Script error?

So I'm creating three extra attributes in RMXP, guard_skill, evasion_skill and deflection_skill. I've got them all built into the status menu just fine . . . except that for some reason, the script will only generate the values for the first three characters that are in the party when the game starts. I've tested it in a blank project and have the same issue. Could someone maybe look at this and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Here's what I've written so far:

class Game_Actor < Game_Battler

attr_accessor :guard_skill
attr_accessor :deflection_skill
attr_accessor :evasion_skill

alias extra_attributes setup

def setup(actor_id)

for i in 0...$game_party.actors.size
actor = $game_party.actors(i)
actor.guard_skill = (actor.str / 5 + actor.agi / 15)
actor.deflection_skill = actor.dex / 5
actor.evasion_skill = actor.agi / 5

EDIT: on $game_party.actors(i), I do have the i in brackets, but that makes everything go into italics, so I replaced it with parantheses for the post.

Looking for Graphics Consultant

Do you consider yourself a graphics expert, and bemoan the poor graphics in many RPG Maker games? Well, here's your chance to fix that : )

I've been striving to make my game excellent in every area, but I've more and more come to realize that I am visually stupid. Now, while nobody starts out great at most aspects of gamemaking, it takes me longer to catch on to stuff than it does most other people, and graphics are just the one area that I can't seem to figure out by myself. On every other aspect of gamemaking, I've managed to make at least some progress - but on graphics, I just can't make the leap.

So I'm looking for someone who can teach me a bit about it. I won't take up much of your time; I'll just send you a few screenshots or a link to a video once or twice a week and ask your input on them. The idea here is that after awhile, I'll have learned enough to figure the rest out on my own and won't have to ask for help.

The game itself is in RMXP. The title is Perception Rewrite: Gods of the Past. It's about a group of escaped mental patients who are running from a group of people and circumstances that seem to surround them wherever they go.

What I will NOT do:

-I will NOT ask you to play my game, though you're welcome to if you would like to

-I will NOT ask you to make things for me or my game

-I will NOT email you more than twice a week, unless you ask me to

-I will NOT behave like a spoiled brat if I don't hear back within a couple days. I understand that you have a life to live.

What I WILL ask from you:

-I WILL ask for detailed, specific input on each aspect you think is important. In other words, "Get some custom tilesets," won't do. "You should consider using tileset X; it's got an original feel and blends well with your other graphics," is the sort of response I need.

-I WILL ask specifically how to accomplish any new ideas you have for me, if tutorials are not available. If you tell me, "Make a custom fog", please be prepared to explain to me exactly how to do that, if no tutorials are available. Remember, I'm graphically dumb.

-I WILL ask you to explain the general principles behind your ideas, since the purpose of this is for me to learn enough that I can figure the rest out on my own. Remember, the more I know, the fewer stupid questions I ask.

-I WILL ask for your best effort in making this a graphically five star game.

-I WILL ask for your patience = )


Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to offer financial compensation; however, I'm more than willing to offer my services for your own game in whatever way you see fit. If, after we work together, you think I write a good storyline, or that I balance battles well, I'll be happy to offer whatever assistance I can offer, or even if you just want someone who knows what it's like to sweat your heart out over a game to play yours and offer honest feedback (potentially a chance to avoid unnecessary markdowns in the review section), I'll do that as well. Whatever you need and think I can do.

So - any takers?

Looking for RM buddy

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section - this seemed the appropriate place to put it.

You know how people have 'workout buddies' to be sure they go jogging every morning or whatever it is people who exercise do? (it involves Sweden, right?) Well, I'm looking for an RM buddy. We can exchange screenshots of the work we do each day and talk about difficulties we're having, or whatever. It's sort of like the game blogs, only with a more direct (and two-way) connection. (Also, I'm not yet ready to reveal my project to public view.) Think of it as the difference between an exercise buddy and an exercise class, I guess.

Just to be sure we're on the same page, I don't have a lack of motivation to work on my project - far from it. I just think this will help motivate me to be more efficient and work on it more than I already do; to help me get through the stuff that I really-don't-want-to-program-but-know-I-should. Thanks to the wonders of email, we wouldn't even have to be on at the same time - though it'd be awesome if that could happen; I sleep polyphasically, which gives me an extra 4 hours a day or so, and the time from midnight to 4 am can be absolutely interminable.

So . . . anyone interested?

Greetings, Earthlings

Hi all, I'm Airemix. I've been around the RPG Maker community since '02 or so, but I've never really been active in it. I just realized the other day that my project has been sitting on my hard drive untouched for 3 months while I've been working, and that was a bit of a shock. It's pretty important to me that I finish it, but working 9-10 hour shifts five days a week makes that kind of difficult, so I've switched to polyphasic sleep until the game is completed.

I change so often as a person that it feels almost untrue to write anything about myself here, but like many of us, I've always been a big fan of fantasy and scifi. I love early 20th century Russian composers, particularly Shostakovich. Also, I am addicted to mushroom swiss burgers.

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