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"One night... the ruler of all things, the Unholy Cat, decided to choose his next reaper. That Reaper was none other than Tod. He accepted his fate. But one day, he decided it was enough!"

The Story is about a Cat that rules over everything in a post-apocalyptic world where humans died out and only mutated Monsters roam the Planet. You play as Tod, who the Cat chose to be the Reaper for his amusement and tells him to kill everything on the Planet. (For no reason, really) After killing his beloved Mother and a few other of his Monster friends, he decided it was enough and went for the kill on the Cat instead. After an intense (5 second) conversation, the fight against him begins! And so... your adventure is about to unfold.

There really is no story in this, it's just a gameplay focused Linear Hallway of Survival.

This Game is somewhat... weird. It's an RPG that basically gives you little to no items and there's no shop you can buy things at, or heal up at an Inn. You have to survive until the very end with what little you've got. Thankfully, you have the Scan ability that will help you find out enemy weaknesses and on boss battles even tells you strategies. But of course i didn't tell you everything... were would be the fun in that? You have to find some things out on your own.

There's also hard mode, which only one tester ever completed on his first try, without even grinding. (Thanks, Eien Nanashi! I know it was tedious.) And the Hard mode has a Super Boss too! Look at that!

I would like to thank everyone who tried out my previous version of this game and has suffered so much because of it. Yes, you heard correctly. This is basically Version 2 of this game.

Here's what i did to balance things out:
-Balance enemy stats
-Balance skill damage
-Balance Boss battles
-Added different graphics + i put more atmosphere to it.
-Added Hard mode
-Added the Scan ability
-etc. (Can't think of something else right now.)

I basically heavily changed the game to suck... less.

Latest Blog

You guys ready for an extensive demo? I hope I am too.

Yoooooooooo, I'm not dead!
In fact, I actually managed to squeeze quite a lot into the first game and am almost ready to say that the base game is done and I only have to do the small fry stuff! :)

However, it's STILL going to be a demo... that is actually the full game, but without the cool extra modes I was planning on adding (more on that later).

These past few months I was planning to construct a sensible approach to progression in my game. And because I like liniarity but also ignoring the good stuff, I made it so that you have to unlock your Skills in a nice non-boring way.
That said, it still has something to do with grinding... hold up, it actually never had anything to do with grinding, because you got the skills just like that in the previous versions...
So eh, yeah I guess you have to grind, but I promise it won't be tedious and I already inserted a nice way to grind lots of whatever it is you need to grind for. :P
A new thing you have to grind for is passive abilites to help you along the way, but understandably they are going to cost more, since I have yet to find a way to make passives switch out for other passives. (Without me doing tedious CBs).
The currency for all that, or the things you have to grind is not money, but something you can even consume to gain a little bit of your SP (that's basically MP in my game) back. You'll see what it will be and I think it'll make more sense with context.
That said, these things aren't the only thing I added to the games. A few extras have been thrown on it to help you along get even buffer than usual and my absolute favorite I like doing in games, are extra bosses of course.

Like I mentioned above, I will add additional modes after the demo has been released. Keep in mind that these are basically just addons at this point.

These modes are:
Lvl1 (normal) = Gain no exp and finish the game with only 1 lvl.
Lvl1 (hard) = As mentioned above, but harder lol
Time Attack (normal) = Finish the game in under 50 minutes.
Time Attack (hard) = Finish the game in under 45 minutes.
Lvl1 Time Attack(N) = Finish the game, while never gaining exp, in under 40mins.
Lvl1 Time Attack(H) = Finish the game, while never gaining exp, in under 35mins.
Ultimate Mode = Victory Lap (unlocked after beating every other mode)

I know what you are thinking "Some of these seem ridiculous and I am scared." Don't worry lads, I'll make sure you will have a hard time, but at the same time I will make sure it's fair and square... that is if you find the right strategy and exploit the Game in the right place.

Speaking of fair and square, you guys need to learn the basics as well, so I have added a nice Tutorial at the start screen for you to enjoy. I hope it explains things for you well, if not... I guess I have to go back to the drawing board.
AND speaking of start screen, you will get a Password option to let you unlock these modes. Yeah... that's how it works. Technically you can play these modes anytime, but ya' know... I'll just throw in a password every now and then for you in the games, if you feel like challenging yourself.

Anyway, I rambled enough. It's been long and tough, but I almost finished TOD 1 for the 3RD time... lol

And to end it all I will announce a release date for this demo to move my butt a little faster with it: 7.01.18
THERE, NOW I CAN'T RUN AND PROCRASTINATE! IT WILL BE DONE AT THAT EXACT DATE AND IF NOT... then say mean things to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShinNessTen

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This was pretty awesome. Makes me want to check it out.

Edit: Meant to be a reply to your blog post, "Just watch it", but I'm tired.
This was pretty awesome. Makes me want to check it out.

Edit: Meant to be a reply to your blog post, "Just watch it", but I'm tired.
Thx! :D Been taking good care of the Game since forever and it's time it get's finished this Year.
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