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Online Forces

Experience is key. Making a full game is key. Working on a project- only to give up for a "better" one is NOT key.

Let's look at me for a second. I have millions of projects. Just check my page :p
With that, do you honestly think that Santoo Rinba is my "masterpiece?"

Hell fucking no.

If I wanted to work on my game that everyone will remember me for--it could all be for waste simply because I haven't went through the steps and created games that are pretty much stepping stones.

It would be stupid if I told you right now that I am gonna start working on December Street. I just DON'T have the skills for such a self-rated masterpiece. I need them to get the project to where I want it to be. . .

What I would do is WAIT.
wait until you are better at creating game.
Let that masterpiece grow into something amazing; something revolutionary.
Because at this rate, your idea will just become another Online Force :/

And no one wants that.

Ps: Concepts almost NEVER get you anywhere. I would be rich if that was the case.

Meany... masterpiece was the wrong word... T-T I'm gonna go cry in a corner now..

Online Forces

Camupins, whhhhyyyyy?
He built up all of our dreams, only to shatter them when something better came along~ :3
I cried a little.
What's going on Cam?

Something better is on it's way! When I have enough content, I shall release my new masterpiece to you all. :3

Harp Example

This reminded me of a super mario rpg music game. Very cool looking.
Lol thanks. I'm glad you got passed the lag. Although, was hoping you would get more of a LoZ feel. XD


Took 11 sec to take 6 steps, now, where's my Lin? XD

This Is A Time For Action!

To be honest Camupins, just work on this. I dont even like any of those other people your working with. Even though Im subscribed to all their games, and post on them every day.........:) :)

I'm sure thats not true. Besides, all of them are better mappers and stuff. I just come up with ideas. XD

This Is A Time For Action!

Well, like I said, only a SMALL demo. I def. need to work on the original more anyway since I'm not even ready for the first demo due to the many scripts I use. Gotta configure them, fit them into the story somehow, then work on mapping, then eventing, then battles, creatures, boss battles. So far, I'm looking forward to a 10 min demo where you can only get to level 5. Of course, there is gonna be a longer version too. :p