Street Fighter Tactics!!!??!?!

What if we took the loveable faces of everyones favoriote smash em up and made a tactics game out of it..Something like FFT advance would be nice...any idea or input on how to make this work, and how it wouldnt work?

Corupt A Wish!

Basicly it works like this...The person above you makes a wish. You then grant them that wish, but at a cost....Then you make your own wish. Played this a few times and it was always fun so here we go!


I wish i did not have to make the first wish...


I cant seem to get into my messages? When i click the link it won't load anything. Can somebody help me out here.

Need class icons...

Instead of having a ICON for each weapon and armor and such i thought it would help if the icon they had was CLASS based. So anything a fighter could use would have the fighter icon...

So i was wondering if anyone has any or could find any icons for the following classes.


Doors and Ect Character sheets

I cant seem to find any character sheets of the sewer doors. The ones with the bars and what not..I was just wondering if anybody had any or could make some. Basicly any character sheets that would be a good door or gate for events and such would be nice.

So please if anyone has anything send it my way.

Help with Title and Gameover screen.

Okay...I gave it a shot at the title screen and Gameover screen and here is what i came up with. I just wanted some opinion. Also if anyone has any free time and thinks they could better them feel free to go for it. I am not gona be to picky about there looks just try and maintian there current colo scheme.

Some help with XP!

Okay i got a new tileset, but how do i use it....I added it in and whenever i lay down tiles i can walk over everything....what am i doing wrong.

Chrome Hounds! (XboxLive)

First off does anyone here play x-box live, and secondly ever here about Chrome Hounds, its a tactics based mech building game where you fight in a squad with real people online in a war. The game is relay fun and realy stratigic. Hard to learn easy to love.

Offical GIMI GIMI Thread!

Well, seeing how i constantly ask for things i thought a GIMI GIMI was in dire need of. Ill just be posting updates on resources i am having trouble locateing. But i promise to only ask for things i truly need quickly or cant find at all...Aslo everything i need is XP

The following is a detailed list of what i need, Thank you for reading.

Sewers Tileset
sometrhing simple few auto-tiles, RTP style chipset. Mainly deep grasy or dark blue, navy would work best. Must have dark sludge slime rivers and a few water fall animations and sewer pipes that spew sludge. Also it must have extra wall tiles besides normal walls, some cracks and breaks. A few bridges would be nice. Pipe scenery for detail and mabye grates for the wall and floor.

I am taking anything i can get my hands on, but i need it know. Becuase i dont want to have to re-map and re event a entire section of the gamne becuase i changed tilsets. SO anything you have RTP like ANY!!! THING!!! Send it my way please!

Better desert!
The RTP desert sucks, can someone hook me up with a upgrade or something!

Just having a noobie moment..

I noticed that people are using Spoilers...

But i cant find the tag anywhere i have been looking for to long and just need a quick answer please ANYONE!
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