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Thanks for the feedback!

I received tons of messages (here and on the game's social network pages) and I will fix the errors, bugs and untranslated parts. I need to fix some minigames toox I guess. Many of you had some problems with them and I think I'd better do something about it.

I still have to think a good solution but I will do something, don't worry : )

After fixing everything, I should probably add the fifth ending and the extra scenes that you can play in the italian version.

Stay tuned for next updates ; )


Theia is now available in english!

Here we are, guys. I know this is a bit sudden, but... the game is now complete and you can download it from this new website!


Well, enjoy this adventure and let us know if you like it or not!

If you should find some errors or bugs, send an e-mail to theiarpg@gmail.com or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Progress Report

Update - March 2019

Hello, everybody! It's been almost a month since the last post, so it looks like it's update time! Let's start with the game progress: both the translation and the testing phase are practically completed. We are finalizing the checks on the last subquests available in the last chapter of the game. We can say that the game is 99% finished.
Meanwhile, we are thinking on creating a small website to host the game and making a nice trailer for the final release.
We don't have a release date yet, but we're almost there, so get ready to download and play Theia: The Crimson Eclipse!

Progress Report

Update - February 2019

Ok guys! We're almost there!
We're now testing the last three chapters of the game. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
We're currently testing the eleventh chapter of the game, so we are close to the ending. We can probably release the beta version of the game by the end of February ;D

Progress Report

Update - Halfway Through!

The first testing phase is proceeding well! : )
We tested and fixed the first seven chapters of the game, so we are halfway through!

Here two random screenshots from the translated game ;)


Update - January 2019 #2

Hello, everyone! I just update my facebook page with an important announcement. I'll paste the post below : )

Some of you have heard news of what’s brewing for Theia’s 4th anniversary, on January 15th. How the time flies!

Because of the event, and the upcoming release of the English version, one of Theia’s most hardcore fans, TheFado96, has prepared a video in which he’ll be showcasing the first few hours of Theia... in English!

The video will be available in Première vision on Tuesday, Jan 15, at 8pm (GMT+1)! Everyone’s invited to come and watch, since this is the first video ever of Theia’s international version. Since the video will be released in Première mode, y’all will have the chance to chat with new fans, old fans, and the devs! :)

Now, two more bits of news!
The English version is currently being tested and we’re looking at late January or early February as the likely period for the release of an open beta. The game will be available and complete, but we’ll be accepting feedback concerning the translation and other bug reports from you, the players, for a while in order to make everything look even better than it does now.

Secondly, even Italian players will have something new to chew on: thanks to your support, we’ve made a few corrections and gameplay adjustments, and we’re adding in a few visual “treats”... If you want to take a look, you’ll likely spot something on Tuesday’s video.

That’s all for now! 2019 barely begun, let’s try and start it with a bang!
See you soon


The link to the video will be soon available. I suggest you to follow the page to receive all the info about the video and other updates. But don't worry, I'll update this thread too! :)
See ya!

Progress Report

Update - January 2019

Oh well... I'm late. The last update is... January 2017?
I'm terribly sorry guys ^_^"

Theia is finally translated in english but we are still testing the whole thing and it will take a while since it's a 40 hours long game :)
I started the testing phase few months ago but I stopped everything because of the Indie Game Making Contest 2018.

I'm in the Top10 rankings with the demo of my new game, nec(H)roma, so I have to chose a path now XD
Should I finish Theia first or should I complete nec(H)roma? I'll probably go for the first one, so I hope to release the complete game in few months! Stay tuned, guys :D


Progress Report

Update - January 2017

Hello, everyone! We haven’t updated the page in a while, but since today marks the second anniversary since the release of Theia - The Crimson Eclipse it’s obviously time to give you some news! Indeed, today’s January 15, 2017, and our beloved RPG enters its second year. We’re more than proud of the work we’ve done and we’re slowly, but surely, trying to distribute it in as many venues as possible - the more people play the game, the more we get to brag! ;)
Unfortunately, though, the year has started on the wrong foot - due to a number of causes, the translation of the game has been on hiatus since September 2016, when we lost part of our backups due to a hard drive failure. We’ve focused all of our efforts into trying to recover that material, but it didn’t work, so we’re ready to resume the translation work in February - at a slow pace, that will ramp up in the summer as our slav-- head translator can get back to work.
Well, that’s enough for the bad news, here’s something nice: we’re currently working on three different projects, two of which are out of the preliminary design phase. Our next goal is to release an English demo of Theia (the one that was supposed to be out in October) as soon as possible and an Italian demo of a new game -- Q2 2017. For updates, as always, stay tuned!

Progress Report

Update - August 2016

I should update the topic more often, I think... XD
Unfortunately I don't have subtantial news. I'm writing just to let you know that we are currently working on a demo in english language.
I wanted to complete the demo within this summer, but we had lots of delays. I hope to release it this September.
In this demo you'll be able to try three different parts of the game (introduction, a gameplay-only part and a part of the fourth chapter).

The complete game's database and pictures are already translated but the heaviest work is still in a hiatus/delay status, so... when will the complete game be available? We don't know. Jeez...
Stay tuned ; )
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