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This was, a short, roughly one hour and a half, to two hours, game I made on RPG Make VX Ace at a time I wasn't feeling so good, but was able to do something. It took me about a month to make this game, but I already had a lot of experience with RPG Maker VX and VX Ace, and knew the story that I had ideas for before that month started.

It was aimed to be a simple, but very short fun game that is also a bit random. I put two interesting surprises and twists in the game, but I feel now I made one of them too obvious.

The story was about a small group of characters who end up travelling to different worlds, defeating monsters, in hopes of finding a way to permanently remove all the sudden appearance of monsters from there own worlds, and aimed to bring peace back to all the worlds.

They had a few *cough* "challenging" *cough* antagonists to fight through along the way until they reached the Dark Realm, where the story takes it's conclusion.

I called this game a dungeon crawler at the time, because while it had a proper story, it was short presented, and the focus was on battling. You could not explore towns either, not that there were many town maps! (I think I made two towns in total). So a dungeon crawler is still really what it was.

(I couldn't really do any more then this due to how I was at the time.)

I am now remaking a new version of the game in RPG Maker MV that I want to have a very similar feel as this one did, but more enchanted and improved upon. I plan to make yet a second version of the game in future too, which I plan to be longer then the first "remake"/"verison".

My old summary from before, I will leave below (as you can see it could be worded a bit better but the game wasn't 100% terrible at least!):

Rohan the main character suffers from amnesia not remembering his life before he was brought into the forest village. One of the demons from the start of the game named Ouf knows Rohan from his past. "How'd that demon know me?" Rohan questions as he goes along this journey to find out the answers, but are those answers better left alone?

Latest Blog

Small Update, Thoughts and Equipment Changes. Progress Report #3

Small updates and little things are still progress!

I seem to be making small updates and changes to the game most days now, and I'm actually happy about that.

Sometimes something little or small doesn't seem like much progress, but it actually can be! If that small thing, in your mind, seems to make the game look better, then that is good. Sometimes we can be wrong in what we think, but it's still progress of some kind and an attempt to try and make something good is always still the right path, as no matter what happens you can always learn from a game and then make a second, third, fourth, etc game from experience. (Or a remake of an existing game).

Then there is the issue of my mental health, some days are better then others, so I have to make sure I don't push myself too much or get too caught up in something, on a bad day I might take a break since that may be the best thing, but it's slowly been improving so I'm happy about this too.

Why I Like Using RPG Maker

It's the same for making different decisions and edits/changes to what you already got, the nice thing about RPG Maker is that you can easily change something during development progress. RPG Maker makes that easy enough, as long as you take it one step at a time instead of the whole thing at once (then it can get complex!), so I'm glad about that.

What I've been doing

I've been writing out my ideas on what can be added and change in the story, and I've started to write out a story outline for each cutscene in the game. I've also been thinking a lot about the skillsets for the main characters, I've mostly focused on the first two Rohan and Delicia skillsets.

However I've been thinking and realizing what I choose here is probably going to be in almost every battle in the game, as in each skill will be there in each battle. So it makes me really have to think on how to create a bit of diversity to prevent that getting too repetitive.

I think I'll get there and be able to do it, but I want to try and make it so the player has options to use a couple of different skills to prevent skill spamming too often first of all, and then see what else I can do from there.

The different skill choices will probably slowly come through levelling up so the player doesn't have too little or too much in one go. But I know I need to do this or something like this.

It's good I at least know this is what need to be done from experience, but it's one thing to say it another thing to actually achieve it, but I know it can be done so I'll try my best.

Started to use RPG Maker MV, Hooray!

As I was writing down a list of intentional skillsets in a open office document, I realize it's actually best I sort out that out in the database of RPG Maker MV (got to make sure I leave enough space between skill ID's so I don't have a problem organizing them later, though!). So I've started to use the engine now with the project file I plan to create this entire game in. That's going well. I'm using a ton of Yanfly Plugins and then there are some Yanfly Plugins that I think "I may or may not use", so I realize for now it's definitely worth adding those ones in too. I'll have a proper good progress report update once that's sorted and I can start to playtest these skills out!

Finally, Equipment Changes

This is the last thing I've worked on again and change so far, I decided that having these equipment "sets", I was handling it in a more limited and robotic type of manner, which I don't think will produce the most fun result for players.

So instead I decided that different pieces of equipment can vary, and certain ones are more rare then others outside of "sets". This look waaaay better to me, so I think I'm doing the right thing here.

As for will this mean there are equipment bonus "sets" or not, I'm not sure yet. I can see other ways to implement it.

I.e. Throughout the course the game all equipment have certain labels and certain ones grouped together to make a "set", but then more powerful equipment later can have the same labels to make a similar but same "set".

I like this idea a lot more and it's probably going to be this, but I'll wait and see what seems to be more natural for this game before concluding it for certain.

