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Over two hundred years ago, the five heroes defeated the god of darkness; Ragnarok, in a climactic struggle for the fate of the world. Banished back to the realm of darkness known as the Abyss, the threat of the evil god had finally been put to rest once and for all...or so they thought.

Umbral Soul follows the story of Ragnarok’s loyal servant, Pandora, who joins her master in a quest to conquer the world and reclaim his lost power. In order to shroud the world in eternal darkness, they will have to find and recruit new allies, build an army of powerful monsters, and raise a force strong enough to crush anyone who dares to oppose them. Heroes, generals and rival overlords all stand against them. Do you have the power to make the world yours?

A powerful dark sorceress with the ability to call forth monsters from the Abyss and enslave them to her will. Her burning hatred for the world and its people leads her to follow Ragnarok with unwavering loyalty.

The god of darkness, who seeks dominion over the human realm. Once an extremely powerful being in the form of a monstrous demon, he has now been reduced to a mere soul. He wishes to plunge the entirety of the human realm into darkness, in part out of spite for his counterpart; the goddess of light, Lumielle.

Beautiful, deadly, and self absorbed to a tee, Lanith is a succubus with a never ending hunger for the lifeforce of men. Having served under Pandora since she was only a child, she has a knack for getting under her skin, and does so whenever the opportunity arises.

A deeply twisted and sadistic young man, Damien loves nothing more than manipulating others and watching them squirm. While he has kept his true nature a secret, Ragnarok’s uprising marks the perfect opportunity for him to cut loose and have some fun...by killing as many enemies as possible.

The lord of all demons, who is fiercely loyal to Ragnarok and possesses an extreme, seething hatred for humanity. After failing to aid his master in conquering the world the first time, he has no intention of repeating the same mistakes again.

•A character driven storyline filled with unlockable side-stories

•Moving battle backgrounds for more organic battles

•Over 100 custom attack animations

•Custom sound effects

•More than 10 recruitable monsters and demons

•Engaging, story-driven sidequests

•Enhance your monsters with Darkness Points, evolving them into new and terrible forms

•Teleport to and from your lair at will

•Cutscenes and character interactions change depending on who is in your party

Katakura Hibiki Dark Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Fantasy Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Lords of Darkness Pack
Division Heaven

And many more! Full credits list will be included in the game upon completion.
A big shout out to all the resource creators both free and paid out there. Your hard work inspires us all to get out there and create something special!

The time is now. Forget about saving the world, reach out and conquer it.

Latest Blog

Shock and Speechlessness 2: The Shockening

Hoo boy, where to even start? I've been putting off writing this blog for a couple of days now because I'm not exactly sure what to say. Welp, let's start from the beginning. A few days ago, Umbral Soul won 3 and 1/3 Misaos: Best Protagonist/Characters, Best Intro, Best Gameplay Balance, and a three way tie with Lakria Legends and Sideways for Raddest Setting.

To be perfectly honest, I'm speechless. In fact, I've been speechless for 3 days, which is why this blog is coming so late. Once again, my good friends shock and speechlessness have shown up at my doorstep, carrying gift baskets filled with fruit and trail mix. I don't think I've ever felt like this before in my life, and I doubt I ever will again. It just isn't something you can put into words.

Let's get this out of the way; I am extremely flattered and thankful to this community for its kindness. When I joined this site and submitted this game, winning a Misao was such a far off dream that I never even considered it possible. Heck, I thought even getting a single review would be a stretch. I actually laughed when people suggested it could be even remotely possible for this game to win a Misao. Yet here I am, talking to all of you now, overwhelmed by a powerful mixture of disbelief and joy that that has socked me in the jaw harder than Mike Tyson in the final level of Punch Out.

I'd like to give a big fat thank you, not only to those of you who voted for the game, but who gave it a chance. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become this popular. I'm going to do my best to live up to your expectations for future games, if for no other reason than to give back some of the joy this community has given me. And to you goofballs who voted for Umbral Soul in the "Best Fangame" category, you're all shmucks. Lovable shumucks, but shumcks. Thanks again, now it's time for me to get back to work and make you guys some even better games!


No problem. Always happy to make a good game better, man.

