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Explore the World!

Navigate around the world of Northwall by clicking on the arrows.


- Completely RTP-free soundtrack (thanks to Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com)

- Overhaul to the default TP system. TP is now generated by landing basic attacks or using certain special abilities, and TP is preserved from one battle to the next (up to a maximum amount). Minor characters will get various special abilities that use TP, while major party members get unique mechanics for how to spend it (such as transformations). Effectively, you build TP using lesser abilities in order to spend it on stronger abilities.

- Complex combat. Most enemies will require more thought than "spam attack, spam heal," or "spam the damaging ability, spam heal."

- Complex bosses. The early bosses (up through about the forest) will be relatively simple, with only a couple mechanics to test what you've learned. Each progressive boss will require different applications of your old and new skills, however, and in the later stages of the game, have complex eventing to give them a truly unique feel to their battles.

- Many special skills, each with their own purpose. Your characters will learn at least one new skill with each level, and they will all be relevant - no filler abilities just to make your skill list look impressive. Several skills will interact with other party members' skills, as well - applying a combo of buffs and debuffs will allow for some truly enemy-wrecking combos (for example, give the cleric Scorching Rage, Infusion, Bless, and Angelic Fury, then target an enemy afflicted by Lunar Wound, Heaven's Wrath, Melancholy, Burn, and Holy Fire, and lay waste with Divine Burst for some absolutely face-melting damage).

- Low rate of random encounters. Most dungeons only have 5 random encounters at most - their presence is simply so you can practice with any new abilities you've learned and gain a little bit of money and experience before the next boss. If you have to backtrack or wander around a bit, you won't be stuck fighting endless battles.


A solitary fort in the snowy North of a small continent keeps watch on a cave to the east. 25 years ago, this cave was home to an army of monsters who threatened to spill out and attack, until it was sealed away by a cleric named Galarand. There are no accounts of his journey into the cave or how he managed to stop the monsters, but the fort was built to keep a vigilant eye on the cave should any threat ever arise again.

Save for the occasional stray monster, it has been quiet for 25 years. Northwall continues its vigilance, as well as the tradition of passing on Galarand's clerical teachings. It has been so peaceful that construction has even begun on a new civilian settlement nearby. One night, however, a sudden flood of monsters makes their way into the castle, catching its inhabitants by surprise - how did they get in? Where did they come from? Why are they attacking? Through the confusion, Northwall is laid to waste, with its survivors managing to escape to the nearby civilian settlement.

After a few days, the monsters have not come to finish them off - but supplies are low, and there's not enough manpower to defend everyone when the inevitable attack comes. Worse, their supply line from the port town of Silth has not been seen in almost two months, and it looks like nobody is coming to save them. Making the hard choice to send the lone surviving cleric and two soldiers to a small village south of the mountains called Aylan, the survivors are stuck sitting in the growing shadow of starvation or slaughter, their hopes resting on the shoulders of the young cleric.

Demo Video

This is a video demoing one of the boss battles, a "platformer" section, and part of a puzzle.

Creator Walkthrough

Having trouble with part of the game, want to see secrets you might've missed, or just want to see a Let's Play with commentary? Check out the videos below!

Part 1 - Intro and Fall of Northwall

Part 2 - Civilian Encampment and Northwall Ruins

Part 3 - Cave to Aylan

Part 4 - Arrival in Aylan and Aylan Wood

Part 5 - Return to Aylan and Departure For Silth

Part 6 - Arrival in East Silth and Battle With West Silth

Part 7 - East Silth Boss and Aftermath

Part 8 - West Silth Puzzles

Part 9 - West Silth Boss and Aftermath

Part 10 - Arrival in Elblum

Part 11 - Mount Flarus and Puzzles

Part 12 - Mount Flarus Boss and Aftermath

Part 13 - Return to Elblum and Departure For Northwall

Part 14 - Return to Northwall and Aftermath

Part 15 - Final Dungeon, Varsena's Wing: Puzzles

Part 16 - Final Dungeon, Varsena's Wing: Boss and Aftermath

Part 17 - Final Dungeon, Tilana's Wing: Return to Aylan

Part 18 - Final Dungeon, Tilana's Wing: Puzzles

Part 19 - Final Dungeon, Tilana's Wing: Boss and Aftermath

Part 20 - Final Dungeon, Maestro's Wing

Part 21 - Final Boss and Ending

Known Bugs

- The regrowth flask can potentially be added into your inventory more than once after battle. Once the cause of this has been pinpointed, it will be fixed.

