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Pocket Mirror is an original mystery horror adventure game made using RPG MAKER VX ACE. During the development of this game we have gotten our inspiration from various japanese RPG MAKER games of the same genre such as Ib and The Witch's House which have motivated us to create our own.

※ The game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition for things such as horror and graphical horror such as blood and brutal deaths.
※ Please note that it relies on an exceptional amout of symbolism which may be hard to understand throughout the first playthrough, so multiple playthroughs may be advised.
※ To get the best experience out of the game we recomment the player to use headphones and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

Latest Blog

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.1

We are glad to announce we have released the newest version of the game in which we have fixed bugs and have improved some of its gameplay flaws such as the mirror maze chase scene issue.

We will be leaving the bug fix list down below. Thank you for your patience!

Version 1.1
-Added a Save prompt right before the Mirror Maze chase.
-Added a Save box in Egliette's dinning room.
-Tweaked the darkness in the Mirror Maze.
-Eyeballs are now insertable from the sides of the statues.
-Painting description disabled once the smoke chase begins.
-Removed Lisette's body from her extra room.
-Player cannot move anymore while reading Fleta's diary.
-Player cannot move anymore while trying to open attic door.
-Fixed the moon staying on the screen after Enjel's bonus room.
-Fixed wrong name tag on one of the "Bitch" dialogues.
-Fixed the bug where the shadow keeps chasing you in the sound direction puzzle.
-Fixed bug where Fleta reacts to the pumpkin king when she is not with you.
-Fixed bug where RTP tracks counted toward soundtrack percentage.
-Fixed the mugshot without the cardigan in the junk room.
-Fixed bug where box #7 opens when it's locked, in the box riddle room.
-Fixed bug where there is an auto bad end on Fleta's Chair Game if the player spent 10 min in the library.
-Removed non-working RGB control from the Settings
-S key is now the Skip text key.
-Formatted some dialogue text cut-offs and wrong dialogue window modes.
-Various grammar corrections.
-Added missing character portrait in various save boxes.
-Enjel Theater scenes are now in-engine, reducing 110 Mb of videos.
-BGS folder reduced to 51.3 Mb.
-SE folder reduced to 50.6 Mb.
-ME folder reduced to 2.2 Mb.
-Deleted some redundant images.
-Various stability upgrades.
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 01/22/2014 02:45 PM
  • 05/22/2017 09:46 AM
  • 07/22/2016
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Omg can't wait for the completed version
(I think i dun goofed by sending this as a review i am new to this website)

I have only just started in the game development world,I am furthering myself to improve but still have fun on the way. being currently enrolled in school for a Diploma in game design its a hassle to say the least. takes all the fun out of games and there beauty.
(main reason i am in to the whole games thing is the art side of it)
so looking around for newer things i stumble upon this and i have got to say...
THIS! wow the art, the atmosphere the music. this is what i need to do to push myself for making a game. i already have plans like this in mind but seeing this, admiring all the game had to give. shows me i can reach higher limits than i was expecting. i was very speechless when i tried out the "demo" (well worth the wait with my horrible internet)
Using RPG Maker VX Ace i hope to achieve something similar to what potential your game has.
Working on the art, music. sprites, scripts and all. i am going to enjoy all of it because games are fun and have more meaning than just mashing buttons :)
Thank you for the inspiration <3
It really looks cool,i hope i like it cuz if i did like it,im probably not gonna stop playing it untill i finish it hehe c:
It really looks cool,i hope i like it cuz if i did like it,im probably not gonna stop playing it untill i finish it hehe c:
I literally cannot wait for the full game xD
Holy moly. I just played this demo.. And it is just so dang cute! I just want more and more! I checked the blogs and tweets and oh my! The art is coming along very beautifully. I absolutely cannot wait for the full game! Love the art, it's so adorable! And the voice acting too! Very cute. ♥
I downloaded the full game and cant get past the part where the doll goes into the room. I don't know if this is just a really short game or im doing something wrong but i love the look and feel of the game so id love to play more :)
I absolutely love the art i cant wait till the game is finished.
Played the demo a few days ago~.
To be brief, I was interested, but a little bit put off by the linear gameplay. And yes--like everyone says, the art is beautiful. I agree with that. The title screen's music was very beautiful as well. So far it looks like the story and gameplay is lacking. At this point though I'm not going to criticize you, because it has been a year since the demo has been out, and I'm sure you have added/changed a bunch of things in the game. It most likely has tremendously changed. I look forward to the final result! I'm sure it'll be great. (*´▽`*)
This looks very interesting! Cannot wait. Where are the team behind it from? I'm wondering because you need to be fluent in portuguese to be a tester :3
Well, i've tried the demo so.. let me say something.

First, the arts.

The characters are incredibly drawn, the enviroments are also incredible.

And next, the musics.

The background musics are great, and the sounds effects are okay.

The gameplays?

Yeah, i've spent a few minutes- wait, ten minutes, maybe.

For a demo, the gameplays were surely attractive.

I can't wait for the full game.

This game looks like a game with an interesting plot.

/P.S/You need a RPGVXAceRTP to run this game, just- ignore this line/

Thank you so much for your criticism, we really appreciate it! We're glad you liked our demo! ヾ((○*´∀`*))ノ゙
Thank you all for your support and criticism, we honestly do appreciate all of your comments and hope you will like the full version of Pocket Mirror! (*^▽^*)
This looks very interesting! Cannot wait. Where are the team behind it from? I'm wondering because you need to be fluent in portuguese to be a tester :3

The majority of our team members come from a lot of different places but the creators evilhairbrush and kiramekirai are from Portugal as well as Draxicor the programmer, Azureflux one of the composers, Nuei and aruH both voice actrecess for the game. You don't need to be fluent in portuguese to be a beta tester although that's one of the options! (●´∀`●) Thank you so much for your support!
Looks veery interesting! Can't wait to play the full version of the game!*-*
The artwork is beautiful!
I really enjoy playing this game because the art is so cute >w<!!!~
The demo was great!
I adore the art so much and everything else seems just great.
Q: It has been a year since demo was released...any clues on when you might post the completeted game?:) I am sure everyone is curious!
Where is the update????

This game is Demo Where is the full version??????
I lost my virginity to how good this looks :O
Where is the update????

This game is Demo Where is the full version??????

It's not released yet obviously XD
After playing said title "Pocket Mirror" I will say that I enjoyed the time spent, though it was short in a way it was still nice. The Graphics and the art style was nice, I loved the vivid colors that was applied to the main character and the kinda dark areas that was included with this title. Now the sound was also quite nice, it was very high quality and did make my spine chill from time to time now with that said the sound effects that emitted from the character really didn't detract from my experience unlike some rather I think they add due to the fact it allows for the player themself to understand how the character in-game is feeling. So thats a plus for me but I suppose it depends on a individuals outlook, with that said I will say this game is more atmospheric then jumpscare or stuff like that which is good in a way once again depends for me another great plus. Now overall? This title is very high quality, and just is an amazing job. I can;t wait to see what you make in the future for sure, with that also said I did make some commentary and or a video about this game. I hope in some way more people find this game, so that it can grow. I will definitely follow this game and can't wait for more :3

I was wondering if you have an estimated release date? :)