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The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.



The Lost Demo Review

Update has been added!

Full heals are cheaper:
- Inn = 50 Gold (when you finished the side quest there)
- First area heals = 70 Gold
- Second area heals = 100 Gold
- Third area heals = 150 Gold
- 4th Area = free heals at your own base once you get your own 'Inn keeper' or at the well in Dokta when you've fixed it.

- Downed the Damage of the mini boss and the boss in the cave a bit, downing the chance further to one shot a party member when it has full health.

- Changed the trading post sign color.

People reading this revieuw will know that it has been updated this way.

The Lost Demo Review

Thank you for your time and review, I appreciate the feedback given!

I'm sorry you experienced some delays here and there, I don't know where they came from but haven't had any players telling me that yet. Hoping it won't happen for future players.
- Will look into the suggestions made and will be worked on for the next update!

For the next update:
- Made the vines in the cave a brighter color, they also pop out now as I put a really small lighting effect on them.
- Upped Regeneration rates: TP- From 2 to 3% | MP- From 4 to 6% | HP- From 4 to 5%
- Downed the % chance of the book mini-boss.
- Added counters/trackers to the quests where you need to kill a certain amount of enemies.
- I'm not sure yet what I want to do with the inn/healing spots in the game. Cutting the cost is easy but I want to have some sort of balance in it for early/mid-game. This will need a little bit of tinkering but will be added for the next update!

- Still looking for a grammar checker. It's hard to get a fully committed person to do it. Thank you for pointing out those typos! They will be changed with the next update!

Thanks for the great score of a 4/5 for the demo in this state!

The Lost Demo

Proud to announce everyone reading this that the demo has reached a 'finalised' state meaning only minor things will change from this point on that will most likely not be noticed by anyone.


I hope you all enjoy it and let me know through rating or feedback what you liked/not liked about the game!

The Lost Demo Review

I always let the testers and reviewers now that this is a demo (a long demo but yes, a demo of 5 to 10 hours of gameplay). I also state it in every aspect possible (Title, tag, pm's etc.) I'm sorry if anyone is still confused but it should be pretty clear.

I can understand why some people prefer not to play demo's but as stated by Kyle I put out this demo for two reasons; 1. to get feedback, but the main reason 2. for the general opinion of players liking or disliking the game idea. So far I am pretty proud of the ratings I received as they are all above average (again a lot of thanks for their honest opinions!).

The Lost Demo Review

First off thank you for your opinion! As a developer I don't mind getting rated or not but the reviews do give me a general opinion of how the game is doing.

The demo total length is around 5-10 hours of gameplay. Though it is a demo it has been tested and improved before this release.

The Lost Demo Review

Thank you very much for your feedback, I think I get most of the things you mentioned and will look into some of them. It is weird for me that the youtube lp'rs that download the game from this website don't see the black squares and you and the other reviewer did. Still great to hear you enjoyed yourself!

The Lost V1.5.4 Released

You won't be able to enter the Desert Region anymore. So some of the side quest characters can't be found anymore in the demo.

The Lost Demo Review

Thank you so much for you high score of 3 1/2 stars for V1.5.3 of this demo! I regret that there where black squares and the icons didn't show properly. It should look like this;

I think it's a download error and that's a big shame as you will have seen those black squares on every combat fight...

- Fixed the typo (ty!)

You are indeed correct about some characters feeling useless to certain play styles. I have seen with the people playing the game that they all pick their characters that fit their playstyles the best as you mentioned.

I personally like the combination Ragno(damage)- Kael(tank) - Persmerga(damage) - Mikatu (support skills+items). I also change it around a lot to try and balance it out better. I think you didn't use the defend command a lot with the Gaurdian class (the ones in Row 2 (might be a bit hard too as you didn't see any icons)).

Thanks for those really nice final thoughts! It really shows me the strong points of the game.


The Lost V1.5.4 Released

Thanks for your nice words! I am working on the game on a regular base and it has had a few nice version updates for the demo series in the last few weeks. That said, I am also working on the the game's main story but I will keep that to myself and beta testers (when the time comes) till the full release hits.

[Review Request]

Name: The Lost (Demo)
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10810/
Status: Searching for feedback for the demo and getting it reviewed by someone.
Genre: RPG-Fantasy-Strategy
Estimated length: 6-12 hours.
Small description: The desert tribes will have to answer the call of war when a mysterious army emerges and annihalates everyone in their path. May the Glowing Fire lighten your path.