All that matters is that more progress has been made and a few changes that I'm hoping are for the better were decided.

As for crafting, well I still plan to implement it, but the same way with these changes in mind too. Crafting was always meant to just give bonuses to already existing equipment, so I will do that again here. Crafting material will be simple enough that you can choose what equipment to add a bonus too, but you'll need to already own that equipment first to upgrade it.

I like that a lot more, so far, too. Just I can see a huge issue of balancing but that's a problem that can be handled, so it's for now a problem for another day.

Plan Completion

There are a couple more things I could talk about here, such as am I using side-view now or still front view, how I'm handling states so far and custom damage formulas that I requested help for on another website, which was a great help (some people definitely getting added to the credits), but I don't need to talk about everything so I'll save some of this for the next progress report and leave out the rest.

Plan is now 15% complete. 21% drafted out. (More focus on getting further with the story as having the rest of my ideas that I can think of written out. Adding the rest of the planned to use Plugins and the start playtesting some things too probably will be the next thing to work on).

See you next time! : )
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I'll make sure to give this a try and give you some feedback, I don't know why, but it tickles my interest out of some reason.
Feedback on the game by anyone would be appreciated. Thanks Ozzy The One, I'd love to know what you liked and disliked about the game, hope you enjoy it.
A little feedback.
Please correct your grammar and spelling misstakes. There're nearly in each sentence. (i.e. sheild --> shield)
Fire is weakpoint but weaker than normal attacks. (Damage app. 10)
Health potion and health potion II do exact the same (description).
No reviving items? Once Delicia is dead you can't revive anymore (against Death)
My tactic was mostly the same: Def (all) and Ang down (bosses), swift attack; Regeneration (later recovery and revive) or holy; Slade or buffs or sword attack; Ice I or Fire II.
If all spells of Delicia cost 5 MP how can she have 4 left?
If Mana Potions heals the MP full (30) how can it be that sometimes it only heals less?
Why is the Angel not weak to dark?
You are surprised when looking into your inventory because you never seem to get any drops but then they appear there.
There isn't any need to look for treasures - there aren't any.
No reviving items?
It seems Health Potion II revives.

Also some skills seem to have no name? The ice queen used some empty named skill to stun.

Agree with every point on Firefly's feedback.
Once I have finished the game I might write some more stuff.

Just beat the last boss. After the credits roll you can apparently still walk around and have access to the menu but the screen is blacked out. Ivory's spells are pretty much useless besides Ice I (Fire II is only stronger than Ice I against Death). Other than that there is not much to add to Firefly's feedback.

Thanks Firefly and reggird for your feedback!

Yeah Health Potion II revives characters maybe I should've named it something else actually, but that should work.
I think I should've lowered the battler magic defense a bit against fire and that was the issue.
Sorry about the spelling errors thanks for pointing that one out to me!
I don't understand what you mean by "If all spells of Delicia cost 5 MP how can she have 4 left?" could you elaborate on that?
In the database the formula for Mana Potions is 30 so it should recover 30MP I'm not sure what's going on there...
Holy normally beats Dark so to make a holy enemy weak to dark is a bit odd to me but I guess it's something I could've tried to do.
Yeah instead of adding items at the end of each world I should've created a treasure chest where they could get the items from.
Other treasure chests on the maps might've been fun too, I take that point into consideration.

All skills have names, they don't have description but they have been named in the database, I'm not sure why some of the names aren't appearing. That must be a bug with a script or something but I've no idea, sorry about that.

And yeah I wasn't sure what to do when the game ends I think there is an option to go back to the title screen but I couldn't find it so I ended the game there.

Thanks for playing both of you I hope you had fun playing the game and thanks for the feedback!
I was suprised about the 4 MP left.
Each spell of Delicia costs 5 MP - so if she uses her spells the MP would be going 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 0.
Though 4 MP left should be impossible.
It could be connected to the Magic Potion issue.

As for the Health Potion II: The description said something about healing 300 HP. I didn't even tried them and relied to the revive spell until Delicia died. A new description would be helpful.
I have a theory about the mana potions. If you're using a formula for their healing, make sure the variance is set to zero, otherwise the amount of mp it restores won't be absolute.
I've edited the download link for the game and made some changes. I changed the description for Health Potion II, lowered magic defense for most enemies and bosses, added a event that takes the player back to the title screen at the end of the game and fixed some spelling errors.

I also changed the variance to zero for the mana potions.

I'm surprised at Delicia having 4MP left, I checked the skills in the database and they each cost 5MP. Not sure what to say there.

Thanks Firefly and WheelmanZero!
UPDATE I edited the download link with verison 3, I slightly lowered the encounter rate on most maps.
UPDATE Added a new verison, this time I fixed more spelling errors and gave most bosses 2-3 turns. (They were too easy before!)
Game now on hiatus, read the blog post if you want for more information. I will come back to this sometime in the future.
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