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Game Design

New Updates Coming Soon

I plan on updating the game in the near features with a few changes:

-an updated crafting system with a visual interface, based on modified 3rd party scripts
-the crafting system will also be more forgiving so that higher level items can be reached even if some resources are not collected
-monsters in the earlier part of the game will be a bit easier and the equipment will be less costly
-additional prompts to spend SP and buy equipment at the first town
-a few minor mapping improvements
-possibly some dialogue changes for character development
-much more weapons and armour through treasures and crafting in dungeons


Game Pages Updated

Hi there! I've made some changes to the game pages by adding some CSS. Most notably, I've changed the background, which now uses a collage of screenshots from the game.


Minor Updates

I've made some minor updates to the game, but it does not contain any significant changes after the first dungeon. Based on some early feedback from non-RPGMaker players, I've made the following changes to make the early parts of the game easier:

-changed the graphic of "snow pixies" so they are more visible against the background
-removed some items from the early shops so players don't buy the wrong items
-modified some stats of the early monsters and bosses to lower the difficulty


Legends Of Illarion 2 is now available for download

The game is completed and now available for download. I've added a few lighting effects which are not reflected in the screenshots or trailer. Also, I've updated the title of the game with an extra sub title.

Edit: I've edited a few screenshots to show some of the added lighting effects.


New Trailer, screenshots, features, and tentative release date

A new trailer for the game is now avialable here:

I've also uploaded a couple of screenshots to show the new skill points system (based on Yanfly)

I tentatively plan to release the game on June 12th, but if not then by the end of the month at the latest.

Progress Report

Development is almost complete and new screenshots added

I am happy to announce that Legends Of Illarion 2 is nearing completion and I plan to release it within 1 month. Everything is basically finished and I am currently just doing some final testing and adding a few small features. Meanwhile I have uploaded and updated some more screenshots as well.

Progress Report

Added Some Screenshots

It's been a long time since I gave an update. Progress is taking longer than originally expected, which ironically, was also expected. As usual, some screenshots may not be final. Nothing flashy here. Just wanted to show I've been working on it. Thanks for reading.


Game Profile Is Now Public

As of Nov 3rd, 2013, this game page for Legends Of Illarion 2 is now open.

I just finally decided I wanted to let people know of this game's existence. I have been working on it here and there over the past year or so. There is intentionally little detail available on the story and characters, as I haven't decided how much is appropriate to reveal yet. Screenshots are mainly just to show concept for now, and the mapping is far from final.

As of right now, I estimate that the game will be finished in approximately 6 months.
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