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The story starts off in the Ragnaheimr Dominion, where turmoil is stirring within. With the eight members of
Ragnaheimr Council who have been in power since the fall of monarchy in Succession War still bickering with each other.
Some would like to maintain a good relationship with other races while some strongly resist them. The game proper begins
on the eighth anniversary of the end of the war, the day where leaders of other two great nations are coming to the summit
and discuss the plan to destroy world-eating dragon, Nidhoggr through Operation Jormungand.

The player will take up the role of Rain Eisenhardt, a young man residing in the capital city of the Dominion with his
little sister Irene and his childhood friend Ashe Ashburn. All three used to live in the city state of Vinlandis, a land now
annexed and under Dominion’s control after the Succession War. Rain works for Ratatosk, an organization dedicated to taking jobs
from the government. With his brother-like figure, Loki Laofey, secretary of a councilwoman who’s optimistic on working with
other race, together they are taking up an important job that will put an end to the scheme of the opposing council members.

The world itself grows on the great tree Yggdrasil which is also the main source of energy for the entire world. By the time
the game starts, the world is in a state of turmoil in which three nations are quietly competing for supremacy,
which are:
Jotunnar Imperium: The empire of Jotuns, the descendants of the great frost giants from the forgotten time.
Kingdom of Asgardia: The kingdom of Aesirs, children of the Old Gods who once ruled the world.
Ragnaheimr Dominion, the nation of Norsemen, home to the weak but numerically superior human race.

During the course of game, all three states are forced to form a temporary alliance in order to prevent the catastrophe that
is the awakening of dragon Nidhogg by combining knowledge and technology together.
This is the state of the world. However, everything is unknowingly unfolding according to the age-old prophecy very few people
have knowledge of that leads to the end of the world as we know. Although some tried to stop it from happening, it was all
but a futile effort…until now.