I don't know what to say about myself but here goes... I learned about RPG maker when I was 17 years old and I kept playing with it since then. It was nothing serious though, I just like to mess around to see the hardship game developers had to endure. I'm not good at drawing, making music, or even scripting.
At least... it was a nice experience knowing there are so much talented people putting their heart into "Indie Game", their fruit of passion.




*Being away for so long and sees someone complaining about the Walkthrough*
You do have a point. I should start revising the walkthrough instead of letting the player figure out themselves... walkthough meant to guide you after all. And apologies for lack of/missing info inside the walkthrough.

Well, there's already two instances of you blocking the door before that chase, so I figured the player won't be bold enough to trap themselves in one way exit room again. Gotta make the lady learn your pattern too, y'know?


Fixed. Will add update later on so even the Brave ones can skip that chase scene without having encounter that problem...

On a second thought, No! I'm going to force you to run through that chase scene whether you like it or not! Well, it's for game sake anyway.


Arteriato, please forget the last PM I sent you, I've found the bug already.
Thanks again for mentioning that bug.



Well, I'm setting it to private since the day I posted it, hence why it doesn't appear in the list. I'm not really sure if people even willing to follow old engine game, that's why I'd rather wait till it finished so people can just download it for their convenience. (Ignoring procrastination here and there...)


Testing "Add status" function. So... it's like facebook, right?
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