Pumpkin Head Review

Thank you so much for your kind review :)

Sorry about that last stage, the trick is to wait until one of the ghosts disappears so you can get out of their circle and collect the pumpkin and wait again so you can get back to the square. I'm still learning about music and sound options for game so maybe the RTP sound is kind of not suitable with this game xD

But thank you very much for giving this game a chance :D

Lembayung Review

Thank you very much for this great review :D

I don’t have much time to search music for this game so I just choose some calm and joyful music from RMN Music Pack and a mysterious music for the last stage. I’m so happy to know people can see gayness in this game.

I’m kind of not expecting anyone to like this weird art game so thanks again for this review and thank you so much for playing :D

Wake Review

Thank you so much, I’ve been waiting for this review since last review jam xD

I’m sorry about the candle mechanics, since I don’t have a tester I can’t really predict when the player will light the candle and when it will goes out again. The reason I reduce player speed was not only for difficulty but also to match Alex mental state at that point. But I have learned from this and decide not to reduce player speed in my next project unless I really have to do it. And I’m sorry if you don’t understand the story, maybe because my English is not so great. x)

But thanks again for this review and thank you for playing :D
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