A fan of Horror games.
An advanced RM 2000,2003,XP,VX user, specially at eventing.
Have started to use this engines 4 years ago.



Dragonfly Summer Olympics

Very well done! ;)
Was fun to play that.

Black Shadows: Paranoia

going to try it :D

Wilfred the Hero, Part 1

when will the full version be released?


surely one of the best rpgmaker games ive ever played ;) Congrats

Schuld (English Translation)

Nice game, congrats.Had fun playing it.

Silent Hill: Letters (Beta)

Oh, just a fast tip...To make the lantern work better, make the maps a bit larger, so the lantern image won't get stuck at middle when you walk to the map limits. Get that fixed...At least...

Silent Hill: Letters (Beta)

Downloading. Hope it is nice!!!!

post=Dark Gaia
Yay, a Silent Hill fangame. It's a fangame... But it's Silent Hill. This better do the series justice, or heads will roll.

Uh, it is fully of lag, tileset errors, bad explanations of what to do -.-"

Eyes Without a Face

"Eyes Without a Face" is a game made in one week for a contest called "Scary Movie."

Em que forum foi esse evento. das link?

VX script request

Eyes Without a Face

Good luck! Hopig forward for the release