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Take note this walk through does not reveal any spoiler about the story nor the endings. It also didn't recover certain aspects like the hidden secrets, jump-scares and enemies encounter. Read this only when you get stuck or lost.

Theme : Missing heart.
Two close friends, two beating hearts that created a perfect symphony, like a song and music. So, when one of these hearts went missing, another one will look for it because it can't perform the symphony by itself.

Objective: Find 5 clues of the missing friend.
It’s quite simple. Start by going into the Newspaper club room and read 1st clue; get the library key from the stool. Exit and walk up, talk to the sensei to get 2nd clue before enter the library. Exit the library after get 3rd clue & found a staff roomkey lying on the floor where sensei was standing before.

Go to the staffroom, after read 4th clue and got a 101 classroom key, head back to your class below, enter the class and interact with the bloodied table. Check diary inside. After that, you are done and exit the class and get out from the school through the main door.

Theme : Perfection.
Everyone wants to be a perfect,flawless person. The dolls in this level represent this theme. Example is like what will happens when a doll didn't dance like others? The first child and the second child aren't happy because they are not normal as the third child. Why need to wear a hat just to look good and perfect for the ball? It seems everything here is not perfect.

Objective : Burnt down the shelf that block the hidden door.
Enter the house and talk to the maid doll, twice. All the blocked routes will be cleared and you free to go. Examine the green head statue on the top right. Go north and examine the normal head statue there, along with a big shelf blocking a path. Go down back & walk to your right until you reach the end of the path.

Enter the door and you will found 3 creepy dolls with 3 colors, green, purple and ‘normal color’ dolls. Talk to each dolls, remember what color for the first child, the second child and the third.

Now, head out and see a hole appeared on the wall. Go inside and you will found a purple head statue. Okay, now we had found all 3 statues, why don’t we activate the switch according to the clue we got from the 3 creepy dolls?

After you had done, a secret stairway will appear on the wall in the room where the 3 creepy dolls were before. Head upstairs.

Examine the teapot doll, she’s holding sewing thread. Now enter the ballroom which is on your right side. Notice a doll named Pink didn’t dance and another teapot doll is sitting on the Black rabbit’s chair.

Open the next door at right and see a closed cabinet. Open the cabinet and get kitchen key. Head downstairs and enter the hole on the wall again. Unlock the kitchen room with the key and grab the lettuce.

Now, exit the house and use the lettuce on the large hole. You will get a black rabbit. Went back to the ballroom and placed the black rabbit where the teapot girl doll was sitting. You got a teapot girl doll.

You will need to put her back next to her twin whom holding the sewing thread but after you tried to open the door, something happened and when it over, the ballet doll whom can’t dance before had lost her head. Examine her and got Needle. Now, went out and placed the teapot doll back, you got a sewing thread.

Go to the room where you got the kitchen key before, & walk down, enters the repair room. Took the teddy left arm on table and fixed the broken teddy with sad face in the room. You will get a jar of honey.

Exit the room and notice a little teddy that sits next to the cabinet where you got the kitchen key before. He’s holding a hat belong to the chicken doll. Exchange the hat with the honey. Go downstairs again and enter the hole on the wall. Give the hat to the chicken doll and get PUPPET ROOMKEY.

Now, climb the stairway and go to the puppet room which is below the twin teapot dolls. Unlock the room and get ready for the 1st fight. Spot there are 3 imperfect puppets here. Then, grab the lighter oil on the table. A puppet boss will appear and chase you. Now, defeat it by clicking the 3 imperfect puppets that hidden among the other puppets.

Done, and leave the room. Go back to the hole on the wall and head to the piano where an empty lighter is lying there. Filled it with the oil and you will got a complete lighter. Head back to the room where the big shelf is and finally burnt it down.

Theme : Bond.
This level is a representation of bond or relationship, mostly a family type of relationship. See how a little sister doll need a brother to protect her? what happened to Dora after she lost her 'parent'? A new bond could change a person's heart but a broken bond could lead to something else.

Objective: The missing Gollum eye.
Examine the mice doll in front of you. Then, enter the room at your right side. Read clue on table and notice the small rabbit nearby it moves. Examine the rabbit and notice it holding a small piano key. Now, remember the clue and exit the room. Enter the room on your left side and went into the room labeled as ‘’Hanging dolls room.’’ Used the clue before and get the dollmaker’s roomkey.

Exit the room and head back to the room earlier. Use the key on the door below. In the room, take the feather duster (it’s cleaning time!) and rush back to the doll that covered with spider web, you know the one that sit nearby the Purple head statue. Use the feather duster and get big brother doll.

Return back to place where the hanging dolls room is and notice a small girl doll sitting on sofa without her brother. Placed the big brother doll next to her and little sister dolls room will be unlocked. Get inside and take the bloodied knife on the table & read the note on the table. Exit the room.

Using the knife, slice open the mice doll. Read clue and head back to dollmaker’s room. Turned the switches on the wall according to the clue and see the demon’s statue which block the door disappear. Enter the research room & get ready for a hell battle with Miku, the crazy maid doll.

First thing is read the clue on the bookshelf first before read the blue book on table where Miku is staring at. A fight started and using the clue on the shelf, pick right bottles according to its color and smash it on the door. You will need 4 potions to destroy the door. Exit the door before she got you.

