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Progress So Far Update 4 (CLOSE TO DONE PROBABLY!!)

Intro: 100% Complete
I went back to the intro and refined the scenes that were there, and then added an Intro Tutorial level, very quick but with a different environment(snowy), to ease the player into memory spectating. It's purpose is to show you how a stage works and how the Mystery Room works and stuff. Very quick. Then I added additional scenes. It's DONE but with future refinement most likely to the freshly added things.(Collectibles aren't introduced, when I work on the Collectible system I might add it in or just introduce them in the main level.)

Memory: 90% Complete
This update is obviously after the fact that the main game is changing because of my scope change. There is one "level" but as a whole the game will add up to an hour so I'm not going too crazy.(With extra time, I'll probably be working on new level designs for future extensions of this project).
Out of the four stages in the memory, three are complete. This weekend I'll be focusing on the last stage and getting it done. More on this later.

Steps to Completion
The next step after that is the conclusion, the ending scenes of the game. Hmmm... judging by the looks of it, THE GAME IS CLOSE TO FINISHED!!! I have not worked on any of the conclusion however.

So the steps after the final stage and the conclusion? First I'll be going back to the "body" of the game(thinking of it as an essay), and go add the collectibles. I stopped adding them to better place them in a fully made level. I might change it so there are different types of collectibles, almost color-coded. Basically I'll focus on the collectible mechanic after the game's been finished.

THEN, my next step would be to play through it and quality test the game, with a focus on the body. I might add some more meat to the memory if it needs it here. And based off my observations I'll add some, perhaps, UI changes or add more things to boost the gameplay. We will see.

So design of the stages so far: I've been changing my strategy and process to making them as I go, after all this is experimental and new for me. If I sit down(with the occasional tangents with thoughts in my head) it takes me around five hours or so for a stage. I need to coordinate their move events, plan the timing of the dialogue sequences with those movements, write the dialogue. All of that. It's time consuming, the reason why I guess more then one main level would be too much.
Personal Journey:
But I have to say, I have so much time. It was a good move changing the scope, they recommend it and it was good advice, I'm relieved. With time to bug test and improve quality I'm confident I can WIN the Non-RPG category! The money would really help me with college and such, this competition has definitely grown important to me. Luckily, especially with the scope changes, I've been able to have fun and relax and not stress over the money part.

So yeah, this game is certainly close to being done. I probably will update once the stage I'm working on, the conclusion, and the collectibles are done, basically when the game is done. Then that leaves the refining and revising!


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Awesome, fingers crossed!
Quick Update
Rather then post another blog, just a quick update. Today I got about 75% percent of the stage done so far and once I'm done I'll be working on a new idea for my collectible system. Instead of a "Mystery Room" acting as a hub letting you choose each stage, the map the memory takes place in will act as the hub, but it's empty of NPC's. You'll find the collectibles here instead rather then have them in the stages influencing the player's path. You'll also be interacting with this map which is different from the stages since I only allow spectating in the stages. But my friend said some interaction would be cool and I felt I wouldn't just force that in. So now that I'm upgrading the hub set-up it will allow for more exploration and interaction, finding key points on the map that trigger the reveal of each stage of the memory, and the collectibles.

That leaves me to decide whether I can have it so Amelia will accompany the patient to the location it takes place in in reality. I could have a system where bringing him to a certain spot will trigger something or unlock something in his memory, or going into his memory and then triggering him to do something in reality. As long as all the stages are done, the rest of the things I need to work on will be easier to get through and work on. It's less complicated to set up this upgraded hub and collectible system or make the conclusion. So the game is still close to done, definitely.
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