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SNES RPG Title Create! Begin Edition

All that talk about Revelations of Gaia made me think of how awesomely nonsensical, yet catchy jRPG titles can be. Is it hard to create such a title? YOU DECIDE.

Feel free to post your made-up jRPG titles. It's up to you whether to use Engrish or plain old English and whether to go silly or serious. You can even add a sentence or two describing the game, its setting or genre.

To get us started, here's what I came up in a few minutes:

Karma Destroyer
Super! Crystal Crash
Divine Babel: Chronicles of Times
Nightmare Legends Trauma
Return of Darkness 2: Demontown
Final Days: Live and Die
Evolution's End
Wonderers in Time
Gehenna: We Were
Knights of Paradox Revive
God Return
Golden Ninja Invasion

Who knows, maybe some of the titles will turn out to be a source of inspiration to some and blossom into actual titles! Only future sees!
Go for broke!

RM VX sites?

What's the biggest VX site out there? I'd like to learn some more about the maker and try some more games, but I'm having trouble finding any quality sites.

And while you're here - what are the best XP sites?

[2003] Sprite change during battle

Is it possible to change a character's sprite during battle? I believe there is no command to do it directly. I tried calling a common event to change a character's class, and it worked, but only in regards to skills, and not the sprite. I, of course, set a different "animation group" to the class in the Class tab.

Any ideas?

Solstice - 2005 DBS contest demo

Some of you guys should be familiar with this one. This is my entry for Carius's Code Off from way back. Nothing's changed, but I don't know of any site where it's still available (apart from one Polish RM site), so I've decided to submit it to RMN.

The following info's been copied from the game page on RMN:

This is a short game (more like a demo) I made for the 2005 DBS contest at GW.

It's basically one long fight divided into 4 segments, with a total of 7 enemies to defeat.

Solstice was not made to be super playable, but more to showcase all kinds of possible DBS modifications. The games is chock full of scripts and unconventional skills. It is also very hard the first few plays, but once you discover the tactics needed to overcome your enemies it's very easy to beat. That was actually one of the main ideas behind the game.

The game's not without bugs, unfortunately. The first version was finished about a day before deadline, and so there wasn't much betatesting. Some bugs are also related to the engine itself - at times the DBS is very random, and some skills may or may not work based on which option the DBS fancies at the time.

They shouldn't be crippling, though, and you can finish the game without encountering any. It's simply that some more advanced skills may not do what they're supposed to, and instead opt to do nothing.



I'm not expecting any feedback or comments, since this is so short and old, but it might be worth your while if you're into DBS modding or something.

If you have problems with beating the game, PM me or ask in the topic and I'll whip up a "walkthrough" :P
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