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Hey everyone!

I'm new to this forum, but certainly not new to RPG Maker, I'm also not new to other forums, but allow me to introduce myself.

I am know as Bizarre Monkey, I ama young standalone video game developer, my brother introduced me to RPG Maker VX after he got sick of me wasting my time on the Neverwinter Nights toolset. (yes, that's what I used to make games on), I've been RM'ing for about 6 years, I've released three games, and countless others just as time wasters (I enjoy developing a lot). Before RM I used Neverwinter Nights Toolset, as it was the only game making tool I knew back then, before even that, I typed up games in Microsoft word, I created several of them, I have had a dream of making games for all to see for a long time. I want games to be fun, and if something is not fun I will remove it, my games will also probably remain free, or if not, they won't be made in RM.

I can help this community, but not in the ways of scripting, or graphics (I'm mediocre at both), my real strength lies in eventing and writing, I will be able to help with tutorials, I've only ever made one script, which I tend to use in every game I make ever. I've got 5 years of eventing experience, and I will try my best to help this community, but it may be difficult, as there is another forum I go too.

But to kick off my entry into this one, I have submitted a game and a tutorial, which should finish pending soon. (I actually submitted them yesterday)

So hello everyone.
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