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Rpg Horror and storytelling - Three alternalive way to tell a story
Three interesting structures for distributing information, alternative to a linear narration
03/25/2021 04:02 PM
Damage Number Philosophy
I talk about damage number pop ups in RPGs (GIF HEAVY)
03/20/2021 05:55 PM
Window Skins Dissected
A more detailed look at RPG Maker's window skins
03/15/2021 03:46 AM
Falling Object From Ceiling or Sky
You can have an item, chest, etc. fall from the ceiling or from the sky.
03/13/2021 04:27 PM
The Sound of Game Make
Wherein I discuss how I make music...hopefully in a way that helps you.
03/11/2021 11:18 PM
Using Abel-Ruffini theorem on encryptions
It's easy to form polynomial equations from their roots but the opposite is hard
01/25/2021 12:47 PM
Trap and Trapfinding System
A relatively easy to create trap system using Random Number Generation
01/20/2021 11:45 PM
Monster Kill Quest With No Scripts
A Monster Kill Quest where the player can keep count of Kills.
12/23/2020 11:30 PM
Simple Light Urns to reveal a Hidden Stairway Event
Puzzle event using only Events, Switches and Conditional Branches.
12/03/2020 05:19 AM
Pixel Game Maker MV Review
An Engine Review
10/24/2020 09:54 AM
Loading Screen Common Event...(WOLF RPG)
You know how when you transfer from map to map there's a Lag a bit from a certain event! well this is a loading screen to cover the screen for short amount of time to load those thing properly
08/30/2020 05:22 AM
How to make Door Animation (WOLF RPG)
Animation of A Door, although this is not really exactly that Good... but it's quite bit okay for me
08/30/2020 05:13 AM
Emoticon Common Event Tutorial (Wolf RPG)
This Tutorial is how you put a Emoticon on the Hero or the NPC
08/30/2020 05:04 AM
Jump into Javascript part 10
In which we base some gamebattlers.
08/03/2020 12:02 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the hood part 20: Windows no more
In which we finish the endless coverage of Window classes.
07/23/2020 12:09 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the hood part 20: Windows 2: Electric Boogaloo
In which the 3-year hiatus finally ends.
06/28/2020 11:13 AM
[Maniacs] Simple custom damage popup
A very quick way to customize the damage popups in your game.
05/06/2020 08:23 AM
[Maniacs] Custom Battle Interface 1
Ever wanted to make your own battle interface? With the Maniacs patch, it's pretty easy!
05/05/2020 08:40 PM
A Boss Guide to Bosses: Part 1
Let me boss you around a bit as I talk about my favorite element of video games: the boss.
04/30/2020 05:39 PM
A Rundown on How Versioning Works on RPG Maker
An article about how one should do versioning for their games, especially in RPG Maker.
04/17/2020 12:14 AM

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