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This humble offering for the Golden Age of Game Mak has turned into a humble offering for the Revive the Dead 2: Deader or Alive event. As we all know, the Golden Age of Game Mak event was all about cliche's and the Revive the Dead jam is all about bringing dead projects back to life, so in keeping with the project's original spirit (pun intended), this game will assuredly be loaded with them.

You play as Loop, yes, she's sort of a discount Link, and I wish I could say she goes on a quest unlike any other, but she doesn't. She goes on a quest just like all of the others, as she cliche's her way through Tropania (Trope-ania, see what I did there?). This game includes every cliche from the list I could, some in your face, others subverted, and it even includes a few cliches that aren't on the list.

After finding an evil cult in her basement, 15-year-old Loop discover's she's the Chosen One, a mighty warrior who must defeat an ancient evil that's been sealed away for 1000 years, and as luck would have it, it's going to wake up this year. She travels silently through Tropania doing good deeds and proving herself mightier than seasoned warriors twice her age.

Gameplay is standard. Since this is a week long event, I'm making no effort at customization of the game engine. Strictly mapping and basic eventing are to be found here, with a few little tricks, but nothing fancy. There is the occasional custom sprite, and a custom battleback for areas with no matching RTP battlebacks, but nothing that wouldn't take a few minutes to make in Gimp or Gale.

That said, I'm trying to make it as fun and exploration friendly as possible, so there are some reasons to play.

I tried for a complete game, but only ended up with a demo. It's a long demo, but still just a demo. If you want to review, feel free to rate it. Awful or great, the feedback is appreciated.

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Time for a Playtest

I'm probably not nearly ready for a public playtest, but with three days left, I've definitely got to get cracking. If anyone could find it in their hearts to have charity towards this crappy little game, I could certainly use at least one playtester to help me complete the current jam update so that I can ram something out that isn't completely unplayable--erm--sorry--that's not what I meant. I mean, I could use a playtester to help me polish this, obviously Misao-winning gem.

Anyway, thank you for any and all future playtesters for your consideration!
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  • 07/19/2015 02:08 AM
  • 12/06/2017 08:49 PM
  • 07/26/2015
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The TM is for Totally Magical.
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