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Anyone got a complete SMBX game they want Let's Play for?
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Mario's Dream

I am playing this game and thinking about writing a review for it. My first impressions are a thumbs down.
Yeah, but it's not very finished, and it's a very first project in SMBX.

I'll stop making excuses now.


Yeah, but lava next to that looks annoying.
Though I cannot remember how the block at the top got engulfed in the wood.


Rest assured, it's got metal protection.

How was the Demo?

How was it: It was great! I am waiting for the next version.
What did you like about it: The mapping is good, and the events used is nice. All the levels have some custom graphics.
What didn't you like about it: In one level it will not let you win due to a fall.
How could I improve levels in the future Level reviews:
Wild climb: A good use of custom graphics, and the cloud car is very nice. However, it is a bit easy.
Improvement: Add custom graphics for the fire suit.
Ice sliding: The first pit of spikes is unavoidable without the raccoon suit, and at the end you do not succeed in winning due to the lift suddenly disappearing forever.
Improvements: Shorten the first pit, and edit the lift so it is OFF at start.
Wooden valley: A bit short, but okay. However, with the checkpoint so close to a fire flower box, it is almost inevitable that they do not get the fire flower.
Improvement (and suggestion): Move the fire flower further away from the checkpoint. Also, I suggest that you hide an item in one of the boxes that the hammer thingies stand on.
Yoshi hills: A bit short.
Improvement: Make it longer.
Stack attack: The second room doesn't need the stones, as Mario/ Luigi can jump from the middle pipe and get to the top. The rest is good.
Improvement: As stated.
Puzzle plank: Okay.
Battle fields: The fourth tank falls apart. When you die in the boss area, you return to section 1.
Improvements: As stated.
Obstacle courses: Okay.


One more thing- if you place a unit behind a building of tree, does an outline show up?


This looks amazing. The buildings looks even better than on AoK.
Question: Is there trade workshop, and if so, what does it do? In AoK it's an unbuildable building.
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