A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Hello, I´m writing this on 2022 February.

I am Akari the peanut. I love indie rpg games since many many years ago, I played them a lot. I wanted to contribute to them, so I started doing reviews for many other games, which was tiring but made me very happy.

I won´t be active here ´til new notice. I will connect sometimes to chat and read messages, but no more than it. Life, my friend. Life is what happens, and I am not the youth that played these games and wrote these reviews.

However, I am very very happy to have been actively in this community and helped it´s grow, no doubt. My time spent here was fruitful.

¿Do you know that this word means a lot from me? Fruitful. So many things I´ve been doing in former jobs and my actual job, in past relationships and friendships, that have had not even get close to the meaning these games offered me.

This was worth living.

Thank you. :)



RPG Maker Reviews

Please do! I really need another week to blow myself up in reviews

Let's face reality here, we ain't reviewing anything. XDDD


I laughed more that I should

Red And The Wolf

woooww this game looks pretty good, I´ll try it! how long is it, more or less?

Watercolor characters portraits and facesets

Woooooow they´re very interesting and refreshing, do you have a story in mind for them or smth?

RPG Maker Reviews

Does anybody haves the link to this event on RMW? I can find the release game event but not the release reviews one

(I want to ask them why I cannot access to Touhou Oracle of forgotten testament, even after registering clicking on that link displays "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action")

RPG Maker Reviews

I'm on dammit!!! Will prepare reviews as soon as posible

Toxic Remedy Review

I dunno about advertising, that's not my thing. However you can turn your game in anything you want. Examples:

Comedy ->, yeah, you could turn this game into a satire of the typical adventure/fantasy rpg, like the scary movies saga for horror movies. It's not that your game is comedy/satire in my opinion, but you have a lot of material that could be categorized as such, like the weed goat, the childhood friend
's sexual harassment, finding a telephone guide in a mine, that weird guy and his big feline weird pet etc.

Psychological -> This is possible. I think, for example, if you limited the incongruences/fantasy and weird happenings to the protagonist's delusion world, we could get to understand him better on his daily life. What I mean is, say that he displays great leadership, self-sufficiency, independency on his dreams (remember that he was pretty much obeying orders on the dream instead? Going beyond that) so in real life he is always pushed around by his childhood friend. Let's say his behavior changes A LOT. Now it makes more sense to me; he is not living the way he wants and he is liberating, expressing himself on his fantasies (which is a common thing)

Battle/action > pretty much develop a battle interface and enemies blablah

Let's say your game haves the potential for becoming any of the first two, but you would need to develop in that direction. I feel you could turn it into a rpg "scary movie" feeling for comedy (you can watch that movie for reference), or a "bullied child that liberates himself in a fantasy world" for psychological (you can play Dreaming Mary for reference)

Conclusion: I think it would be for the best if you develop the game into one genre and then advertise as such. You can later add some minor elements of the other genres.

Of course these are only opinions, not facts.

I'm tired so I'm not accurate right now. And I'm sleepy. Man it's gonna be a long day tomorrow (@_@)

Tell me more about Ib, Yume Nikki & my precious horror games

People always rope Yume Nikki in with the horror games, though it really isn't. It contains some horror elements, but it's mostly just surreal and lacking in any particular genre.

Well yes indeed, yume nikki is quite a surreal and unique thing. Still, I think as a possibility that yume nikki influenced other psychological and horror games; miserere, a yume nikki-inspired game, does have some psychology traces at certain places.

at a certain point of exploring, after lots of stuff you get to a little normal place where you find a picture that says "friends"
connecting that with how lonely our protagonist seems to be, a plausible conclusion would be, that person is quite lonely, and that realization is quiiiite hidden, maybe to avoid a mental breakdown.

And I believe we cannot rule out yume nikki as a psychological game so easily, since some aspects may be related to "exploring madotsuki's mind and psychology" the characters, effects, landscapes may be related to madotsuki's life or experiences? It may be similar to Miserere's case explained above. After all, we're exploring madotsuki's mind, that is a psychological concept itself. (We never find out for sure, that's beautiful as well)

Now, horror, psychology and that bizarre yume-niki-ish feeling get combined sometimes; The Witch's House is definitely horror + Psychology. Horror-filled games can also be mentioned however, like corpse party (though I'm not sure it's influence on the rpg genres we are discussing)

Tell me more about Ib, Yume Nikki & my precious horror games

Lately I´ve realized how little I know about the psychological, horror-brushstroked rpg indies I love and their development through time. In what sense were they influential to the genre, is there a genealogy sequence?

As a typical player of that genre I fell in love with Ib, The Witch´s House, Mad Father, Yume nikki and some others (very related to VGPerson´s translated games) and some basic common sense that these important games influenced the genre (yume 2kki, Miserere etc games heavily influenced by yume nikki... Dreaming Mary from our website was influenced by those as well. And of course these games were very important for the psychological games)

Here we have Ib´s cute menu

Here´s viola, protagonist of the witch´s house doing some exploring

Aya from Mad Father with a photograph/picture (is even possible to tell the difference though?) of her mother

Madotsuki surrounded by the vast worlds and possibilities in yume nikki

So I´m really wondering in what sense did the psychological indie genre developed through time? How was it combined with games from other countries, were there tendencies, you know, something like small-sized currents like in the development of paintings, music and such?? (Or in manga as well, where kinnikuman and hokuto no ken marked tendencies for example)

I´m really curious about the authors, context and impact of those games. (There´s little info to know about Ib´s author on the internet :( )

About other important games from the psychological/horror genre I also consider relevant:

Forest of Drizzling Rain
The Crooked Man
Re: Kinder
Mermaid Swamp
Ao Oni
Palette (I know this one was influential, and was even remastered and released for some console in japan, play station I think?)

Well, I know there is wayyyy more behind the rpg genre (things like Chrono Trigger must have had some influence as well) But I think mentioning all of that would be a bit too much info for me to process, for now I wonder the most about the Psychological-horror genre(s). If someone knows anything please help the procastinating me (@_@)

Aaaaand this is my first topic ever so if this was posted previously, or does not belong to this section etc let me know

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Sorry for interrumping that interesting conversation, cheers for rpgmaker banzaiiiii!! Now please keep discussing

reviews dont matter

Wow that was some bad luck you got. I agree with many of the previous comments and also add that reviews (I believe) should also aim to the developers; point pros and cons, give suggestions etc so as to be constructive. For them.

Games should also be reviewed for people that know and enjoy that genre or platforms. It bothers me when a game gets bad vibes for no reason like it happened to you =(