The Journeys End~WIP~

Thank you!

Dreaming is all i am doing now. I finaly got a chance to get online, i am living on top of a mountian in BFE...on my own with no cash...

ill pull through though!

Death Drop

author=Jabbo link=topic=1542.msg24263#msg24263 date=1216339180
I pick up a skull I find on the side of the road, musing in my head about all the Yorick jokes I could make. Smiling to myself, I don't hear Master Chief walk up behind me, mercilessly slaughter me, and take the skull.

Achievement Unlocked!

LMAO@ Jabbo

I find a hard! But when i try to play it the god of music smotes me for sucking to hard.... :*(

I drop my handy dandy notebook!

Getting Bored

How did you get ahold of my ex???

Doors and Ect Character sheets


Thanks i am looking into it right now.

Doors and Ect Character sheets

Sorry Shuting up.... :(

Street Fighter Tactics!!!??!?!

LMAO! this is going to be a way later project....ANYTHING Street Fighter in my eyes MUST BE PERFECT! i wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing i butcherd it..

I like those sprites i think ill save them for later referance! Also i got IRC!

Street Fighter Tactics!!!??!?!

Yes, but how could you animate those kinds of attacks into a Tactics RPG? any ideas on that? Also with RM systems...?

(BTW i am gathering information to undertake this project in the distant futre)

Death Drop

After leveling my party to 99 in a 3 day nonstop gameplay session of FF7 obtaining every unlock and limit breaker i prepare for sephiroth! the final boss. One more hit to go for the win AND my mom drops outa nowhere and turns it off......

My head instantanously explodes from the trama.....

I drop my pride....

Doors and Ect Character sheets

I got looks great but its gona take some time to get used to...anybody got any GIMP tutorials out there?

Street Fighter Tactics!!!??!?!

What if we took the loveable faces of everyones favoriote smash em up and made a tactics game out of it..Something like FFT advance would be nice...any idea or input on how to make this work, and how it wouldnt work?