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Bhavacakra Adventures starts 20 years prior to original Bhavacakra.
The game revolves around Maco, Jack, and Leona, all of whom you've met previously in original Bhavacakra.

Maco is a pretender to the title of Loche chieftain, a position that is officially recognized by Etonian royals. Not wanting to contest the title with her elder brother who is 11 years senior, she eventually chooses to leave Loche behind.

In order to make a living, she joins Jack and Leona's guild.
And thus her adventure begins.


  • 720p game screen resolution

  • Guild life: Choose which missions to take on. Also choose which members to take along. Get to know them and develop them. 10+ guild members to choose from.

  • Remake of original Bhavacakra world with better quality tilesets.

  • Adventure! And an option to meddle in political affairs later on.

  • Complex armor system.

  • Trading system.

  • Very large world with semi-open play.

Fully custom tileset

Different region, different look

Latest Blog

Bhavacakra Adventures 0.1.5 Remake

Alternative download

A fairly big update although, in reality, little user playable content is added overall. Rebuilding the game world with custom tileset has been a painful task.

The game world has 5 major cities, about 25 towns/villages, and about 5 hamlets. This doesn’t include dungeons, temples, and etc.

1. Corlo (A Cizna town) is being added. Corlo is a Ciznian guild town where the entire town is tied to operation of its guild. It’s often simply referred as Cizna guild. The guild is bigger and more diverse than Eton guild Maco is associated with. It has more unique members and such. It will take a long time to finish Cizna guild.

2. For now though, Orella has been added to Cizna guild.

3. Corlo being open also means two outfield zones were added. You can now go beyond the checkpoint at Vollin into Cizna territory. The zones are entirely empty at this point.

4. Story quest “PeaceMaker” gets completed with this update. Once this story quest is complete, Neven can be added to your party. (Healer finally, yay)

5. Ezona mountain pass has been reworked a bit. More variety in bandits (bandit archer added) and replaced its sprite with a new chibi style ones I am using for characters.

6. Alcella lion (monster) added to the island.
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  • sura_tc
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  • 07/07/2020
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