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In Memoriam

It is incredibly sad to have to break this news to those who may not know of it as yet, but the creator of this game, TheJudge, passed away recently.

As such we, the staff of RMN, are posting this blog informing all who knew him and enjoyed his games (both in the past and the future) of this tragedy.

Too soon we have lost another comrade to that final rest. May you remain forever in our hearts, Judge.

Rest in Peace


Mac version 1.0.2 is now out.


Newest version of HOME, now out on Mac platform.


Updated the download link.

More typos fixed, more bugs fixed related to hard combat mode.
Added in "Difficulty Pill" on hard mode that allows you to revert down to normal mode should you get stuck. Can't be reverted once you do though.

Some sprites got updated and some cat's eye information got corrected.
Once again, like all future updates these are not in any way required to play or enjoy HOME. I'm simply trying to improve the QoL of future downloads as more players submit to me bugs that playtesting and bugtesters didn't find before.


Trailer for HOME released. 1.0.1 is also out

1.0.1 fixes easy and hard mode related issues, if you played HOME on normal mode you won't notice a single thing changed with this update. Simply stuff I forgot to add and fixing up bugs related to these difficulty settings.

1.0.1 also includes a font file to fix the clunky font issue with windows 10,
and a keyboard reset.exe to fix the "sticky" key issue where your character moves in one direction constantly.

As for the trailer. It's right here.


HOME new version 1.0.0 early release is up.

Go ahead and click the download button. It won't click back, I promise.


If you got here early and you downloaded home only to start up in the zone 0 basement. Just redownload HOME again. Accidentally uploaded the wrong file.
It's 5:20 AM at the time I'm writing this post and I'm a little sleepy.


HOME Mac Port 1.2.4

It’s finally here! Rejoice Mac users who happen to be fans of HOME.
Thanks to burningelsen. Home 1.2.4 now has a Mac port.

This version is the same as the current 1.2.4 download featured on RPG Maker.net.
The download link on RPG Maker.net will also have a section for the Mac download as well. It’s the same link as the one above. As usual, remember to report any bugs to me, I can’t fix what I can’t find.


Home. Zone 3 bugfixed.

For all the people running into the bug in HOME. The bug stems from making the wrong choice when you defeat Japhet. This would explain how come I never spotted said bug (I always choose the good choices during my playtesting) so yeah. D: There’s a command that locks the screen inside the bad end command tree (Why tf that command is there, I have no idea) and Yeah. So, I’ve removed said event and gonna upload a fix for said bug right now. Entering zone 3 should now unlock the screen and allow you to continue. (the event that will unlock the screen will be at the entrance of zone 3.) Thanks for your patience.


More bugs

somehow no matter how hard I playtest I found an issue that makes you get stuck in the courtroom. Not sure how the event set itself to not be interactable, but it happened. I'm updating the mediafire link right now so if you're coming to report said bug involving the courtroom, I advise you to download the new version and continue playing.

As usual, simply copy your save.lsd files from the old version to the new version.


1.2.4 version of HOME Released. (bugfix update)

*Fixed a bug with starting a New Game! If you downloaded a version of HOME earlier and the game crashed upon hitting the new game button, redownload HOME and it should be fixed as of now* The splash screen will now properly indicate that this is 1.2.4

This version DOES NOT include the puppeteer specific bosses like Blight or Ava.
That will be version 1.2.5

Aside from all this, 1.2.4/5 is a version that was made due to my lack of internet and me actually having time to sit down and play HOME. (You know, even though I work on this game a lot I never actually did a full playthrough in months.) and whoo boy, I found a HUGE amount of bugs, issues, old dialogue and other things of the like. There was also the bug from my previous update at the top of zone 4, so that has also been fixed. The rest of these changes were from boredom and me wanting what would be my game to be as full/complete as can be. I know it's not really professional as many people probably don't like playing through the same game multiple times because I keep updating it, but it honestly helps keep me busy and active. Though, I'm really certain this will be the last update that gives the game life. I've played through it twice now in the past months, and I haven't found any bugs or anymore things that I could possibly add to make this the fangame/project that really makes me and fans happy. So, with all that said, I give to you this major update.

-Short incomplete changelist-
New music for a few zones.
New skill organization. Skills are now grouped by their type in the competence menu.
Some competence changes and skill balances.
Enemy skill balances.
Changes to a few enemy stats.
More monsters per encounter later in the game, around zone 3 and 4 you start getting encounters with 5 enemies in them.
New chase event in zone 3.
New map in zone 4, just to fix an issue that jordananimate showed me.
New maps in the library basement to fix an issue I realized myself.
Slight change to the waterways west of zone 2. Right before the entrance to the park.
New door open and close sfx.
Chests now have an open animation and sfx.
Fixes the cats eye information being correct on many enemies in zone 4.
New chests here and there. Not too many new ones.
Some chests now grant much better items.
Lots of dialogue changes through the game, mostly in zone 3.
You can change the battle music during the chapter 2 of the courtroom to the battle music of the cat you make your party leader. This lasts until the sketchy room.
Small amount of bug fixes.
New boss battle begin sfx.
Some bosses now have unique defeat sfx.
Poison is weaker.
Restore is stronger. (though posion still damages more than restore heals. but not by much anymore.)
New sitting poses for Elsens. More elsens are sitting down in zone 4. As expected for a group of people who are feeling sick.
New skill animations and skills added.


Know and since fixed bugs

I'll be compiling a list of minor bugs I've found and since fixed here. When I find a bug I'll silently update the download link once I fix it. I'll make a major update if I find anything that breaks the game. Anyways, the list goes as followed.

Under certain circumstances, it continues to rain when you leave pure zone 1.

A floating set of pipes can be seen in zone 4, inside the building south of the library.

(critical) During the fight with Japhet, an event will constantly loop and halt progress of the fight.

(critical) Loading a save inside a purified zone will cause the game to freeze under certain circumstances, due to new cutscenes within the zones. You're entering a map with a cutscene from a spot you normally wouldn't due to loading a save "after" the cutscene would happen. The fix would be to load up your save in a previous version of HOME, head to the entrance of your current zone, save there, and THEN transfer your save into the new version of HOME.

(critical) under rare circumstances loading a 1.1.0 save will place Dorthy in your party, and remove Jozlyn from your party.

(critical) Sometimes The Judge isn't in the courtroom at the end of chapter 2.
This has since been fixed.

Some more minor glitches sound by a testplayer.
-Zone 0 (Sortie) and the Faux Enoch fight are lacking music.
-In the Zone 2 mall, Zacharie says “sir ” because the female gender switch is not set.
-Just keeps raining if you use a coin to go to and from Pure Zone 1.
-The Batter fight happens twice.
-Dorthy doesn’t get removed from the party.
-There is also a graphical glitch in Zone 3 where some boulders are appearing above the black

Remember. After running into any of these bugs. Simply re-download HOME to continue. These listed bugs have been patched/fixed.
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