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Had Good Potential But..

First of all, it has the same nuances like the movie called "The Dollmaker (1984)" had, but...

The game is highly based on solving puzzles like it says on the description of the game's page. The thing that I'm going to talk about the puzzles is that- they were boring. It was no fun solving them.

Let me clarify myself by giving an example of how unattached the puzzles were.

Spoiler: You find a lettuce on the kitchen table and then you pick it up. When you leave the room and search for the other items, you see a lot of, maybe 30 rabbits along the way. There was no way, NO WAY,that I could think of giving lettuce to the HOLE ON THE OUTSIDE DOOR. There was no way. And there was an option to eat the lettuce too and if you eat it like I did because I didn't know what to do, you were going to be stuck FOREVER.

And when you take the black rabbit, that happens and that happens, see this is just no fun. You have to be so careful about the whole surroundings of you that is full of literally everything, at the same time trying to connect the story in your head.

And even so, the publisher even thought of adding hints that don't actually help you at all. When you read the hint, you understand nothing. I'm not going to play a game just by looking at the walkthrough and doing what it's saying. And in addition to that, the publisher even put a book on the entrance room that has the list of everything you should collect and everything you should go through. Why? It's because the quests are so far fetched from each other that you can't even tie them together.

Sadly, it was so boring for me to finish the whole game so I closed the game on the second chapter.

Overall, by the look of it, the design of it and the story of it, this game had so much potential. And indie games and developers need support too but they need some productive critism too. I hope my review helped the publishers.