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Pocket Mirror is an original mystery horror adventure game made using RPG MAKER VX ACE. During the development of this game we have gotten our inspiration from various japanese RPG MAKER games of the same genre such as Ib and The Witch's House which have motivated us to create our own.

※ The game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition for things such as horror and graphical horror such as blood and brutal deaths.
※ Please note that it relies on an exceptional amout of symbolism which may be hard to understand throughout the first playthrough, so multiple playthroughs may be advised.
※ To get the best experience out of the game we recomment the player to use headphones and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

Latest Blog

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.1

We are glad to announce we have released the newest version of the game in which we have fixed bugs and have improved some of its gameplay flaws such as the mirror maze chase scene issue.

We will be leaving the bug fix list down below. Thank you for your patience!

Version 1.1
-Added a Save prompt right before the Mirror Maze chase.
-Added a Save box in Egliette's dinning room.
-Tweaked the darkness in the Mirror Maze.
-Eyeballs are now insertable from the sides of the statues.
-Painting description disabled once the smoke chase begins.
-Removed Lisette's body from her extra room.
-Player cannot move anymore while reading Fleta's diary.
-Player cannot move anymore while trying to open attic door.
-Fixed the moon staying on the screen after Enjel's bonus room.
-Fixed wrong name tag on one of the "Bitch" dialogues.
-Fixed the bug where the shadow keeps chasing you in the sound direction puzzle.
-Fixed bug where Fleta reacts to the pumpkin king when she is not with you.
-Fixed bug where RTP tracks counted toward soundtrack percentage.
-Fixed the mugshot without the cardigan in the junk room.
-Fixed bug where box #7 opens when it's locked, in the box riddle room.
-Fixed bug where there is an auto bad end on Fleta's Chair Game if the player spent 10 min in the library.
-Removed non-working RGB control from the Settings
-S key is now the Skip text key.
-Formatted some dialogue text cut-offs and wrong dialogue window modes.
-Various grammar corrections.
-Added missing character portrait in various save boxes.
-Enjel Theater scenes are now in-engine, reducing 110 Mb of videos.
-BGS folder reduced to 51.3 Mb.
-SE folder reduced to 50.6 Mb.
-ME folder reduced to 2.2 Mb.
-Deleted some redundant images.
-Various stability upgrades.
  • Completed
  • PM
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 01/22/2014 02:45 PM
  • 05/22/2017 09:46 AM
  • 07/22/2016
  • 714626
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That's a superb game with a nice atmosphere and story :D
oh man,that's amazing! I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to get into this creepy and significant adventure.
When I play this time for a couple of minutes straight, I keep getting this error message:

Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred
failed to create bitmap.

It happens time to time when I play this for a long period of time. Did anyone else get this error?
When I play this time for a couple of minutes straight, I keep getting this error message:

Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred
failed to create bitmap.

It happens time to time when I play this for a long period of time. Did anyone else get this error?

Yeah, the same happened to me several times after I reached "Lisette's world".

The problem occurs when you enter a new area faster than it can load, so in other words, the current solution for this is to walk as you enter a new area. You wanna run still if you get chased, though.
Pardon my terrible fan girling into this game!
I'll just hide it incase of spoiler, but nothing really.
Here I go ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME!! Like all my Cells in my body are just freaking happy and stunned!! The game graphics, animation, movie, illustration ETC are so BEEAAUUTTIFFUULL LIKE REALLY VERY COLORFUL , I keep saying WOW WOWZERSS, SUBARASHIII!!! *(。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) ⊙△⊙ (✪㉨✪)

I'm half through the game, I just finished Harpae's Area (which would be my favorite 'cause to me she resembles SABER!!*ehem im a girl but saber is love*)
(///▽///) (///▽///) (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
About the story, yeaahh still finding it out!

Regarding the horror stuff, yeap I love how cute it is yet the ambiance, atmosphere and sound is so freaking creepy. Puzzles are kinda hard for me, sorry i don't have sparkling mind ಥ‿ಥ ಥ‿ಥ

That's it, im going to play again when im done with projects.!

COngrats Astral Shift - Pocket Mirror team !! Lots of love!

So far I got 94 Pumpkin charms after Harpae's story, Did i miss some all the way ?

☆╭┐ ┌╮☆°.·
╭ ┘ └┘ └ ╮∴°☆°
└┐. .┌┘-----╮∴°
╭┴-------┤ ├╮
│o o │  -│●°
╰┬-------╯ │ ∴°·
☆\__|__/__/__ /∴☆.
Let me start by saying WOW... I just love this game so far! I have just made it past a chase scene and am meeting Harpae. I've downloaded the most recent update (I think) of 1.2 but I think there may still be some audio issues in terms of missing files.

When I meet Harpae, the game crashes as it is trying to call a BGM file called "Valsa à Hue." As much I as thought of just copying a BGM and naming it that so I could continue (I'm so excited to keep going!), I decided to wait. Every bit of this game is a masterpiece and I want to experience it as you guys intended. Just a heads up! (;
Just finished the game, got End 1....My head is spinning, I have sooooooo many questions. But I won't ask them, because I'm going to assume that the other endings probably explain more. All in all, I really enjoyed the game and it's one of the best RPGM horrors I've played.

