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Simple RTP recolor request as a tribute to my departed cat.

This has been buzzing around my head for the past two and a half months since my little fluffy bro, Charlie, passed away. I've been looking to make a tribute to him in one of my games and want to make a good graphical representation of him using the RTP style. Normally I wouldn't go around asking for help recoloring a small handful of pixels to match a "tuxedo" cat, but frankly I'm helpless when it comes to this sort of thing. I did make a basic test, but I feel like someone could probably end up doing better with even the slightest bit of real effort, so here I ask.

Would anyone be willing to recolor either the house cat or tiger RTP character to match within a fair comparison the likeness of my bud? It'd mean the world to me.



I'll worry about adding his crown later, seeing as how he'll be the "King of the Pussycats" as he was known in my family's lives.

This is completely optional, and I don't expect anyone to attempt it, but if you're looking for something to do and really want to try your hand at it, a recolored one of the any cat/tiger face variations from these facesets would make this perfect and you one of the coolest people I know, seeing as how this character will probably end up being a quest-giver. Whichever one is simplest for you to work with, preferably.

Once again, the faceset is completely optional as the quest-giver would still be fully functional without one, and to be honest I feel like I'm asking for more than I should already.

Funny/Odd Things Said Whilst Playing Video Games.

I'm sure we've all done this or know someone who has: gotten mad during a video gaming session and blurted out something that changed the mood instantly. This could be a time you fell off screen on a platformer and brought yourself one step closer to a game over, or while fighting an infuriating boss in an RPG, obtaining victory, and in an angry, adrenaline-fueled relief vulgar-thrusted towards the television set, realizing only after doing so that you're grandmother was behind you watching.

So this raises the question: what have you or one of your acquaintances done in the past that you remember vividly enough to recall for the sake of discussion? And please refrain from making something up just to post. I'll start...

A couple of weeks ago I was playing Megaman 3 early in the morning (around 2 A.M). I had decided to attempt to clear Shadow Man's stage, which was all well and good seeing as how I never had any problem with it before. I had just cleared the battle with Protoman and was making my way down the next hall. Upon passing the room with the Peterchys, Walking Bombs, and the Holograms, I worked my way to the next room where I came face to face with the little jumping robotic rabbit lawnmower bastards (who the hell even knows what they are?) also known as the Mecha Kero. Regularly they're small fry, but this night I had extremely sour luck with them. They would hit me and I'd try to run away. I'd get hit again and attempt to run back. After getting hit a fair number of times, anger built up inside me and I finally yelled out "QUIT JUMPING IN MY ASS!!"

I paused the game and sat back for a minute to think over what I had just said. Slowly my anger dispersed and was exchanged for an awkward inner laugh. Had it not been for the time it took place at, I probably wouldn't have responded as I did, seeing as how just about everything that happens after 2 A.M seems a little funnier than it really is.

Granted, this wasn't the "funniest damn thing to ever happen to me" but the only one I could clearly remember at this time. Seeing as how everyone will have better stories than me, please share your moments below.

Unusual Concepts In RPGs

Whether it be a game mechanic or an additional subject such as a mini-game or optional dungeon puzzle, what are some things that you have tried or plan to implement in your games that are a bit out-of-the-ordinary to the realm of RPGs?

Myself? I've successfully implemented a tag mini-game to one of my projects, but something I've been throwing around for a while now is a way for players to purchase and expand on their own property à la Animal Crossing. The most efficient way to obtain furniture would be to craft if yourself from misc items such as wood and nails, though there will most likely be a merchant or two who would sell you furniture if you're looking for a quick way to decorate your abode. So far, I've been able to establish a crude yet effective means of creating such a system, though it may become more complicated when furniture such as pianos are introduced.

So far, the plan is to make available an upstairs addition if I can come up with some sane reason for doing so. I've also been thinking of including a way to purchase your own dungeon, complete with random bosses and loot. There would be multiple dungeon types that you could buy, such as a volcano/ice/earth dungeon of the short/medium/long variety with easy/intermediate/hard boss types (this would also affect what random equipment/items they drop on death.)

EDIT: I should have mentioned this before, but this focuses more on Indie or RM* RPGs and may not necessarily hold ground with all RPGs released commercially.