Got a question, too. How do I get more DP? I had a few items that could be turned in, but I haven't found any for a while. Got a few monsters that need to evolve but no DP to do it.
It was right after the Azrielle fight I went to Pandora's room to see Lanith's side story
Any tips for getting the fire mage key? I keep getting roasted. I can never make it to the chest. Feels like I am missing something but I have no idea what it is...

Any help would be nice. Thanks =D
Are you pressing the shift key to dash?

No I wasn't! I tried that and it worked. Thanks!! I didn't even know you could run Xd
rebel1223- As the story proceeds, certain events will occur that will add DP to the cauldron. If you've exhausted the sidequests, proceed through the main story missions and you'll earn DP as you go along.

Aragon - At that point you should be able to talk to Azrielle in his throne room and select "Proceed" to continue the story.
You gain DP trough side quests and you get 200 naturally over the course of the story, fun fact ist, that even though at most 360 DP if I didn't miscount can be collected, actually 380 would be needed for all monsters to evolve, since he has a typo in his text.... '_' (Sagirus third phase costs 30 instead of 50)

Honestly if you aren't careful when and how you loot you may miss some of them to be honest....

Well than some bug reports:

Phoenix battle crashes, because you didn't remove the state and added it before removing the state.... I hope you know what I mean,
When you recruit the siren, you will not be able to summon again, before you are not entering and exiting the room where she was at normally, this happens some more times, but I honestly forgot where, because it fixed itself, i think I encountered similiar things once or twice before that. (I think it had something to do with the portal)
Metal Slime doesn't show up after evolution and I think another monster doesnt either,
Catastrophe has a starting level of 1 and max lv of 10... don't think that should be the case
Final Dungeon getting stuck, I think teleported into a... I think it's a sort of torch?
If you beat serene after they run out of max stimulants, pandora still says they will run out of 'em...
Also Succubus Story Part 1 disappeared after some point.... so my list was not full anymore, I am not sure when, but I was completing the succubi village and was wandering around a bit, so that may be the case, though I didn't check back after watching it, so maybe it may be in the scene alltogether.
I think in higher evolutions, draconus does not have the "substitute" flag

To be absolutely honest.... after the metal slime didn't show up anymore after training that thing I decrypted it and enabled "fun and story"-mode for myself. If you hate me for that.... welp my bad =P

Putting the rest in a spoiler, since this is actually spoilering:

Apart from that:
The story itself is actually pretty good, but especially against the end, things are kind of yeah... let's just say that the athena event felt like a copy-paste light hero event and that ragnarok, despite his constant threatening somehow gives of the nice grandfather feeling, which is REALLY, REALLY disturbing.

Basically the story can be summed up as: Light & Evil spirits/gods (honestly I am for spirits) want the world for themselves. Can't do that much on their own, so they need "mediums", "tools" to enact their will trough or an enormous amount of their corresponding feelings....
But.... there are some things, that don't exactly sum up that way. Especially Athena. "Rage" and "Anger" are main factors for Ragnarok, but she got stronger, even though "Lumielle" seems to be associated with "kindness", "benevolence", etc
Shouldn't she be getting weaker, if that is the actual concept? It would make sense, if she merely wants to put the "missguided" sheeps out of their dilemma, but not if she is getting stronger trough rage, since this is how the "dark mages" get their power. If not Lumielle is a bit to much "multiclassing" here..... Poor Ragnarok doesn't get anything out of kindness it seems, but Lumielle's believers get it whatever they feel as long as they have emotions...? =P That gives me an idea how that could work but... to much trying to understand some power explanation within 10-15minutes I guess

Well than other things with the plots I was personally thinking were strange are:
When Pandora gave her "speech" to the fellow darkmages.... there first of all were no new darkmages only the "evil soldiers" (Did they all become Berserker dark mages.... "mages"..... their number increases so I guess....) because it seems like what they did in the demons gauntlet was.... for nothing. There was no dark mage, I didn't find anything unlockable, or anything else for the matter, apart from the people reacting to Ragnarok's return.... guess apart from that one dark maged I freed, I possible killed all the other dark mages..... *cough* .... Ragnarok not frying me would be strange now....

