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"Take this beautiful moment and make a joke out of it. If you can't, you're a slave to it."
Tales from Zilmurik
Epic of Damnation and Redemption


Ordered too many RMVX Aces! What DO?!

As the title states, I ordered the damn thing once but apparently it kept a tab of the time that I tried to order it before that and threw the little shit in the shopping cart. So now I've got two and I'm out an extra $70. I'm not a happy panda right now.

Is there any way (before activating any keys) to cancel or change this order or am I just straight-up fucked? Or maybe you can help a brotha out and buy it off me (if at all possible)? Hell, I'll even give you a $10 discount.

Bonus RM2k3 RTP?

You know how the standard download for Rm2k3 includes the RTP Ship chipset from 2k, even though an official Rm2k3 version exists? I've heard there was also a RTP+ if you will that included stuff like 9 new monsters, such as an Iron Giant, that doesn't come standard with Rm2k3. Does anyone still have access to these resources?

Don't touch me...

You come up to me gently
and lay your hands on my sides.
I then find myself, back to the floor
restricted by your madness.

You may say it's just a silly game
when you throw yourself on me
and start touching me against my will.
But I'm not laughing...

When you pin me down
and I can't get away;
fight or flight
running overdrive.

If I fight you,
you'll beat me.
If I run away,
you'll catch me.

You call it tickling;
I call it torture.
It's painful and overbearing.
why would you do this to me?
I thought I could trust you...

Just stay there;
there's nothing you can do;
it'll all be over soon.
I don't want to be here.

Your fingers in my sides
are like a knife's dull edge.
Your knees in my waist,
an unshakable vice.

Please stop, I cry;
yet you persist.
I squirm and push away.
Don't touch me!

My back is to the carpet,
your face blocks out the light.
Pushing away causes pain;
remaining still does, too.
Your fingertips become friction burns.

After your sadistic pleasure subsides
you stare blankly into my soul.
I back up slowly, crying.
You stand between me and escape.

Even now you're pinning me down.
Please leave me alone, just go away.
But I know the damage has already been done,
and nobody else will listen.

Making ends meet through commissions: Anything and everything.

Artistic Amateur Seeking Requests

Having recently received a tablet (one that works for me), I've taken the key opportunity it has granted me and started creating art digitally. I used to have trouble with the more standard art tablets as I couldn't see exactly where I was until after I drew the line, and I always had to move my hand along blindly on the tablet while staring up at the monitor, which resulted in further complications and frustration.

But that's over now; I can see where I'm going before I go there and I feel the time has come that I throw myself out there for anyone who might could use my modest artistic ability. Please note that these were whipped together strictly to test out my compatibility with the tablet, and any requested work will have greater care taken to clean up the lines and apply shadows. Color would be experimental as I have no long history with adding such flavor to my work, but I'm not going to rule it out if someone wants to include color in their game/comic/illustration/whatever.

The first of my simple sketches, a quick dragon's head.

Kind of a "farting around" sketch of your typical anime girl, or GURL if you will.

My first serious attempt to take what I see and draw it, so I just sketched my hand drawing my hand on a tablet. Also some quote I just meh.

The second serious take on art took the form of a self portrait. Granted, I wasn't looking at a reference and only went off of what I knew I looked like. Also, ignore anime eye.

Essentially the same method as above, but with a cat girl.

Same cat girl, different image, and now in bucket-tooled COLOR!

As I cannot accept payment for my work, I would prefer if the requests were simple enough to warrant being free.

A Run-in With a Redead. [LoZ:OoT Short Story]

Redead; the very name inspires torment to blossom forth from the recesses of the minds of those who gazed upon their rotting eye sockets. I, too, carry the burdensome sight of the damned that linger, but I've come to realize that perhaps they are simply misunderstood. I could argue until I'm as blue in the face as Morpha that not even the Dead Hand could be made to haunt the subconscious like those creatures, but we've all felt that way before. Instead, I'm going to give you a little something to consider. Maybe they aren't so bad; maybe the message they bring is lost in translation, due to their time spent decaying and therefore losing necessary brain function required to speak and act as they did in life. Allow me to share with you my most memorable Redead encounter, the one that, although still haunts me today, has given me precious perspective. Ahem...

It was a stormy night in Kakariko Village as I walked past the windmill. The eerie tune that came of that crazed old man's organ echoed in my ear as I passed on my way to the cemetery to pay my respects to the Royal Family. Nayru only knows why no one typically sees any of the remaining Sheikah doing the same, as they share a common lineage. Perhaps the memory of the "man who could see the truth" keeps them away, as such a damned spirit who struck the drums of war and inspired the bloodshed of years past should be as forgotten as the relic which carried his eye.

