Can I be a cacao tree?
I want to say, "Happy chocolate day! Do you want some of my chocolates? I make it special with love poison, I mean hate potion in it. Maybe if you eat it you will start to hate, I mean love all beings in universe.."
Thanks :D

RMN Christmas Card 2017 - SIGN UPS CLOSED

Can I be a lemon or pineapple or any fruit standing near a snowman and say "Don't mind me.. Enjoy your Christmas.."?

Stupefaction Search

My vote:
1. Teleportation puzzle - kory_toombs, my favorite though at first I got confused about the teleportation mechanic xD
2. Murder cadet wrote - cap_H, I got stuck at first maybe because I didn't check bathtub left and right x)
3. Saturday night rmn fever - psy_wombats, it's similar with hexagram puzzle but I like this more :)

Changes needed:
Orbs - like them but better instructions are needed
bomb 2
bomb 3 -timer makes 2 and 3 too frustrating, I would consider removing it.
boulders -it's ok, but restarting is annoying. Also, The map's quite ugly.
maze - too frustrating
4782960 - I'm not an einstein

I didn't expect BM2 and 3 would be too frustrating, maybe I should add more time to those puzzle x)

The most difficult puzzle for me is who keyed matt's car because I become really confused if I got too much information in text and maybe because English is not my first language, but the other puzzles was fun and I like playing them all :)

Stupefaction Search

I was planning to add one more puzzle but it’s too late x)
I just put it in my locker here if anybody wants to see it :)


Pumpkin Head Review

Thank you so much for your kind review :)

Sorry about that last stage, the trick is to wait until one of the ghosts disappears so you can get out of their circle and collect the pumpkin and wait again so you can get back to the square. I'm still learning about music and sound options for game so maybe the RTP sound is kind of not suitable with this game xD

But thank you very much for giving this game a chance :D

Lembayung Review

Thank you very much for this great review :D

I don’t have much time to search music for this game so I just choose some calm and joyful music from RMN Music Pack and a mysterious music for the last stage. I’m so happy to know people can see gayness in this game.

I’m kind of not expecting anyone to like this weird art game so thanks again for this review and thank you so much for playing :D

Wake Review

Thank you so much, I’ve been waiting for this review since last review jam xD

I’m sorry about the candle mechanics, since I don’t have a tester I can’t really predict when the player will light the candle and when it will goes out again. The reason I reduce player speed was not only for difficulty but also to match Alex mental state at that point. But I have learned from this and decide not to reduce player speed in my next project unless I really have to do it. And I’m sorry if you don’t understand the story, maybe because my English is not so great. x)

But thanks again for this review and thank you for playing :D

GAYmak the Rainbow event

Thank you Liberty for rainbow badges, and thank you Gourd_Clae for the sprites :D
Maybe I will try to make another simple game for this event :)

[RED] - GAYmak the Rainbow

*whispers* Princess Tiana

It wasn't intentional but they did have a similar background and appearance :)

[PINK] - GAYmak the Rainbow

Sorry for my weird English.

Name: Lanhua

Age: -

Description: Lanhua is a pink fluffy ball creature with googly eyes.

Background: Legend has it that Lanhua is a spirit born from the soul of a young girl who died of a broken heart. If a boy sees it, it's a sign that a girl is attracted to him. But if a girl sees it, it's a sign that she'll fall in love with another girl.

Allowed for use: Yes


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