Villains are not learning their lessons.... Pandora always lets 'em get away. She always gloats about her power (while beeing one of the worst dark mages to be fair, she is a summoner, dark mage wise she sucks) and every time something gets screwed up. Nevermind that the "villains" are weak as hell (Pandora is somewhat understandable she is more or less a "commander" throwing troops around) but normally what I like from villains is that they are so damn Op while hero's have to item/heal/strategies them to death. Basically the hero's get the villains roles in the game play in vice versa.

Apart from that we travel over the land and seek out any opportunity to get stronger, while causing havoc as much as possible.... (While I think about it... how did Athena get away? And why would she want that shield lowered? They should be dead already..... nevermind the shield may be the only thing protecting the rest of the continent from the miasma, which may well be why ragnarok wanted it sealed... hard to rule over a destroyed continent)

And it feels like you want to say: Bad guys, also have hearts hero's = always evil (well if I look at how I often I stole the sick grandmothers medicine as hero I can see why....) and that the "good guys" are at fault for everything going to hell (without them the dark mages would never have gotten stronger) and so on.

.... Basically I think I want to say, what you were possibly trying to do with the story was ambigious, but.... somehow ended up like empty gloating in many cases, dumb villains, good old conceited hero's and all the other stuff..... which is still fresh air compared to what is normally thrown around. (And I can see why doing that would be hard... though potions could be easy to make... as far I see for an example the heroes have 0 MP, so you could for an example give each like 50Mp and a potion costs 10 and generalize the skill for them, there are enough slots to go.... and things like that)

Gameplay wise (as long as I played fair) it was damn hard, especially because of a lack of healing (laniths only use really, till she runs out of HP... later on the abyss portal healing helped there.... a lot.)
Pandora, was in my eyes, the most interesting of them. She is an actually working summoner in an RPG game, which gave her quite the variety of what she could use.... sadly each and every damn summon had to be leveled independently.... which is a chore. A real chore. (Maybe if it is somehow possible the XP earned could be synchronized somehow? I wouldn't know how to do that, and I didn't look at how you did the summoning exactly but I guess its with adding/removing them as party members, so it would be damn annoying to make...) but as a dark mage she was..... pointless. The only actual attack spell she had "Shadow Bolt" is possibly the weakest spell in the game. Nevermind that with her shadow shell (which makes the one protected unable to move) is often outdamaged in less than 3 attacks compared to what it heals.... and makes it often pointless to even cast (though Damien puppet dance + shell is a nice combo and it can save ones ass but.... the only real healing one has for quite some time is lanith and the 15% potions.... which neither is good compared to the damage one takes.... horrible to be fair, nevermind that potions are hella expensive.) The only real good things she has normally are: Infernal Awakening and Summoning (though the infernal awakening boost is often not that good either...) She is pretty much a wall flower. Now I mentioned, that I used the decrypter on your project after I think the phoenix accident to "remodel" a bit. (basically gave 20-50% hp boosts and gave pandora new abilities... for an example Anti-Life, Shadow Flare and level 25 dark eruption (TP cost) and D-Medic + Sigil of weakness as well as Fount of darkness and I think level 20 Immunity Sigil (TP cost) and yes I remodelled the damage/MP use of each + I gave her also the standart dark lightning and tempest from Marcus (Maybe she could get that from studying his tomes?).... Now I think she could actually learn spells like that maybe trough quests (like Anti-Life/Shadow Flare from Reinharts resurrection), Sigil of Weakness from Azrielle and D-Medic maybe from the nursemaid or just get have something like Anti-Life/Shadow flare from the beginning and maybe get a Skill-Seal ability from that... well who knows just what I personally wanted there.... she is pitifully weak when she was allowed to leave. Or maybe you Could give her a violet colored FireBall (she is throwing something, in scenes often, but doesnt have the corresponding skill) or a violet inferno... pandora... just feels to weak and useless if you compare it with her boasting. Now that I think about it... I think I gave a spell I called "Cataclysm" (Animation "Purgatory" somewhere around 750? 760?) as the strongest spell she could get.... Honestly she just needs something more. Or a party shadow shell for a round or two that doesn't stop movement? Who knows... '_'

Damien himself is quite.... interesting. I like Puppeters, but he is...woefully useless if he encounters bosses..... the best he can do than: Dance of despair later on (honestly.... having him around instead of azrielle if it comes to bosses...... nightmarish often his only use is to manipulate a minion cause they do so much more damage than him....)
Apart from that, I honestly was only annoyed at how damn weak the villains were. Seriously freaking weak. I hate that as a villain, it destroyed the feeling of beeing the bad "badass" for me....^^

