named Ryle.
-New Music, currently deciding between an all MP3 soundtrack or an all MIDI soundtrack.
-VASTLY improved on the overall story.

11.14.09 (Part 2): CMS
-Beginning to shift focus on CMS again.
-Updated Status Screen of Shori and Tyler.

8.14.09: Links to old video demonstrations of CMS and CBS found here:
CMS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaZnC_v93gs&feature=channel
CBS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT1Pj-ZAzFg

2.09.09: Redone and updated many pictures including text; tech info; titles; etc..

2.07.09: CIPHER system 100% complete!
All ciphers increases a players stats by a percentage rather then a flat increase. With this, all ciphers you get early on will still be useful come towards the end of the game. Ciphers are broken down between Weapon and Armor Ciphers. Some characters can equip 2 weapon and 2 Armor Ciphers while others can equip 4 weapon ciphers. Unfortunately, for balancing purposes you cannot equip 2 of the exact same ciphers. (Example: 4 Strength Ciphers = 100% increase of Strength which will practically one shot alot of foes.) There are a total of 42 different ciphers in the game. (14 Weapon Ciphers; 14 Armor Ciphers; 14 Special Ciphers.)