I am a 30 year old criminal defense attorney. I'm also in a band called FIGHT BACK MOUNTAIN. So far, games I've made include: Trash Planet, Super Maria RPG, and Hellbound.

I am working on , which I am announcing on January 2nd, 2023.

I like:
90s anime, criminal law, bad 80s movies, weird video games.
Dystopia. Mutants. Friends. Lobsters.



HELLBOUND: REMASTERED - Coming in late 2021!

Oh, also, I should mention that the ORIGINAL Hellbound will still be up on this page, and I'll be making a completely new page for Hellbound: Remastered. That way if you want to experience the classic Hellbound, you still can.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Worth mentioning, I just posted a major update to Trash Planet. So if you didn’t like certain things about the first game (like the font, which people said sucked eggs), might be worth giving it another shot!

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

I’m glad I helped open the shameless self promotion Pandora’s Box.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Here to bump this:

Also, shameless self plug for Trash Planet. Though I am working on an update for the game which will be out in early to mid December, so I don't know how that factors into the timing for Misaos.

Trash Planet - Release Reflection and Update

The graphics are part of the game's charm. You are correct in asserting that you shouldn't change them.

I'm still very early in the game, so I don't have any suggestions yet. If you're still looking for fonts, White Rabbit has a nice future look, is 100% free to use and is pretty easy to read. Found it in my big folder of downloaded fonts and thought of this game ^_^

That is a good font! I'll throw it in there and see how it looks

Shot in the dark, but: Does anyone know how to crack an encrypted RPG Maker file, so that I can open the game files in RPG Maker? Reason why in the comments...

I swear on my copy of Earthbound that I'm not using this for any nefarious purpose. Just trying to get back into the game file I locked myself out of.

Shot in the dark, but: Does anyone know how to crack an encrypted RPG Maker file, so that I can open the game files in RPG Maker? Reason why in the comments...

I made my most recent game, TRASH PLANET, on a computer that is now bricked. I don't think I can get the files off of it. I backed up the exports of the game, and obviously the game is online now. BUT, I neglected to save an export that wasn't encrypted.

That means, as far as I know, I can't open the project file in RPG Maker anymore. Which kind of sucks because I wanted to make an update for the game eventually. Without getting in there, can't do that.

That's why I'm asking if anyone knows how to crack one of these files. I will give you credit on the file and perhaps pay you for the service. Send a DM if you're interested, or comment a link to a guide to show me how to do it myself.


Thanks for playing! Appreciate the review!


Definitely not bothered by the updates! I like hearing about it, for real. I fixed those typos that you mentioned, but they'll be in there until the next update that I put out. I paid a couple people to look for typos / playtest the game, but I did add a few lines here and there at the last minute, so that'll happen.


"Anxiety" reduces all Attack, PK, Haven, and Armor (all the battle stats more or less) by 25% each. This also applies for when it happens to your team.

I like the idea of giving the Spider Can a specific drop item. I'll probably be adding a bunch more items in whenever I patch / update the game with a new build (not really "patching" in the traditional sense, cuz I think people would have to redownload it to get the changes...)

I'm glad that you're enjoying the story and picking up what I'm putting down in terms of the character development and broader commentary!