Apart from that: The graphics were awesome (mapping felt hasty in some cases though), the music.... not mine and I normally always play muted anways so... yeah^^

Overall if that would be a review I would give a 7/10 alone for what I saw, but since this is more or less a first version release and pretty much the only villain based RPG Maker game I saw (alright I saw one were one was... called a "villain"... but he was more a clown than that and it was for paying folks not for leechers like me.... + I kind of liked the story enough so...) 8.5/10

... this got long. and messy. very messy.
If you dislike me opening the project to fix broken stuff myself or to make it more fun for myself, do tell me and I won't do it again....^^ (though I admit there is no way for you to check apart from asking me for how I played....xD)

Also.... Odin was a freaking overpowered asshole. (Even with my.... "boosted" troop i barely survived that freaking lightning multiple times cause healing + damage couldn't put up for that.... still somehow managed to beat the asshole into submission somehow..... how did that weakling of gryger put up with him.... odin must have gone easy on him.... '_'°)

Phew, looks like it was a good call not uploading another version just yet. This is some of the most useful feedback I've gotten yet. It sounds like you were playing one of the first versions where the teleport and slime evolution bugs still existed, but fortunately, the more game breaking bugs have now been squashed.

Sidequest Woes The phoenix battle crash has me stumped. Do you remember what kind of error popped up when it happened? Entering the concert hall after finishing the vampire quest will seal summoning until you leave, only because I didn't want the player to summon Noire while she was singing.

Addressing the more spoilery issues:

Athena's magical appearance The details of how Athena actually escaped Lyria village are actually meant to be covered in the sequel. I actually thought about the whole "anger + hate = light power boost" plothole myself, but I figured it would be implied that Athena was drawing power from her desire to save the villagers still trapped in Lyria. As to how they managed to survive that long, that's explained in the sequel as well.

Vs the protagonists The potion suggestion for the battle against the heroes is a great idea. The only problem is actually getting the enemies to use them intelligently. I could see the heroes spamming potions on characters at full health. Getting them to behave the way I wanted was in itself a nightmare. I've tweaked Pandora's dialogue to say "they can't heal forever" instead of "they'll run out of items eventually".

The moral of the story is don't be a jerk. The overall message I had in mind for the game was that both the good guys and the bad guys were at fault respectively. The good guys for digging their own graves by persecuting dark mages and the bad guys for...well, generally being evil, in spite of their justifications. The post credit cutscene reveals that the heroes have actually been acting against Lumielle's wishes. That theme is also explored more deeply in the sequel.

The dark mage population The dark mages from Pandora's army were all Gryger's troops. I was hoping it would be implied that the other dark mages were in hiding due to their persecution, and that they hadn't joined up with the acolytes.

Pandora's Skills
When I first implemented the summoning mechanic, I thought "Geez, being able to summon multiple characters at full HP in a single battle is going to make this game waaaaay too easy", so I made Pandora a support character to force the player into relying on cleverly using summons. Now that I think about it though, being OP does sound a lot more fun. I think I'm going to tweak the villains' stats and give Pandora more skills to make her feel more powerful. The ones you suggested sound pretty good. I had massively nerfed potions to avoid making the game's healers useless and emphasize the importance of summoning. I might just end up giving Pandora a healing ability so the player will always have access to one.

Odin the terrible Ha! So funny thing about Odin, he actually has a set attack pattern; he'll boost twice, use his strongest attack, then a followup attack. I figured the player would catch on after being fried once and guard when they realized he was about to nuke again.I knew his pattern from the beginning, so he actually seemed a little too easy to me. Gah! Of course I would think he was easy, I programmed him! I really like Odin the way he is though.

What's under the hood Honestly I don't have a problem with you peeking inside the project. I'd only be annoyed if you were to swipe the attack animations and use them without crediting me, since I spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort crafting them all. But you seem like a pretty cool guy and I don't think you would do that so...yeah man, tweak away!

