Weapon Learning Skill Sistem by using Common Events

once a prallel process is active wont stop, well i wont know that, anyway thks for the info

Weapon Learning Skill Sistem by using Common Events

yes i know than my GRAMMAR IS HORRIBLE, has i said english is not my main lenguage, and i not that good but not a dumbass on it

and yes, it does exactly what you said, you can set anything you want to learn that skill, hp, mp, magic even items need it to learn it, and yes you can leve it in half way, i need to use to this becase at diference from other forums i have no easy access top chage fount size, fount color has i see in your presentation, if you help me with that i fix this tutorial :)

Ice Puzzles

it can be done, i try it in another way and it can be done, you just need to created the event ath start of the "ice path" just like GameGuysProjects present it but with out the variable,

the character will move by itself but only one thing left, even it move by itself you will be able to control it i mean you will be able to press up, he will "see up" and will start to move, i need a way to "lock" this once i found it i complete this tutorial for VX :)

Ice Puzzles

most, if not ALL engine created by events shall work in both rpgmaker vx and xp so YES Max McGee it should work in VX

Skill Tree with only Events and Variables

created a skill tree with out scrip is plain easy!....well not plain easy can be kinda complicated, is actually posible if you try, i actully doing a weapon/learning skill system with event and it just work fine, you just have to try :)

Ignore my horendous art.

is not that horrnedus if i not copy something my art is worst!

you have to start from somewhere and you are is not that bad :)
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