I am a 30 year old criminal defense attorney. I'm also in a band called FIGHT BACK MOUNTAIN. So far, games I've made include: Trash Planet, Super Maria RPG, and Hellbound.

I am working on , which I am announcing on January 2nd, 2023.

I like:
90s anime, criminal law, bad 80s movies, weird video games.
Dystopia. Mutants. Friends. Lobsters.




The kids are as casual about murder as South Park characters, save points and humorous examine text are reminiscent of Undertale.

I find it amusing that monsters
Queen's Ship
sell food cheaper than humans. Sure, they want to rip you apart but at least they're not ripping you off.

The Hornet Factory was the funniest section so far. The Hornets made me feel like I was dealing the the incompetent antics of Team Rocket's trio
Scrappy: Oh! Oh! Can we do my plan instead?
Rumor: Uh... Yeah, I was just gonna make it up as I went along.

We're new recruits.
Hornet: Oh, okay. I choose to believe that without asking further. Let me put you in our system.

It's a trash can. The guy standing next to it moved it over here so he wouldn't be lonely.

Holding cell sign has a smiley face on it.

I also loved the "fatherly pride" that Tommy had for his ex-soldiers.

Upon defeating the Factory's boss (which I chose to grind a ton to level 6/7 in Desolate Wastelands):
Slash: Hmph. You guys must have had nothing better to do than run around and kill Squidloons all day.

My thoughts: Well, screw you.

Scrappy: Y-you... You hurt my sister...

Scrappy: No... No! No one hurts my sister and gets away with it. Not even you!

Scrappy: I know your type! All you do is hurt people! It's all you can do! All you do is destroy!

Slash: Yeah? What else do you have to say before I kill your fat, worthless sister? Really, let me have it!

Scrappy: I... I've never told anyone this, but me and Sloppy really do have powers like the others!

Slash: What's your power? I want to know before I kill her. Makes it more fun!

Scrappy: W-When our friends are in trouble, and they desperately need our help...
We'll do anything we can do protect them! I would give anything for my sis! And my new friends!

And right now that means kicking the ever living shi-

Let me just say that was a cruel stab in the back. I mean, you clearly know it's coming when Slash is baiting Scrappy to continue talking and Tommy even tries to warn here. But it's still jarring and it doesn't help that those Freaks (except the Robot making lady who probably has morals) start eating her corpse immediately.

Slash has now earned my undying hatred. Scrappy will be missed dearly.

Guy: I'm glad Posh is back in town. She's pretty. Probably the prettiest girl in town. Much prettier than you!

My thoughts: Bold words to say to someone who can boil your blood.

Tilda realizing how harsh jobs are for females. This game suddenly became too real:
The Bar Manager hands you 10 Creds. He says he'd like to pay you more, but at the end of the day he's got to look our for himself.

My thoughts: Well, if you're gonna be extort me like that, I'm gonna take cathartic joy in choosing the other option where I pop that guy for calling me crude things.

G-1000 is a weapon that costs 100 and gives +2 PK Power. But Torch-Buddy gives +2 Atk/+2 PK Power for 60. It's a more expensive downgrade but considering it looks like a helmet, I'm assuming it was incorrectly classified when it's supposed to be a head equip.

AL-15 (110 Creds) is only +1 Atk from Phede's starter weapon. So not really worth it. Speaking of Phede, I like how after you do his 2nd bonding event, Tilda's Burn Book entry on him updates with
Phede's Likes: Me? uwu
I thought that was a cute touch.

Also, as I mentioned before, I did a ton of grinding. Well, since two characters had temporarily left the party beforehand, they are now 3-4 levels below everyone which is really upsetting as if a character had died in battle and made their exp meter go out of sync with everyone else.

If you could make it so that even characters that left the party (but aren't in reserve) gain exp, that'd be lovely.

