A fan of Horror games.
An advanced RM 2000,2003,XP,VX user, specially at eventing.
Have started to use this engines 4 years ago.


VX script request

Hi, i already did look around, but didn't find any.

I'm here to ask if anyone does know where to find a script for a menu to RMVX, containing (Characters, Skills, Items,Equipment, Bestiary, Quest journal, Save,Load,Quit)

And...A simple sideview battle system, showing the Enemy's HP.


Horror Project

Hi, just leaving a note here for someone that might want/be able to/would like to join a team for the completion of an horror project. Thanks.
- We are 2 people already, anyone else would be welcome to the better/faster realisation of the project.

Thanks, just send me a pm if you're up to! ;)

Spriting/story/Music is what is the most in need, but already been worked out.


Looking for a game

I've been looking for a good RPG game (Completed).
I am not much of this kind of games, since i prefer other Genres, but, i do like to play a good one of these...

I searched on the list, and...Nothing really got my interest...Is there someone more experienced with this kind of games that could give me an hint of what to play?

Voting without Reviewing

Well, in my opinion, members should be able to vote without writing a review of the games...

Does anyone else think like that?

Help Submitting a game

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but, i need some help sending a game to the RMN game's list.´

I've done everything, such as description, the sending of 3 images at least, but it still says i have no download link yet...How, and where do i place the download link? I can't figure it out...
*I have wrote the new to RMN document, but it didn't help me at all...

So, can anyone explain the method simplier to me? I am sorry...

Hi everyone

I found this site long time ago, to release my game on it, but i don't know why, it status was always suspended...

Now, 1 year later, i decided to come here again, and probably to stick around, since i am back to rpg making.
I am 18 years old, i use this engines about 4 years ago. I am Portuguese, and that's the rason for some mistakes you might see on my writting...(i'll give my best too...)

I am hoping forward to meet some nice people out there, and to help anyone who needs something. Also be helped.

Thats all for now. Thx!
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