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Name: Ren
Age: 17
Element Type: Light
Characteristics: Protective, Curious, Thoughtful

Ren is an average boy who lives with his mother and sister
in Lyia Village, a peaceful forest village with friendly village folk about.
Ren shares a strong bound with his sister Leena, and can easily
form connections with meeting new people and friends.

Sometimes his quick-thinking and stubbornness can lead to rather hasty poor decisions. Ren cannot remember much of his life as a child, only pieces of memories
and other moments that have kept with him. While living an ordinary life, Ren
also deeply questions his memories and their obscurity.

Name: Serene
Age: 17
Element Type: Water
Characteristics: Optimistic, Pure-Hearted, Witty

Serene is a young girl whose spiritual energy just flows about.
She is a kind-hearted girl with a great understanding of energy
and the ways it works. Serene is also known as a Spiriter, one who
can use and channel spiritual energy from her very will.

While a lot is known about Serene, there is a great amount that
remains unknown, mainly because she chooses to keep many things to herself.
Many big secrets about her relate to her birthplace, and why she knows so much about spiritual energy?

Name: Leon
Age: 19
Element Type: Fire
Characteristics: Headstrong, Over-confident, Vain

What's there not to love about Leon? Absolutely nothing! Well at least he
likes to think so. Leon is your typical teenager who likes to break all the rules,
and look good while doing so. He's also got a very weak spot for the ladies,
and will not hesitate to drop any chance that he has. Make no mistake though,
there is more to Leon than just his appearance.

Leon happens to be one of the four
great Empyrean Knights that reside within Mithros Castle. An Empyrean Knight is the
highest honor bestowed upon ones tactical and physical strengths in weaponry and combat.

Awarded with such a high position, Leon believes to have bragging
rights in just about anything he does. His skill with a sword goes unmatched
throughout the lands, but how did one acquire such a vast strength in the blade?

Name: Peace
Age: 26
Element Type: Earth
Characteristics: Stoic, Passionless, Intelligent

Peace is a man of little words, literally. Though he has a very stern
and intimidating appearance, Peace rarely speaks to many and uses
short and to the point sentences to get his word across. He began his training
under the Element of Earth at an extremely young age.

While training under an Element has it's great strengths,
there can also be a downfall. Peace was stripped of his emotions, causing him the inability to feel any sort of feelings and emotions. His
very appearance and choice of words almost make him seem lifeless and robotic.
There is a great strength to Peace and that is his tremendous brute strength,
and the extensive power of his intellect. Peace has a habit of over-analyzing
situations, and also gives percentages and probabilities to real-life events.
Leon sometimes pokes fun at Peace, calling him a "Human Calculator".

Name: Leena
Age: 14
Element Type: Nature
Characteristics: Loving, Generous, Friendly

Leena is the lovable little sister of the main protagonist Ren. Born with
a strong-bound heart and a natural connection to the world, Leena always
tends to living things, be it plant or animals, to make them feel better.
She is always found in the Zensu Forest, just across from her home village,
collecting and nurturing flowers and the wildlife. Because of her connection,
Leena has developed a close bond to spiritual energy subconsciously.

She is unaware of this newfound power and only sees herself as a normal
human being. Being the little sister, Leena always looks up to her big brother Ren. He is always there for her in the blink of an eye, and she always feels safe
knowing that.

Name: Night
Age: ???
Element Type: Shadow
Characteristics: Mysterious, Cunning, Chivalrous

Not much is known or can be said about Night, except a few things.
Night is a demon from Nivel, a distorted dimension of negative energy where
there is nothing but the void and darkness. Normally a demon is depicted as evil
and violent, but in fact, Night seems to deviate from the standard.

He seems to suffer from a serious case of amnesia, not knowing
anything else but his name and the code he follows. Night has
been following a certain figure named Light who promises to
help restore his memory if he listens to what the figure says. But
who is Light exactly, and where did she come from? Despite being a demon,
Night displays many acts of loyalty and chivalry, especially more
towards the females, which tends to spark up a little tension
between him and Leon.


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I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out, but I find it so ironic that you have Leon named Leon when Night is using a similar portrait to the Tales of Destiny 2 character named Judas, who's actually named Leon in Tales of Destiny 1, which is even more ironic since your game's Leon uses a similar battle portrait to Stahn's from Tales of Destiny 2, who butted heads with Leon from time to time in their Tales of Destiny 1 days.
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