Thanks for playing the game! Glad that you've got some enjoyment out of it. I'm gonna be releasing a "Trash Planet 2.0" whenever the game gets more downloads / more constructive criticism and comments. I'll almost definitely implement those item changes that you mentioned, as well as adjust for allowing the members of your team that are off your party (not in reserve at all) to get EXP as well.

Appreciate the feedback and thoughts!

[Review Request]

Name: Trash Planet
Status: Complete
Genre: Adventure RPG
Estimated length: 15-17 Hours for a complete run.
Small description: Planet Earth, 2250. The world has been overrun with pollution and trash. Play as a misfit band of mutants surviving in the wasteland, who accept a strange quest from an Old World scientist. Game features a social bonding aspect, minimal grinding, and a "HP and MP" as a resource mechanism which demands the player scavenge for food to survive (Easy Mode features the standard "heal at save points" mechanism).
Special requests: No special requests

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

I think most of us have heard of trash planet, but your statuses didn't give us (me) a reason to be hyped. You need to use more visual ways to promote. There's a screenshot thread and another thread for sharing music from your game. You can always make a trailer and suggest it for RMN tv.
Also, a good game promotes itself!!! It can take some time sometimes first.

Oh, I do have a trailer. How do I add it to RMN Tv?

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

Think of it this way: I'll play your game, but I have to know it exists first. There's lots of games I know I'd like and would love to try, but I simply don't know are there. I didn't know about Phoenotopia until a friend recommended it to me. Don't have a switch but if I did I'd be all over that.

But that's also the real trick. A friend recommended it to me and I don't have the console. PC game + personal recommendation is the magic combo. There's no better marketing for a game than a positive shared experience.

Word of mouth is super important, for sure

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

author=Sgt M
I find it fun in some ways. Mostly the prep work and making trailers. Not a big fan of unanswered emails and the eternal search for my target audience that I can't seem to find.

Found reddit and Facebook to be the most successful compared to twitter, the latter is literally shouting along millions hoping it'll eventually catch on.

Twitter is like throwing a bottled letter into the ocean, except the ocean is also made of bottles.

Trash Planet, indeed

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

I always feel there's this fine line between what people could see as "spamming", and "generating hype". I mean, of course you want people to know that Your Thing Exists! However, posting, say, two or three status posts in a row about how Your Thing Exists leans more toward "spamming" to me than "generating hype". I may understand that you are attempting to "generate hype", but, like, I also feel there's a better way of doing it that making ever other post/status I write about how The Thing Exists?

I have no idea if I'm making any sense.

Makes sense to me. Promoting the "This Thing Exists!" tweets / posts / whatever is a good way to push them, but that costs money, and money is tighhhhht right now. Haha.

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

Promoting a game is my least favorite part. I feel like I'm shoving it in people's faces so I never do it enough XD;

Yeah, right??? It's not very fun but also I want people to play the game. If only I was already famous or had some famous friends. ;-)

What are you jamming to?

I've been rocking this playlist I made for listening while I was designing my latest game. All the songs have some sort of significance for me, which is cool for those long night sessions. Even though I finished the game, I still find myself coming back to the playlist:

It's on spotify, tho.

Five standout tracks to try:
"The Problem" - Direct Hit!
"Land of Confusion" - Genesis
"My Famed Disappearing Act" - Thank You Scientist
"Pink Cloud 9" - Keep Flying
"The Greys" - Devin Townsend

The Featured Game Thread

If y'all wanna feature Trash Planet and need images of specific sizes, just send me a DM. I have a bunch of promo material lying around for various websites. Thanks for your consideration!

Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

Name: Adrian (which is my real name)

Portrait: E3 or C7 probably works best. Don't care which.

Personality: Extroverted, Argumentative, Goofy

Team: Team VX all the way baby

Class: Mind only


- Strength: 2/10
- Intelligence: 7/10
- Vitality: 4/10
- Agility: 7/10

Rock, Papers, Scissors: Scissors

Thanks for opening this up! Excited to see what happens!