Full Credits

All Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"A Singular Perversion"
"All This"
"At Rest"
"Atlantean Twilight"
"Awkward Meeting"
"Black Vortex"
"Clean Soul"
"Colorless Aura"
"Come Play With Me"
"Danse of Questionable Tuning"
"Dark Fog"
"Darkest Child"
"Darkness is Coming"
"Despair and Triumph"
"Dreams Become Real"
"Easy Lemon"
"Evening of Chaos"
"Exciting Trailer"
"Failing Defense"
"Five Armies"
"Fun in a Bottle"
"Ghost Story"
"Ghostpocalypse - 6 Crossing the Threshold"
"Gloom Horizon"
"Heavy Interlude"
"Industrial Music Box"
"Lightless Dawn"
"Lone Harvest"
"Lost Time"
"Mistake the Getaway"
"Movement Proposition"
"Night of Chaos"
"On the Shore"
"One-Eyed Maestro"
"Past the Edge"
"Plans in Motion"
"Prelude and Action"
"Private Reflection"
"Rains Will Fall"
"Road to Hell"
"Satiate Strings"
"The Descent"
"Thunder Dreams"

Additional edits for looping music by Zevia

Additional Scripts
"Enemy Stats" by Shadowmaster (www.crimson-castle.co.uk)
"Basic Module" by Victor Sant
"Command Change" by Victor Sant
"Direct Command" by Victor Sant
"Ace Core Engine" by Yanfly
"Ace Battle Engine" by Yanfly
"Anti-Fail" by Yanfly
"Gabs" by Yanfly
"Parallax Lock" by Yanfly
"System Options" by Yanfly
"Battle Commands" by Yanfly
"Element Absorb" by Yanfly
"Buff and State Manager" by Yanfly
"Ace Shop" by Yanfly
"Predicted Charge Turn Battle" by Yami
"Order Gauge" by Yami
"Revival Animation Fix" by Yami
"Viewed Battle System" by Jet
"Enemy HP Bar" by Vlue
"Scale Encoutners" by Neonblack
"Event Jitter Fix" by Neonblack
"Fixed Pictures" by Seer UK and OriginalWij
"Viewports" by Shaz
"Class Items" by Nicke
"Move Route Extras" by Galv
"Move Update" by Kread
"Common Event Variables" by Hime
"Convert Code: Eval" by Hime
"Custom Page Conditions" by Hime
"Untargetable State" by Hime
"Post-Battle Events" by Hime
"Tile Swap" by Hime
"Refresh Fix" by ShadowLurk
"State Viewer" by Modern Algebra (rmrk.net)
"HP Barrier Bar" by bgillisp
"Map Effects" by Zeus81, licensed under creative commons 4.0
"Fullscreen++" by Zeus81
"Counterattack Edit" by DoubleX
"Graphical Object Global Reference: A Debugger Script" by Mithran
"Multiple Inventories" by Fomar0153
"Animations Over Pictures" by TheoAllen
"Skip Title Screen" by JV Master


Additional Sprites
Matthew Ashworth

Blue Rock

Additional Sound Effects
freeSFX (http://www.freesfx.co.uk)

Archeia (http://archeia.moe)
Matthew Ashwroth
Akemi Homura
Agnieszka Wheeler
Sean Gallagher

Voice Effects, Additional Sound Effect Edits, Lighting Effects, Game Design, Story, Battle Design, Additional Sprites, Additional Animations

Latest Blog

Big Announcement

I have not been keeping up on the game's profile over here on RMnet as much as I have over at the RM Web forums, so if you'd like a more detailed list of changes, you can check out the game's thread over at https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/northwall-now-playable-through-credits.18152/

However! There is one very big announcement that's coming along with an update to the downloads!

Northwall is officially playable from start to finish and is now considered to be in the final stages of project development!

Highlights of today's update:


- The final section of the last dungeon has been finished and the game can now be played to completion. Find out what Maestro's been up to the whole time, the truth about Galarand, and the fates of our three main characters.

