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I've stopped production on this game, so it is now, officially cancelled.

You will need the VX RTP to run this game:

To install:

First, make a new folder, and call it Tristian: LoTL.
Put the compressed download into that folder as well as the Audio folder and extract like normal with WinRAR or WinZip.
Install the fonts included if you don't have them yet.

Basic Controls:

Apart from the usual arrow/directional keys:

Alt + Enter - Toggle Full Screen mode
Enter/Spacebar/Z/ - Action key
Esc/X - Main Menu/Cancel an interaction
Shift - Sprint
Left Shift + Z = Pull an object towards you ( like a crate or boulder )

Latest Blog

out the door

13 days before I am supposed to 'celebrate' being on this site for 7 years, i've decided to leave rmn as well. having grown uncomfortable with the circle-jerkers ( aka the devs whose games get the most attention and all their friends ) and the few rotten apples here, it's simply become an unhealthy place for me to hang around.

while i won't be posting here anymore, i'd like to stay in contact with some of the members here by ways of building an e-mail list ( yes, it's a little different from the usual chatrooms like discord/skype, but i see them as massive timesinks. i never get anything done ) informing subscribers about my future projects. so... if you're interested, drop me a pm and we'll see where the road takes us. the simple gesture would mean a lot to me, because it shows that some of you still care. who knows? maybe you'll get a surprise or two.


maybe some of you hate me for broken promises i couldn't keep, maybe some of you lost your respect for me because I couldn't keep doing what I loved to do. or maybe some people just hated on Enelysion because it became popular...

who knows? it doesn't matter anyway.
i'm going to keep on being a creative workaholic.

So long, and keep gaming
i was always too serious for this place, anyway

Luchi 'I did not spend 10,000 hours on RPGMaker to be mediocre' Chan


You the practice of self-promotion
Yes, she pulled a unannounced switcheroo on us ... not the Crying Game type of switcheroo, at least.
yuna21: "I hope that no one will notice." ~ YOINK!
Sorry about that guys. ^^ Won't happen again. I'm thinking of changing the title again. Can't have another game with an E as the first letter in the title again. XD
You the practice of self-promotion
Oh well, good thing I didn't get named by you, then, yuna21 ...
You can change the title as often as you want. I suggest just writing it down somewhere offline and letting it sit for a while until you really feel it's the right one. That probably saves you from having to edit the title image every single time.

Also, in the light of that bug you have in Enelysion 1.2, are you going to do an open or a closed beta?
This game's artwork is far more refined than Enelysion, no offense. I haven't played the demo. Still, is there anything in the gameplay that distinguishes this Eridanus to Enelysion?
It's more or less the same. Gameplay isn't my strong suit ( world-building, visuals and audio are ) so I tend to keep things simple. But the game is better in every way possible than Enelysion. And the artwork seems better because they're Fire Emblem edits. =)
I still prefer Tristian: Lady of the Lion as the title, it certainly sounds better.
Anyway, the game looks great, I really like the mapping and the atmosphere.

Nice job.
I am having a problem,the game is freezing in a cut scene.


You can download the map at the Bug Fixes page. It is Map001 and will fix that problem.
Working now thanks for the map fix.
Updated the character profiles and the bug-fixes page.
Uh, guys? Does anyone want to help me with the CSS of this page? I sort of want to pretty it up. I'm useless at coding stuff, even though I learned Dreamweaver back in 2008 as part of my graphic design course. >< But I've forgotten it.
I only know a little about CSS, basically just altering the text, links, and some of the backgrounds used.

Here’s a good spot to learn / apply some of the basics, yuna21: http://rpgmaker.net/articles/272/

It may not teach you everything how to make a sexy uber gamepage – but it’s better than nothing.
@Addit: Thanks. Think I may have stumbled across this article a long time ago, but forgot about it.
good job..is a great game
beautiful images...good history
waiting for full,prevision?
@Dark: You can expect the proper demo soon. =)

@peju: Thanks. It will only get better. =)
I just noticed this, but there are a few spelling errors in the plot summary on the main page.


You the practice of self-promotion
I just noticed this, but there are a few spelling errors in the plot summary on the main page.


For the second word, based on the context, "pursued" seems to be the correctly spelled version. Anyway, blueperiod's point is well made ...