Corfaisus' small collection of songs.

Fair warning: All of these were created using Acid Music Studio and public loops in a few hours some years ago, so they aren't going to be nearly as good as your typical indie masterpieces, but if anyone can find a use for them that's good enough for me. I was originally going to use the more recent ones in an earlier version of one of my games but I decided to scrap that idea due to size and the fact that it never really fit in with the game. There were a lot of songs from 2003 that I deleted some time ago, and I only kept my favorite from the time. They were listed using "LoD" as the game I was going to put them in at the time was "Legend of Destiny" (terrible, right?). Song titles are nothing to take pride in...


AztEgypTechno (Deep Forest)

Lost Within


If you do decide to use any music from this selection, all that I ask is that you direct me to your creation so I can see it for myself. I would also like to take this moment to apologize if this thread is in the wrong subforum, as I have never shared music on this site before.

I feel the need to step away for a while.

Over these past few years I've become frustrated and deeply depressed with how my life has unfolded, as I feel that I haven't accomplished much at all, and have decided that I should leave to get things straightened out. I swore to myself that this would be the year of change for me, but I have yet to do anything that I said that I would. Whether I'm gone for a few weeks or a few months, that's something that I'm uncertain of. I can only hope that when I return I'm "happier".

Rpg Maker game tear-jerkers.

I was just thinking about this, but what are some moments in your favorite (or even just ones you've played) rpg maker games that have gotten to you nearly, or completely, to the point of crying? Also if you would explain the scene and what made it sad. I can't for the life of me remember a scene that really stuck out for me, but that just means that I need to play moar gaems. And perhaps share some of the scenes in your own games that you've tried to inspire the same reaction out of its viewers.

Memorizing Party Formation Order? (Rm2k3)

Is it possible to memorize both who is in the party as well as their current position, as in their order in the current party? Like let's say my group consists of a paladin, a mage, and a rogue in that order. Is it possible to memorize this order for use in different events like calling them back after entering a menu that uses a cursor character that is removed upon leaving the menu? Then again, I've never been able to figure out how to store a character's ID seeing as how I've never had a use for it.

I forgot exactly what my main reason was behind this question, but I'm sure if I can find out if this order thing is possible, it will come back to me eventually...

[RM2K3] Section of area detection event interfering with other section.

I've been cutting down on how many events I need for the world map and I've decided to just go with creating an area using variables for world map chipset changes instead of a line of events around the area. All other areas aside from my desert area work fine, but the desert areas seem to only pay attention to the last one on the list while ignoring all others. Individually they work, but as a group they don't. I think it might have something to do with turning on and off switches, though other areas have multiple parts to them.

Does anyone know what needs to be done to get this to work?

This is how I have the "coding" set up:

<>Branch if Var [####:World Map Terrain X] is (left X location) or more
<>Branch if Var [####:World Map Terrain X] is (right X location) Less/Equal
<>Branch if Var [####:World Map Terrain Y] is (upper Y map location) or more
<>Branch if Var [####:World Map Terrain Y] is (lower Y map location) or Less/Equal
<>Switch Operation: [####:World Map Desert] ON
<>Call Event: World Map Terrain
Else Handler
<>Switch Operation: [####: World Map Desert] OFF
<>Call Event: World Map Terrain

*Continue through other possible Else Handlers*

The Call Event is essentially if is ON or OFF then Change Chipset.

Class Memorize/Forget Skills During Switch? [RMVX]

What I am trying to accomplish through use of a common event (I don't know scripting) is a way to, whenever a class is changed by a character, that the new classes skills are added to the skill list while the old ones are forgotten. I've tried using conditional branches for each level that adds a skill, and this (despite making perfect sense) does not work. I've also tried memorizing my hero level and then switching to 1 and back using a variable to add the skills that way, but no dice. Does anyone know, without scripts, how something like this can be done? It really makes no sense why Enterbrain would choose not to include this ability in the editor while it appeared in Rm2k3...

EDIT: I've tested the exact same method in Rm2k3, and it works perfectly fine. Is there a bug in RMVX that may cause it to function differently?
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