- A balloon icon has been removed during the conversation in Aylan Woods.

Bug fixes

- The lights after the intro have been fixed. Yet again. They get fixed on every update and somehow break on every update.

- Ouro was not properly giving out partial rewards if you defeat him in combat after incorrectly guessing his password or smashing him if you immediately try either of those options without selecting "no" first. This has been fixed.

- If you save the soldier in Silth, he was still graphically displaying as dead, as well as changing graphics when you interacted with him. This has been fixed.

- There was a previous bug where one player was not able to save his game in any new slots. The cause of this bug was never determined, and I have been unable to recreate it during my playtesting. For now, it will be assumed as fixed.

This project thread's original post has been updated to include the full credits. I will be contacting a number of playtesters to double check that I'm crediting them the way they would like, but if you happen to see your name in the credits and you'd like it to be something other than what's written, please send me a PM and let me know!

Something I've been putting off until Northwall was finished, as well, was getting a new title screen. It's had a placeholder image from the RTP from the start, but I'd like to commission an artist for a new title splash. I'd also like to commission a splash screen for the ending, as currently the last fade to black then transitions back to the title screen. I'm not 100% for sure on what I'd like the artwork to be yet, but if that's something you would be interested in helping with, let me know!

I've just completed a speed run of my game to make sure one last time that things work properly and you can, in fact, play to completion. It took me about 2.5 hours, though I expect most people will take about 6-7 hours for their first time through. However, I'm going to leave the project in development for now until I get a few more people to give it a run and clean up any lingering bugs or issues I may not have discovered.

If you have recently played the project and your save file doesn't work due to updates to the scripts, and you'd like me to create a custom save file for you that will move you to a particular point in the game, please send me a message and let me know.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped with the development of this game! I've had long stretches (months at a time, even) of not working on it and it's something that's constantly been gnawing at the back of my thoughts for years. Sometimes I thought I'd never reach this point. It's been an interesting journey and a hell of a learning experience in game design. That said, I am extremely proud of what I've created in all that time and elated to finally be releasing a full game and not just a demo or a "project in progress."
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  • Zevia
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 04/25/2014 04:11 AM
  • 03/05/2024 11:08 AM
  • 03/18/2017
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Marion is pretty powerful. The saved girl skolls fromthe forest are a bit confusing as to how to use them. She has a nice claw ability (I forget what its called)but I keep forgetting how to cause it to work. I find also the game freezes frequently and i have to restart it. No place in particular but most often at the beginning of a battle.
I hate that jumping puzzle...I kept falling so I just quit.
Good game so far.
Sorry about the game freezes, I haven't had anyone else mention that before - there are a couple parallel process events that are usually checking themselves on each screen, but the loops have waits implemented so they don't drain your processor too hard and the stuff that just sets the scene erases itself once it's done. I'm not really sure what would cause freezes in battle.

Do you have an older computer, or are any other games giving you problems? If not, I'll try and take a look and see if there's something causing issues - if anyone else is experiencing random freezes or lag, please let me know. I haven't noticed anything on my end.
actually it isnt so much a freeze as it simply goes to a black screen. Also what level is Marion doable?
No matter what skills, transformation, etc I use against Marian NOTHING hits over 60HP and she has what....1200 or more HP...PLUS when shes enraged shes a real testicle kicker.
Marion should be doable at level 4 with the cleric and level 5 with the girl (which she starts at). She shouldn't hit *too* terribly hard except when she has zeal active, but I may tone down her attack power in a future build.

What equipment are you wearing? If you're getting demolished while wearing robes, try equipping your iron armor or the steel armor you could purchase in Aylan (along with, if you don't have them, the targe and iron helm).

Also, don't forget that lycanthropic regen will remove and prevent the bleed debuff, so you really only need to heal to full with the cleric - and searing light should hit for something like 80-100 damage if you have lunar wound active.

Try and keep lunar strength active on the girl, too, since it boosts her ATK and AGI by 25% (letting her act much more often and do more damage).

