FFT 1.3

Stupid Tilemap...

I figured this would be the easiest thing to do on my list of features for my RS! project, yet here I am...

I'm trying to create a Window_Base child class that draws the tile the player is currently standing on into the window. Everything is correct except the drawing rect for tile_ids greater than 768... yes, autotiles. Uggh. I accept now that I have no idea on how to go about this. My only reference to determine how VX handles autotiles is the Mode7 VX script, which uses japanese commenting and bit rearranging. >_<

# * Get tile set rect for the designated tile
# tile_id : Tile ID
def tileset_rect(tile_id)
rect =, 0, 32, 32)
case (tile_id / 256)
when 0..8
rect.x = (tile_id / 128 % 2 * 8 + tile_id % 8) * 32
rect.y = tile_id % 256 / 8 % 16 * 32
#...draws blank...
return rect

This is the only part that is relevant. I've wasted enough time trying to do this "simple" task, and I'm going to be fairly occupied with other things tomorrow, so I'd like to knock this one out of the park ASAP.

*Performs an incantation in order to summon "Great Red Spirit"*

Problems with Game_Unit

After getting back into RPG Maker and successfully implementing a turn-based system in VX, I'm now trying to implement a turn order framework. I've managed to grouped together the functions used to determine turn order in a class Game_Battlers, inheriting from Game_Unit, without breaking the combat system. Now to make things simpler for the system, I tried to put $game_party.members and $game_troop.members into a single array "@battlers", which like the former two can be referenced with the method "members," and is initialized in Game_Battler before anything else.

# * Initial Battlers Setup
def setup_members
members = []
for i in $game_party.members + $game_troop.members

There's a bug in this method, and I want to know what it is. To make sure it wasn't anything else, I setup combat to automatically start a game over if members.empty? returns true, and unsurprisingly it does. Naturally, this would cause the combat to break down into an infinite loop of @active_battler being nil, which is why I had to test it in this way. When I tested to see if the native members were okay, though ($game_party.members and $game_troop.members), they returned false - they weren't empty, yet members was leaving the method empty anyways.

Just be sure it wasn't the way I was doing it, I changed the method to a single line: members = $game_party.members + $game_troop.members. Short, sweet, and to the point, yet still nada. Just what the heck is going on here, and what can I do about it? Just solving it is not enough, either - I need to know the cause so I can avoid it in the rest of my code.

I guess I can post these here...

EDIT: Well, it looks like the server already went down, so... I'll upload them elsewhere. =/

The good stuffs
Main Menu theme
Tropical level
Boss theme
That song from Megamix... <_<;
Canyon level Act1
Canyon level Act2
Ice level
Metropolis under attack!
Leaf Forest prototype
Balloon Park (S3&K)

Not all glitter is gold
Eggman's base?
Another Canyon theme?

I have plenty more, on request...

Lurker Ahoy

Hello all.

I'm an ex-member of Sky Tower Games, as well as "that forum which is now taboo" (don't ask). I was turned off by RPG Maker XP when it first came out, and I haven't touched an RPG Maker version since then. I don't really plan on doing so anytime soon, either - my expertise is currently with Game Maker and good-old C++.

I've mostly been lurking around the game design sub-section, scavenging for ideas and popular opinion. I think now is a good time for me to actually speak up and obtain some feedback. I've been thinking about starting an RPG, but I need more time to figure out all the details.

I'm a fellow member of SFGHQ and Sonic Cage Dome with Huepow, so he can vouch for me. =P
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