I am a 30 year old criminal defense attorney. I'm also in a band called FIGHT BACK MOUNTAIN. So far, games I've made include: Trash Planet, Super Maria RPG, and Hellbound.

I am working on , which I am announcing on January 2nd, 2023.

I like:
90s anime, criminal law, bad 80s movies, weird video games.
Dystopia. Mutants. Friends. Lobsters.



Trying to amass more followers on my Twitter since Tumblr is a dead website that I can't really use any more for game promotion. Check it out: You follow me, I'll follow you. Cool?

It's kind of a shame that Tumblr is dead, I found so many cool dev projects there.

Oh well.

100% agree

Trying to amass more followers on my Twitter since Tumblr is a dead website that I can't really use any more for game promotion. Check it out: You follow me, I'll follow you. Cool?

Try this link instead. Seems like the link in the OP includes the period at the end, and that's what's causing the 404.

Yeah I'm an idiot, lol:

That's the actual link

Top Ten Topics: Movies!

Not in order:

Akira - The best anime movie, in my opinion. Love the dark sci-fi elements and the music.

Hot Fuzz - Love pretty much everything about this movie. Mandatory once per year viewing.

House - The weird Japanese horror movie from the 1970s. This movie is crazy and awesome. The feel is super unique, and I love that it's a parody of an obscure genre of 1970s Japanese movies, but it's so much more than that. I put a piano that eats people in my game HELLBOUND, and it was a direct reference to this.

The Matrix - I hate that this movie was stolen by edgelords ("red pill") but it's great. I've never seen any of the sequels, but I'm sure there's no possible way they could live up.

My Cousin Vinny - I graduated from law school, and I would always watch this movie to cheer me up when I was getting beat over the head with education. Love Tomei and Pesci in this movie.

Repo Man - The punk-themed movie from the 1980s, not the mid-2000s action movie. This movie, like House, has a very unique feel that I can't quite describe. Magic realism? Maybe. It's great.

Dead Alive - I was super resistant to watching this movie forever because of the absurd amount of gore. But, eventually, I watched it in college and have never been squeamish again. Everything else seems pretty tame compared to this!

Men in Black - Kind of like The Matrix, I think this movie's reputation has partially been tarnished by the god awful sequels. Which is a shame, because Men in Black is great. It's got a very "cool" 90s feel to it, it's funny, and it's got aliens. All of those things are good. I also really like the bug bad guy.

Lady Terminator - This movie is an Indonesian Horror-Fantasy / Rip off of Terminator that I actually saw in a real life movie theater in college. This one theater near me used to do a late-nite grindhouse film event, which is when I saw it on the big screen. This movie is so fucking ridiculously bad but yet awesome at the same time. Definitely recommended for anyone that's into The Room or Troll 2 or whatever. Give Lady Terminator a shot. You'll probably regret it.

Office Space - I am the main character in this movie

Top Ten Topic: Bands, Music Groups, Artists

Not in order:

Green Day
Alkaline Trio
Faith No More
Direct Hit!
Death Grips
Bad Religion
ALL / Descendents (kinda the same band)
Smashing Pumpkins (anything up to Ava Adore, but the early stuff is good enough to be top 10)

Tumblr sucks ass so I've decided to speak to THE PEOPLE (Bane voice) directly and stream some game design on Twitch. Follow me if you want to see my goofy ass suck at RPG Maker Vx Ace:

I see no lies in this thread. Kind of sucks cuz Tumblr used to be a great way to speak directly with a very specific niche of people, like say, people who enjoy the games made on a particular game software...

New Tumblr for my new game I'm working on, TRASH PLANET. Toss me a follow if you still use this evil hell website:

Can you provide some more details on Hemotelepath? What would one do with such a power?

Is it kind of like this?

It's the ability to control blood with your mind! Other people's blood. It's a destructive power. As far as other characters with the power, I think Vladimir from League of Legends can do that?

Should I upload a demo for HELLBOUND 2, or should I just wait until the whole thing is done and upload that? Honestly not sure.

how desperate are you for attention? because I am super desperate and often upload games far too early

As desperate as anyone, I guess. Haha. If I was going to make a demo it would be an actual demo and not just "the game but not quite finished yet." I might just hold out and try and get feedback from my testers before posting something???

Consoles & Favourite Games

Pretty close here, but I'm gonna have to give it to either Dragon Warrior 2 or Megaman 2. They're both completely different so it's kinda hard to compare them, but I like both of them a whole lot.

Earthbound, hands down not close, which I also own a hard copy of. There's a runner up here but I'll get to that in a minute.

Game Boy // Game Boy Color // Game Boy Advance
For original Game Boy, my favorite game's gotta be Pokemon Blue and Red, really hard to beat that in terms of quality. On the good ole Game Boy Color, I'm gonna have to go with Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. I happened to own the one with Cobi when I was a kid, but I'm sure the one with Tara is mostly the same. There's actually a lot of games I like on the Game Boy color, so this was a pretty hard one to pin down. On the Game Boy Advance, I think my favorite game is probably either Pokemon Leaf Green, or Golden Sun. Leaf Green is a bit of a cop out because I picked Pokemon Blue and Red for the Game Boy classic, but, I really like that remake. Golden Sun is also really good, though.

Nintendo DS and 3DS
I got really into the DS and own a lot of DS games. However, I think my favorite DS game is the remake of Chrono Trigger, since it basically fixed any and all issues with the first iteration and made it into the perfect game. On the 3DS, I'd have to say SMT IV / SMT IV: Apocalypse takes the cake for me.

Nintendo Switch
Haven't got a chance to play my Switch that much, but my favorite game on there so far is probably Breath of the Wild.

Playstation 2
My favorite PS2 game, and one of my favorites of all time, is Okage: Shadow King. I think it's super underrated and very, very good. I also really like Alien Hominid, the version they put on PS2.

Playstation 4
This one is also pretty easy. Persona 5, not close.

UNDERTALE, 2 good 5 me


Thanks for the honest review!

Also, yes, this was my first major game project, so your diagnosis of "first project" is 100% accurate.


Thanks for the honest review!