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"One night... the ruler of all things, the Unholy Cat, decided to choose his next reaper. That Reaper was none other than Tod. He accepted his fate. But one day, he decided it was enough!"

The Story is about a Cat that rules over everything in a post-apocalyptic world where humans died out and only mutated Monsters roam the Planet. You play as Tod, who the Cat chose to be the Reaper for his amusement and tells him to kill everything on the Planet. (For no reason, really) After killing his beloved Mother and a few other of his Monster friends, he decided it was enough and went for the kill on the Cat instead. After an intense (5 second) conversation, the fight against him begins! And so... your adventure is about to unfold.

There really is no story in this, it's just a gameplay focused Linear Hallway of Survival.

This Game is somewhat... weird. It's an RPG that basically gives you little to no items and there's no shop you can buy things at, or heal up at an Inn. You have to survive until the very end with what little you've got. Thankfully, you have the Scan ability that will help you find out enemy weaknesses and on boss battles even tells you strategies. But of course i didn't tell you everything... were would be the fun in that? You have to find some things out on your own.

There's also hard mode, which only one tester ever completed on his first try, without even grinding. (Thanks, Eien Nanashi! I know it was tedious.) And the Hard mode has a Super Boss too! Look at that!

I would like to thank everyone who tried out my previous version of this game and has suffered so much because of it. Yes, you heard correctly. This is basically Version 2 of this game.

Here's what i did to balance things out:
-Balance enemy stats
-Balance skill damage
-Balance Boss battles
-Added different graphics + i put more atmosphere to it.
-Added Hard mode
-Added the Scan ability
-etc. (Can't think of something else right now.)

I basically heavily changed the game to suck... less.

Latest Blog

Moving on

Hey, I made the thing work that I complained about and almost childishly quit because of it. Well... almost. Let's just say it's good enough and I won't mention anything else to make it look like it's completed in the end, so that nobody will go back to this post and see what I couldn't fix.

Anyway, I think I never mentioned that I am aiming to get this Game done this Year.
Since I'm always slow and don't usually try very hard for my Projects on some Days, I think it'll give me some more motivation if I aim for that. Speaking of motivation... *cough*SUPPORT ME ON PATREON*cough*

Thanks for sticking around, you 4! :) I'll make you proud, moms and dads!
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  • 11/04/2016 05:26 AM
  • 02/18/2018 01:19 PM
  • 11/04/2016
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This was pretty awesome. Makes me want to check it out.

Edit: Meant to be a reply to your blog post, "Just watch it", but I'm tired.
This was pretty awesome. Makes me want to check it out.

Edit: Meant to be a reply to your blog post, "Just watch it", but I'm tired.
Thx! :D Been taking good care of the Game since forever and it's time it get's finished this Year.
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