Will probably use the walkthrough to get the rest of the pumpkin charms and best ending.

Also, I did an LP of this, I'll upload the vids soonish!
Best horror puzzle game!!! great story and I very love chara design on this game ^^
I'm having troubles in the red mirror area, when you go in and then go down to the bottom left room where you see the fox, the problem here is that it stops the game for me because it doesn't show/find the audio for that room and so it crashes it. Is there a way to fix this problem?
Well, I've gotten all endings now, as well as the secret one. However a couple things are still locked in the Echoes and Portraits bonus sections, any idea why?
I'm having troubles in the red mirror area, when you go in and then go down to the bottom left room where you see the fox, the problem here is that it stops the game for me because it doesn't show/find the audio for that room and so it crashes it. Is there a way to fix this problem?

I had and am still having the same problem...
Some of the audio files seem to have been renamed, so when the game tries to call for them, it can't find them. For that particular sound, just read the error message that comes up and write down exactly what filename it is looking for. Many of PM's files have unique letters (you know, the ones with little marks above them) so that can be a problem that is easily fixed.

I can't remember which one was the problem for me for that specific part of the game, but it should say when it crashes. I believe (NOT CERTAIN) it was a file in the SE folder called "abrir maáaneta velha." If I remember right, it was missing that accent on the "a" which made all the difference. Just edit it to match EXACTLY what the error message says. It fixed it for me.

The problem just comes when the game can't find an audio file and even after rummaging through the files, I can't easily guess which one it is referring to. I am stuck after meeting Harpae because a certain BGM ("Valsa à Hue")can't be found. Anyone have any ideas what file that's supposed to be?
I'm a sucker for a good art, - great job on it!
I've been waiting for this one since I played the demo a year or so ago. I heard a few people talking about it, calling it a must-play, so I was super excited to play the full version!

Still fighting my way through it. These jump scares will be the end of me, hooo. ; u;
A great display of imagination and a gallery of fine art, truly worthy of praise
There are many audio can not seem to read the track in the game led to the collapse of the game you have a way to solve it
Like in the mirror to find the second ball after the fox does not seem to have audio effects such as "abrir maneta velha"
Hey, what scripts did you use for this game? (Title screen, menu, save menu, etc.)
I happened to still have a list from elsewhere.

Insane Anti Lag TheoAllen
MOG Character EX Moghunter
Pictures Under Characters Woratana
Event Followers Hime
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Yanfly
Yami Engine Ace - Basic Module Yami
Victor Engine - Basic Module Victor Sant
XaiL System - Core Nicke
Yanfly Message Yanfly
XaiL System - Item Mini Nicke
Stairs Movement FenixFyreX
Galv's Message Background Galv
ATS: Face Options modern algebr
MOG_Weather_EX Moghunter
Skip Scene Title Raizen884
MOG Picture Gallery Moghunter
Sound Volume Peter Guettinger
Currency Symbol Seiryuki
Clear Memory Moghunter
Sound Control Yanfly
MOG Music Room Moghunter
Galv's Menu Engine Galv
MOG Scene File A Moghunter
Lune Smooth Camera Sliding Raizen
Galv's Layer Graphics Galv
Yanfly Parallax Lock Yanfly
Animated Parallax modern algebra
Anti-Animation Lag Moghunter
Victor Fog Victor Sant
A* Pathfinding TheoAllen
Dash Control IXFURU
Visual Novel Choices Galv
Smart Followers Neon Black
Picture bug fix Mithran
Fixed Pictures modern algebra
Galv's Region Effects Galv
SplashScreen Shaz
Video Estriole
Map Effects Zeus81
Stop Movement Yanfly
There is a sound effect error (abrir maçaneta velha) in Pocket Mirror that keeps bothering me...I tried renaming it exactly what the error window shows me but I always see the file after the process said abrir ma2aneta velha instead of abrir maçaneta velha. How should I fix this problem?
For some reason I thought I'd left a message back when this was still in its demo stage, but I guess I didn't. Back then, I thought it was a quirky and cute game, but I sort of forgot about it after that because although the art was spectacular, the demo itself didn't stick out too much at the time.
When I saw the full version was out, I smiled and gave it a shot.

And I have not stopped singing its praises ever since.

My god, so much love went into this game! The graphics, the story, the sequences, everything. It's all crafted in such an original and caring way. The team obviously did their best in every respect and managed to produce a long game with replay value, which I think is fantastic, especially for RPGmaker!
One of the things I loved the most, aside from the artistic+cinematographic direction, was the fact that clicking around and inspecting objects is beneficial to the player. Finally!! A game for me!!

And thank you so much for dealing with mental illness in a way that was realistic and not "ooh scary psycho!!1 xx333" It means a lot. <3

I'm seriously so in awe at just how beautiful the game itself is. I keep telling everyone to play it, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Thank you so much for making it!