If you're still having trouble, let me know.
I think the skills are a bit hard to understand...I think youve given them a good creative spin, but understanding exactly what they do is a tad confusing. The TP isnt preserved from one battle to the next as you mentioned....I like that idea and it only makes sense if you didnt use it why wouldnt still have it right?
Ok I will go fight Marian again and I do have either iron or steel armor...cant recall which at the moment.
It is preserved from one battle to the next - however, each actor has a maximum amount they can carry over from battle to battle (I think the cleric's is something like 18, the girl's is 25, etc.).

I found in my playtesting that if you prolonged certain random encounters to just spam TP-building skills, then went into a boss with 100 TP or something, the boss fights became trivial because you could spam the really hard-hitting abilities too much.

I've tried to explain what the abilities do as much as I can in the 2-line description boxes for each one - I don't really want to bog people down too much in tutorials, do you have any other ideas for how I could clarify their use?
No little brother, youre doing fine. Its just me somehow.
even with lunar wound active Marion only is taking 50 damage or so and pitiful hero only 30 or so and Marion has what...1000? Ill keep trying but even considering what youve said above, this sucks a big one.
I'm very surprised you're having so much trouble with Marion. I tuned down her offensive power with the latest update by about 15%.

Here's a video of a playtest I did from the last major update a few weeks ago, skipped to my fight with Marion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dYDAeSnetM#t=7m32s

(If the link doesn't automatically fast-forward, it's at 7 minutes and 32 seconds). I'm surprised searing light is only doing 50 damage to her with lunar wound active - at about 8:25 in my video, you can see it deals 103 damage. Does the video give you any help with the fight?

Is there something in-particular she's doing that's killing you? I mean, is there one move that seems to be hitting too hard, is she killing you once she enrages? What level are you and what equipment are you using? Can you describe the strategy you've been using against her?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
well i finished the demo and am quite hyped for more!
the stories good and the choices having a considerable effect on the game make it all the more amazing!

my favorite character is
Tilana the wolf,the mage is neutral as she doesn't have any lines to me that establishes who she is and what she believes in. the mc also hit and miss a lot of his personality i don't agree with and often he is ridiculous

(he is a hypocrite when it comes to taking life's of non humans vs humans among other things )tho Tilana and the mage have some cool battle effects!

the grammar was quite good and im extremely thankful for that. far too often its god-awful and i have a list of mistakes which ruin immersion
for once i was able to relax and just enjoy the game! : D

i don't know what else to say :3 play it! its good!

Other than that, this game is very good. Storyline is a bit 'formulaic', and so are the dongeons. Difficulty is pretty fair if you know what your doing, although victor recked me a few times towards the end. Dunno if you still active, but I think this game is pretty good. Medium length.
This looks nice, I might give it a try.

This is finished now? (previously 90% finished) So I can re-play this?
@bicfarmer: Yes! Northwall has now been moved to a status of completed. At this point, any changes will just be bug fixes if people report them.
I really like this game so far! And I found a funny bug :D
In that forrest where you can use that shadowy guy to climb vines you press W to turn him while climbing the vines then use Q to switch to Tilana, use Q again to switch back to him and BOOM you get the THROUGH:ON property and can walk through the map easily, even if switching back to Tilana. :D
Edit: Apparently you keep that property for the rest of the game trolol :D I'MA SPEEDRUN THIS xD
@reggird I was hoping nobody would notice there was a game breaking bug in the forest before I uploaded the fix. I'm uploading it right now, but I accidentally left a few events as "action button" instead of "autorun" while I was doing some testing. As a result, when you first enter the forest, some very important events don't run, then the west puzzle also doesn't properly run.

It should be fixed momentarily!
It would also be a good idea to show those controls Q to switch W to turn on the first area of the vine climbing part. They only appear after the second area. When I first entered I had no idea what to do
Yeah, that was also part of that event not running. There's a WHOLE bunch of stuff that was broken because I accidentally left something on action button during testing and subsequent uploading instead of changing it back to autorun.

What SHOULD happen is, you get to the forest, and a whole event plays out where Tilana moves out into the clearing, the ghost, orc, and bandit show up, a little cutscene plays out, then music plays and you're left to explore - none of that happened.

THEN, when you go to the west to start the bridge building puzzle, there's supposed to be a whole autorun event that explains how the puzzle works, how to switch control, how to turn in place, and that little reminder of what Q and W do shows up - and none of that happened.

I just uploaded the fixed version.
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