[RM2K] [RM2K3] RM2K/3 games with the most...

...hours of gameplay to beat it?
...hours of gameplay to get 100%
...player characters?

And anything else minor like events, items, and monsters.

I am asking specifically about RM2K/3 due to these games fitting into a "genre" better than the subsequent RMs, which don't allow for such easy comparisons in game content. I'm not saying that any of these games are "quantitatively" better than ones that contain less, I just find it interesting how the limits have been stretched in such comparatively basic engines through their 20-year(!) histories. I don't consider the game being commercial or using an expansion .dll "cheating", though of course it is cool if a hobbyist or hackless game can score in the top of one of these categories!

Where's the Phylomortis resource pack?

See title, I've heard this is a good one but can't find it

I found a link here

But not even logging in allows me to access it.

Mac et Blue Tileset

Does anyone have a download of these old tiles/sprites?

Lakria Legends

Is this game's graphics original or "borrowed"?

Lufia 2 Overworld Monster CharSets/Sprites

Hi guys,

I am helping someone on update the PTUX (Pure Tileset Update Extreme) tileset pack to work in the newest versions of Zelda Classic and in the process add lots more tiles, item, and enemy sprites so it feels like a real update. The original creator of the tileset added some enemy sprites from Lufia 2 to replace some of the Zelda enemies (mushroom, beetle, and frog). They fit really well in the Zelda environments and judging from the RPGClassics shrine a lot more of the OW monster sprites would too.

Unfortunately I cannot find any rips of them except for a few in the Phylomortis Resource Pack, and even that has the Lufia 2 sprites spread out over many different CharSets with different game sprites in the mix, they're not all grouped together in the CharSets.

If anyone has CharSets or sprites for the Lufia 2 overworld monsters could you please upload them? Credit will be given on the Zelda Classic tileset and on the database submission for that tileset on PureZC.

Mario Bros. Back in Time

Sorry, but the download doesn't work.

Making a npc walking on ceilings, and walls. (SMBX)

When it comes to the spike top, you have to match the default's animations exactly (for example, put your "looking left and climbing up" sprite on the one of the same kind on the spike top). Are you making sure to do that?

The Last King of Hyrule

With Lunadll you can make NPCs turn to any other npc (a hammer bro throwing poison mushrooms, a Snifit shooting bullet bills, Hammer Mario throwing pow blocks etc. - we could also make Ludwig's fire Bowser's fire to fix the whole Ganon issue). You can also make more autoscroll sections but I'm still experimenting with the method.
Sadly for Boomerang Link, pretty much any time I've tried to replace a npc with a boomerang, it flies away as if you'd placed the boomerang from the Lakitus tab.

New engines: Unreal and Super Mario

Did you ever think about adding Mario Builder? It's even older than SMBX but it's pretty nice (chomp, the SMB3 bros, more powerups). The engine is pretty slippery, though.

[It has been deleted don't click it]

This game has stolen levels from Valtteri Island Revisited and the Talking Time Bros series.
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