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Well... What can I say... Umm... *blush*
I shouldn't really be doing this. I should be focusing on something else instead. But let's let this be my 42084th game submission to RMN... At least it's (barely) playable!

Control five heroes (because I didn't make a party recruitment system yet lol haha) as they battle their way through the quest to enter the tower that connects worlds. Or something like that, I think.

This is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend, also known as Makai Toushi SaGa, for the GameBoy color. My idea here isn't really to remake the game and all that zazz, as I think that's rather silly. Instead, I just want to see how close can I get to the original using my current RPG Maker skills! So, while playing this you'll (probably) never see the inside of the tower. It's only playable until Gen-Bu, and it'll probably be so. Anyway. It's playable, ahahahaha.

As soon as I learn some RGSS, I'll use this project as practice, and try to replicate the game through it. That's kinda far in the future, though. I'm hopeless when it comes to coding.

Square-Enix for making Final Fantasy Legend.
Yanfly, Kread-ED and Joe Pro for scripts. And that's it.

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Happy Birthday!

Although this is not an announcement or anything, and due to personal reasons I've been a little far from RPG Maker during these last few weeks, let's celebrate SaGa's 25th birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

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I'm quite interested in this project, since I always loved the game as a kid.

If you hug the edge of Shield Castle, outside, you can circle around and enter the Escape Room. May want to fix that. A door that can only be unlocked from inside, at least.

Also, I keep running into a crash. When I exit the menu right after saving, sometimes the game will crash if I hit Shift right after. It doesn't seem to occur if I wait a couple seconds before moving. It happened once in Base Town and twice on the world map.

There's definitely some balance issues that could use addressing, but it's too be expected with the project so early in development. MP maximums and costs could use some serious overhauls. Espers are speedy and pack a LOT of magic, and I had the good fortune of one of mine learning P-Blast. He always acts first in battle and despite only being 5 MP, he hits for 110~ damage per target on a trio of zombies.

Earning the 500 G for my first HP200 was a pain, but it doubled my female human's HP. Quite a nice surprise. The 300 G I dropped on a couple of strength ups weren't quite such a pleasant surprise, as she's up to 19 STR, but the male esper has 18 for free.

And of course monsters start out terrible. This is no surprise, since they started poorly on the Gameboy, too. I like the dynamic of them starting off really weak, but paying off in the long run when they got their awesome forms.

The lack of descriptions on a lot of items and skills can get a little problematic, but again, it's understandable due to how young the game is. I also noticed that Stench is referred to as Electro when you cast it.

Uh... Sorry if this post is huge. I can be a little verbose.

But anyway, I'm looking forward to more.
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