Being of Kokiri descent (or at that time I believed), I had no reason to fear any connection to the phantom shadow beast that hung decapitated from the ceiling of the great abyss deep within the Shadow Temple. Instead, I made my way past Dampe to the large memorial on the opposite side of the cemetery. Looking down, my eye caught the glyph of the Royal Family, one I saw many times while I was in Hyrule Castle speaking to the princess. Remembering the melody that binds them, I drew out my ocarina and began to play.

The skies grew ever darker as storm clouds blotted out the moon. Suddenly, a fierce wind blew and rain began to fall. My mind raced as I feared an omen, yet I remained still. After what felt like an eternity of uncertainty, a bright light spread across the earth shortly before the ground erupted, revealing a hole leading far below the surface. I don't know what possessed me to make the leap, as I've never been one for Dampe's little grave-digging tour, but still I leaped.

Once fresh air was replaced in my nostrils by the odor of death and decay. Below my feet rested earth as gray as the skeletons that laid before me. And though I knew I was mortal, I realized only too well that I did not belong amongst their ranks just yet. Though, even with that knowledge, a force seemed to take me by the hand and push me further into the crypt.

I gazed up from the center of the room to find strange markings cast into stone, which was carved as if to resemble stairs. The markings were of the Hylian tongue, but as a Kokiri, I knew not what they said. As I climbed over the cold stone, two torches stood before me on either side of a strange door built behind iron bars. Taking out Din's Fire (a gift from the most beautiful fairy in the land), I summoned forth a mighty flame, which struck the torches and filled the room with light. Just as I finished this, I saw what appeared to be small wings of a Keese burning on the wall and the iron bars flew up from the ground, leaving the door accessible. Again I felt the force draw me further into the grave, though my hands quaked with fear as to what I might uncover.

The way opened to a room with green smoke billowing from the floor out of poisonous fountains. I proceeded as the aura forced my legs onward, though my loss of free will betrayed me as I quickly realized that I was not alone down here. Creatures of skin and bone, with faces that resembled tree bark, moaned throughout the corridor. To gaze upon the face of death is a burden no mortal is made to carry, especially a child as I once was, and even more so the sight of one who was dead but has risen again by unholy means. Though, the gift of sight was not mine alone, I discovered, as the beasts turned their attention to me and lumbered forward.

What I heard escape their lips as they drew closer is a sound I still hear as I lie down to sleep; a scream so blood-curdling that it could cause even the strongest of men to fall lifeless at an instant. My body was stricken petrified by their anguished shout, and it wasn't long before I felt the cold fingers of the lifeless upon my shoulders. As I stood there helplessly, the face (or what one might call a face) of one of them crept over me and my eyes turned to meet what remained of its.

I could hear it speak through its droning, though the words were incomprehensibly slurred as the beast had lost movement in its mouth. Suddenly, a hand flew forward and motioned in the air as if to direct me, but I was much too afraid to understand what was being instructed of me. The beast stopped speaking and slumped off my back and onto the floor beside me. I felt this was as good a time as any to push forward and uncover what I felt so inclined to seek, and thus I ran as fast as my legs might take me to the room beyond this.

Inside this room I found what appeared to be another memorial, but had carvings this time that resembled what I understood to be music. I retrieved my ocarina and memorized the notes to the Chant of Passing, as I believed what few words came to mind as if by destiny. As the final note struck my instrument, a warmth seemed to blow through the crypt and struck me in the back. Far off in the distance, I could hear the faint squawking of a rooster as though the sun had risen, though the sound was muffled between the surface and where I stood.

Making my way back to the central room (as the corridor before was nothing but a dead end), I was greeted once again by the wandering undead, though this time they did not wander. Their skin appeared to have been bathed in light and they stood frozen to the ground, which gave me time to run past them, open the door between this room and the entrance, and emerge from the grave with my task completed. As I returned to the surface, I had to clench my eyes shut as a bright light shone upon my face until I had adjusted to it. Looking forward, a new day had dawned, though it wasn't even midnight when I walked past the windmill.

Had I truly traversed the halls of the departed for so long, or had the song I played inspired the sun to rise on my command. Realizing the power this tune possessed, I dropped its Hylian translation and adopted my own, simple name: the Sun's Song. Of course, perhaps I had read its name wrong and this was its true name all along, but how was I to know the language of a people that were alien to me at first glance.

I have since become enlightened to the truth and carved my own path in life. The words Navi spoke to me shortly before she flew away after I laid the Master Sword to rest in the Temple of Time still spark fond memories in my heart. And thus I thought, "Hey listen!"... Was she trying to tell me more than I could comprehend? Was it the Great Deku Tree's dying wish that I know not only the origins of myself, but of my true people, the Hylians?