When you exit the door, Miku appear and shouted. All things will fall from the wall, including the giant sword (see? You need her scream to bring down the sword on the wall, so it is a worthy battle.)

Take the sword but don’t get hyped because the hell isn’t over yet. When you exit the room, a battle with sister dolls will take place. Remember the note before? Remember the small rabbit on the table?

Now, take the piano key, go to the piano. After hear a click, press the piano. You need to press the piano many times until the sister dolls disappear. Now, you had a sword, why don’t you place it back to the knight that guard outside the room? Done, and a secret stairway will appear.

Went upstairs, and read note on the table. Finish reading the note; you will hear a scary noise coming from downstairs. In same time, a picture on the wall nearby the piano had fall on the floor, now grab the picture & Go down and check the window where a trace of cotton trail is heading.

Pull the curtain down and went outside. Read the sign nearby the pond, you need to push the demon statue back in the middle of 2 angels. If you had done, a path will appear on the pond. Now grab the wood block and head upstairs.

Place the wood block on the table and select finish the crafting. A Diamond key will fall. Use the key to unlock the diamond room. Enter & you will meet Ichirou. After you are able to move again, walk left and enters the room where you will see 8 figures hiding in curtains.

If you need a clue, head down and go into Hanging doll room. There is a hole on the wall now. Enter the hole to find a secret room. Place the picture you picked before on fireplace and a clue will appear on wall. Please remember the location of CIRCLE MARK from the clue.

Now, return back to diamond room and pull the right curtain & you will got a mother doll. Seconds later, a jar exploded. Check the jar and you will get Heart room key. Exit the diamond room and get ready with 2nd fight with sister dolls.

After defeating sister dolls, go to the Heart room and took the Club room key. Read the clue before head to club room. Enter the club room and read the diary first. Then, solve the puppets puzzle accoding to the clue you saw in heart room before. Done, a traitor puppet will appear.


Take the Spade key from its neck and get ready to confront broken doll. After defeating broken doll, head out and go to the last room, Spade room. Inside, please choose a route where the puppets musn’t sees you crossing in front of them. so you could reach the father doll.

Grab the father doll and went downstairs. Now, place the parent doll back to unlock Dora’s room.

Enter the room. Read note on the table. Take note there is a locked room at bottom left corner. See the lever? There are 4 of them. Now, if you are ready, go and interact with the angel statue,

Remember the sequences of the lever (Top left, Bottom right, top right and bottom left.) After read the clue, you will get bronze key. Now, Dora will appear and chase you. Using the clue, click the lever in right sequence, click until they disappear before move to the next lever. Done and a fountain will appear. Enter the hidden room using the bronze key and grab the hammer. Now return to the fountain, and smash it few times to end the fight.

You will see a Gollum’s eyes appear on the floor. Grab it and head upstairs. Place the eye back and a door will appear. Enter the door. Level 2 is Ended.

Theme : Secrets.
Secrets are everywhere. could you discover them? but the most important thing is, could you bear to handle the truth behind the secrets? Secret is hidden, like the hiding dolls, the doll whom lives in pitch dark, unseen to others, and killer hood which is like a man whom hiding his face under the hood.

Objective : Revelations.
This level is short and simple. First, pull down the waterfall picture to reveal a hole. You will need the chair to climb into it so leave it aside for now. Enter the room on your right to find some hanging sacks inside. Climb the stairs and pull the switch to bring the sacks down. You will find a Missing guest room key.

Now, take the key, exit the room and walk left. Unlock the Missing guest room. Inside, pull the lever, read the clue note on the green ballet doll and receive Redpunzel room key. Exit the room and see a hidden door appear on wall. Enter the door and in the next room, notice a locked piano room and the clue nearby state the key is missing. You need a lock pick to open it. Now enter another room and get ready for a fight with Redpunzel.

After defeating her, enter Redpunzel room on left side. Using clue before to defeat her and get a baby teddy bear. You had done now we will return the baby teddy to the Mommy teddy which sit next to the missing guest room. Ted room is unlocked. Enter the room. See a panda bear? Check that first. Now go to the poor teddy tied up to the chair. After certain scene, A ted fight will begin.

After defeating it, grab the chair and used it to climb up the hole outside. Enter the hole to find ……….Open the …………. To trigger a scene and after that, you should get a bedroom key.

The bedroom is the opposite of the redpunzel room. Enter the room and read clue nearby bunch of pink sleeping dolls. See something hidden under a blanket? Pull the blanket to find …………… after that, a bunch of dolls will attack you, now find the hidden lock picks and exit the room.


Now, go to the piano room. Enter the room and get ready for another boss battle. A clue will be given. After defeating it, a door will be unlocked. Enter the door and get ready for final confrontation.

Items that could affect the game endings.
a half-opened book on the table in Perfect Puppet room, Dora's room and Piano room. Dismiss reading one or all of these 3 books will lead you to ending B. Read all of them to gain another ending, ending A.
P/s : Whatever you saw after the credits is meant to be a joke or for fun.

1. Keep saving frequently, especially when hearing heartbeats sound.
2. Never use items by manually (open menu + select item + use). You must interact with the suspicious object first. only when a message like ''use item?'' appear and you can select yes or no option. the correct item will be automatically removed from your inventory.