So all in all, these past few days have taught me a valuable lesson. I thought I had tested it to the point that it was the best it could be, but after hearing so much valuable feedback, I see that there's plenty of room for improvement and a lot of potential for it to become more fun. That being said, I do not intend to stop working on this game until that potential has been reached. I intend to release a revamped version that includes all the bug fixes and some modifications to the main characters. I've spent 2 years working on this, and dag-nait I'm going to do it right!

On a more personal note, I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of attention this game has gotten. I have received so much feedback, so many responses, so many kind words that I am frankly overwhelmed. To be honest, I was afraid to release this, but the support I've received in only a few days has boosted my confidence and reignited my passion for game making. For that, I want to thank each and every one of you. I'm going to get to work on those tweaks right away, and you can bet you'll be seeing more games from ol' Wheelman in the future.

Dasgibtsnet, I'd like to talk with you more about how to fix that Phoenix glitch, but I don't want to blow up the game page too much. Could you shoot me an e-mail about what error popped up when the game crashed? Also, please let me know if Stormbringer was in effect when it happened. Thanks, buddy!
its finally out! i've waited since september of last year and i hope the game is as great as the demo was!
its finally out! i've waited since september of last year and i hope the game is as great as the demo was!

Heh heh, well it turns out there are still a few bugs that need some ironing out, and I'm messing with Pandora's moveset, which will have a major effect on how the game is played. Might've jumped the gun there with the initial release, but the current version; 1.2, shouldn't have any game breaking issues. Thanks for your patience all this time!
Another bug.

I got the 2 portal spells as well but 1 of them went away. However I got stuck with the one that leaves me trapt in the castle.
Another bug.

I got the 2 portal spells as well but 1 of them went away. However I got stuck with the one that leaves me trapt in the castle.

Ah yes, that again. I believe if you keep spamming the Abyssal portal skill that's left, it should get you back to the world map. That glitch was caused by a stray event at the entrance to vampire castle, and I've already gotten rid of it, so it shouldn't present a problem in the future once I release the latest patch. Sorry about that!
Another bug.

I got the 2 portal spells as well but 1 of them went away. However I got stuck with the one that leaves me trapt in the castle.
Ah yes, that again. I believe if you keep spamming the Abyssal portal skill that's left, it should get you back to the world map. That glitch was caused by a stray event at the entrance to vampire castle, and I've already gotten rid of it, so it shouldn't present a problem in the future once I release the latest patch. Sorry about that!

Not a problem! And alright thanks for the help.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Got a recommendation from my Pathfinder GM to check this out. He has a lot of love for this one, and I'm ashamed I nearly missed out on it from what I'd learned. :o
It´s a great game man. I´m about 4 hours in so far.
Any tips for getting the fire mage key? I keep getting roasted. I can never make it to the chest. Feels like I am missing something but I have no idea what it is...

Any help would be nice. Thanks =D

You are stuck in a fire maze right, trying to get to that chest, simply use shift to speed up at the last part where four flames are in line, same way to get back
timing is crucial if you want to succeed-be patient
I'll wait for the final version ^^
Man...now that I know it's possible, I'm a little sad that I can't just have everyone with me at all times haha.
Any tips for getting the fire mage key? I keep getting roasted. I can never make it to the chest. Feels like I am missing something but I have no idea what it is...

Any help would be nice. Thanks =D
You are stuck in a fire maze right, trying to get to that chest, simply use shift to speed up at the last part where four flames are in line, same way to get back
timing is crucial if you want to succeed-be patient

Ya I got past it. I forgot you could even run lol. Thanks though!
Edit: ... I just realized that I am NOT in fact using 1.2 but 1.1. My mistake.

Edit2: My god that was brilliant. Thank you so much for such an amazing work of art.
The game looks perfect the history,i have spent over than 10 hours in this game
Anyone here know how i can solve the sound puzzle in the concert hall?
I need some help in a sidequest

In the vampire's castle, there's a room where I have to match a melody...except I am hard of hearing so I...don't know the melody. What order should I hit the orbs?
I can answer this question for you. But please make sure you use this only if you're stuck.

The order of the orbs is shown as follows.

1 2 3 == 4 5 6

Do the following 6 combinations in the following order.

4 3 4 1 4 5

That should work.

Hopefully this helps.

Berry was kind enough to post the answer. I might have to change the sound effects for that puzzle to make it easier in the next patch. Gah! It's always easy when you know the answer. Glad you're having fun.