Recalling that dreadful day when I first laid eyes on the deceased, I thought what this man could have said. All those words mumbled became clear given enough time, and his message I eventually translated. Having written down those words, I'll share them with you now:

"HEY YOU! Listen, and no matter what you do, DON'T PANIC! I know you're scared, but I need to tell you something; it's REAL important. You know that archery shop in the Castle Market? Yeah, don't aim directly at the rupees, but where they're going to be. I know its strange, but just take my word on it. Matter of fact, you're shaking, so I'll be back later to remind you, because I feel like you're a good kid.

A few of my friends and I plan on returning to the Market to have a little party as it gets kind of gloomy down here. It'll probably be a while before we can go back there, but hell, it's a dream of ours to attempt to return to our normal lives. When we get there, I hope you'll come by. I'll make sure all of my friends know who you are, so that if they see you, they can yell, "HEY, LINK!" and give you a big hug, because you're my friend... right?

Of course, you've got no reason not to be. Well, I'll see you later. Remember what we spoke of today, because I'd hate to never see my best friend again. And one last word: don't sell your soul to Ganon, or you'll wake up down here with us."

Now I feel kind of bad for using them as target practice for the Master Sword after awakening from my slumber in the Temple of Time. But heck, what're you gonna do?

Well this is embarrasing...

When attempting to apply a new set of glyphs to the Italian "Enter Hero Name Fix" version of the RM2k RPG_RT using RM Recker, I get an error stating "Cannot create file "*location*". Access is denied." This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't want to both allow the player to make their own names and use icons for each kind of item and element.

I have no problem applying this same glyph image to any standard RM2k/3 RPG_RT files, though I seem to remember Dragon Fantasy using the same RPG_RT and having custom glyphs. Does anyone know a work-around or what I might be doing wrong?

Removing Midi silence with RM2k3

I've noticed that Rm2k seems to remove any silence at the beginning of midis but Rm2k3 doesn't, and I was wondering if there was a simple way to change this without causing damage to any of my current projects or requiring others to download something to efficiently run my games.

I've looked around the net for free software with the most promising being AnvilStudio, but have found that this changes the sound of the midi somewhat and I'd rather not have to deal with that.

Set equipment weight -or- weight for worth?

No one wants to feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, but fortunately, our RPG characters do all the heavy lifting for us. Unfortunately, without doing them a few favors (WTB phoenix down :/ ), we're not going to be able to get very far. Sometimes, a compromise is just what the doctor ordered; but how much should that compromise compromise in terms of keeping progression moving at a healthy rate?

To get to the point, what do you believe is the best way to go about applying weight to your equipment. Would you prefer each equipment type to weigh down on your agility stat at a consistent number (daggers always weigh 1 while scythes weigh 4), which makes weight little more than an inconsequential throw-in, or would you prefer your equipment to progressively get heavier as your agility stat rises with leveling as if to inspire an invisible stat requirement and a desire to mix-and-match weaker armor (sometimes giving those lower worth pieces any viable use, such as making fuller use of a weapon with half the strength but attacks twice) for stronger weapons or vice-versa?

Embrace/dismiss equipment "rules" -or- constant stat increase vs. universal balance?

For a while I've been thinking about including consistent rules to equipment, such as all "claws" and "twin dagger/short sword" weapons attack twice seeing as how they require both hands to wield, weapons such as battle axes giving a 15% possibility to inflict Strength Break to the opponent, and armors such as helmets granting the same percentage to Stun resistance. This all seems simple enough, but a question still comes to mind: Should armor give a resistance percentage increase proportionate to their base defense/intellect stat, or should it work more along the lines of "lower base defense w/ higher resistance -to- higher base defense w/ lower resistance" so that as your numbers increase throughout the game (including HP with levels) you become more susceptible to conditions such as poison and breaks while giving the newbies a more forgiving starting point without just never having certain monsters cast condition spells?

Simply put, you'd start off with some low defense armor (around 5) with a 60-70% chance to resist a single status condition, and end with a high defense armor (base stat in the hundreds) with a 10-20% chance to resist. Some quest-given/boss-dropped equipment might stray from this rule and give a fair boost to both ends.

This is in no way some sort of "holy bejeezus, new concept!", but just another attempt at giving equipment customization slightly more depth than to go with a helmet that gives 50 def with an agility weight of 8 or one with a 26 def boost but a weight of 4. That being said, it's not as though I couldn't just run in and do it the way I thought best, but I'd appreciate a second opinion from my possible future audience.